Thursday, October 13, 2005

Deepak Tijori - the unsung hero 

So what are the principal ingredients for a good romantic relationship? Trust, love, a cheap food joint where the waiter doesn't stare too much at the girl, and ... and ... and ... a Deepak Tijori. Who you ask? Deepak Tijori - the guy who directed the Shetty Sisters in Fareb?? NO, not that Deepak Tijori; but Deepak Tijori who played the "second fiddle friend" to perfection in hits like Ashiquii, Saajan, Khiladi and the likes. I feel (and you can oppose me if you have nothing better to do) that any successful romance needs a Deepak Tijori.

A little background now. Someone recently asked me to dig out some reasons why a lot of the relationships involving our friends failed. A little thinking later I realized that all these relationships lacked a friend who would get the couple together for a patch up once they had their big major rift. What happened was simple - guy and girl fought; girl went and sobbed to her best friend who called him a bastard; guy went and drank with his buddy who called her a hoe; girl went and sobbed to guy's drunk buddy, who then slept with her and justified his stance; basically it was all dirty. Very dirty.

A good Deepak Tijori would've asked the girl to meet him in a pre assigned location. He would then secretly call the guy to the same place. The couple will land up in the same place, at the same time and get surprised to see each other. There'll be a long (and somewhat boring silence) with accompanying clarinets in the background. Finally, the guy will look up and say "How are you? (Kaise hoe?)" The girl will miss the double entrende and smile. Fifteen minutes later things will be back to being normal and Deepak Tijori will jump out of nowhere and join the couple in the happy song.

But finding a Deepak Tijori is not easy. Normally men distrust every other men in a relationship - unless you are a Deepak Tijori that is. You have to be trustworthy and loyal. At the same time you should have a playful side to your personality, so that you can add in a wise crack if the bickering couple are going out of control. Your personality should be strong enough to support the line "Now listen to me carefully the two of you ... you still love each other ..." but you should never be a Manoj Bajpai of Satya to steal the show from the actual hero. The girl should trust you as a friend but never more than that. You should always be like a "buddy to her" and never a "body to her". To sum it up - a Deepak Tijori stands in the intersection of many a thin line, while never crossing any of them. We all need them. Where are you Deepak, where are you??

You are it :))
If you were SRK from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa...you wouldn't have posted this article.
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Inspired by Megha's bollywood tales:-)??
Good one, but how about JJWS where Deepak played the villain?:-)
hey i'm a vv good "deepika tijori"
you need tijori in your tijori. not a karan johar in ddlj who just stood in the background.
@ratna - oh i am far for it. most of my male friends kep their girl friends away from me :((

@ari - very true :) but then again - deepak dint betray the trust then right?

@minal - oh nobody can even come close to Megha and her Bolly Bites - and come to think of it Yes - in JJWS Deepak did take Pooja away from Amir :)

@ru - ha ha :) brilliant!

@anangbhai - if i have a Kajol like Shahrukh did in DDLJ I wouldnt mind anybody in the background :)
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you....I don't mean the girl in question, I mean try being the Deepak Tijori instead of looking for him.

This equation gets kind of confusing in my case since the Deepak Tijoris in question are my best friends and not the guys'....how do you figure that?
hey like ur post!!
we all need dipak tijoris!!
@ideasmith - beware of any guy that tries to be your Deepak Tijori best friend - he is just waiting for a chance to be your "labhar boy" :))

@roshomon - thank you :)
I'm getting dirty looks from my boss for laughing at your post. that was truly funny
is it the same Deepak Tijori who makes all sorts of shady n rauchy B-rated movies???

but I know his role - there r the lady-versions of Deepak Tijori too...
even if we get a deepak tijori(if we hv all the luck in the world) we hv sooo many anti-deepaks(remember, tat guy with whom we had a misunderstanding last yr who vowed to get even with us,guy/girl who was interested in our gf/bf, despo single guy/girl who hates it when other ppl hv gf/bf..the list goes on) nowadays tat our deepak tijori either
1.cant stand a chance against them n hence quits 4m the effort
2. happily joins the gang!
I think i found a Deepak Tijori once. But then I went n fell for him. A most confusing phase.

I can put him to better use if i find one again.

Nice post. (Even though my mind usually draws a blank when it comes to Bollywood) This is something most ppl can relate to :) As is the case with almost all ur posts.
I had an anti-Deepak Tijori. Who told the hero-guy I am not good enough for him. I think a good Deepak Tijori helps because a lot of men need peer confirmation. Especially in the inter-racial context. My Deepak Tijori was an Indian, though the hero wasn't.
Desi-drohi, and possibly gay. Looked like a stick of KitKat.
@ai - i apologize for the inconvenience caused and will try to do it again :)

@swathi - yes! there are female deepak tijori's but ur movies always show them as the one who secretly has a thing for the heroes and then finally the hero realizes that :)

@xyz - to sum it - it aint easy being deeapk now :((

@archster - no no. you cant fall for deepak tijori - that is a most definite no - which is why most movies normally give him a crude secod class girl friend to (a) show that he is taken and (b) hint at his strange taste :)

@bridal - oh if there was a female version of that then moi had to face a truck load of them - in my last relationship all my friends thought i could do better and all her friends echoed the same sentiment for her - with friends like these - who needs a date :)
By far the funniest thing I read in a while. Man, Deepak Tijori is just so underrated.
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