Thursday, October 06, 2005

Guess who's back 

This conversation took place with a friend a few days back when the telephone rang and a new number showed up on it.

Me: Hello!
Voice: Sagnik?
Me: Yes ... who's this?
Voice: Ha ha! Guess who?
Me: Do you really wanna play this game? You know it can go on for a while. Right?
Voice: He He. You haven't changed at all. He he!
Me: Haven't changed since when? Give me a yardstick for comparison at least ...
Voice: He he! The same old Sagnik. He he he ... Idiot we were in school together.
Me: Great. Now you've brought down the possibilities to just a few hundred people. That shouldn't take long. Now we can start guessing.

We continued talking as my long lost high school friend progressively teased me with additional information abt his identity. What a delightful game it was! Finally, after 5 minutes, we narrowed it down to the option that I had no idea to who he was and he finally let out the secret ... hmmm!

So now the big question? Am I the only one who gets scared when long lost friends/acquaintances contact you after eons? Or is it normal to get scared and feel apprehensive then? What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For me, anytime an unheard voice asks for me (and I'm sure that they aren't trying to sell me cheap calling cards or offer credit cards) two thoughts strike my mind:

1. Somebody is probably coming to San Diego and I have to be their official tour guide. Yup! That means one more trip to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

2. I owe someone money and they have finally tracked me down :( So I quickly start to think of random amounts I might have owed people ... "I dint pay Ari for a movie once ... Ronny paid for my ticket last year ..." ...


I really don't know why people will do that. It causes embarassment for both parties.

Sometimes people I haven't spoken to in years also call up and start a conversation without introducing themselves. That is even worse.

Oh, and will you kindly kindly change my URL on your sidebar. What would my mother think if she clicked on that link?
:D that was funny!

What happens to me is relatives of my friends - who I've never met, ring up and start chatting like they've known me my entire life, before asking for my friend.. and they expect me to know their name as well :P
Lol you're crazy, you poor paranoid soul!
@anibabu - that link shall be corrected in a jiffy - trust you to take away spice from this blog :)

@mary - yes :) and then they tell you "i last saw you when you were this small" :))

@ideasmith - coming from a crazy woman like you i shal take it as a compliment :)
good post!:)..but i simply loooovvee getting calls like this:)..its very thrilling (thriling??my my!!wat kind of a social life am i leading???).there is some unxplainble xcitement in trying to figure out that person with minimal clues(sherlock holmes huh??)..n if i get it right i m like 'whoaa!!' (momma!i found out a theory to disprove newton's 1st law):)..its also mixed with the nice feeling "he/she stills remembers me"(tears of joy??)but..but.. this cud also be the byproduct of my xtremlyy huge liking of talking over the phone..yes!!i simply love yapping!:)...n heyy i m coming to San Diego soon n i hope u dont mind showing me around:):)
Nice post and nice views. I have had the same thoughts a lot of times - and more often than not, I was embarrassed. Come to think of it now, it was not my fault that I could not remember his/her name.

Just on a second thought, this post reminds me of Sex and the City - an incident (or a series of incidents), followed by a self raised question on Sarah Jessica Parker's laptop - and then some more incidents/answers and/or thoughts. Well, well - now everybody knows I watch that one.... maybe I watched too much TV over the summer.
i wud b busy ransacking my brain to get the name :)
yep, this happens to me occasionally. God knows, how these people track me down (schoolmates, collegemates etc). And then instead of sayinh hi this so and so, they get me mad. I mean real real mad. Guess who> WTF? You call me and ask me to guess??? I have hung up the phone a few hundred times after a minute or so, only to have them calling back apologising with their real names. Works like a charm . hehehe
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hey sagnik....guess who?
This thing is very irritating but I hate it even more when people ask us to start guessing on some random thing- for ex...guess what happened today? and suchlike stuff....
@xyz - brilliant! now just scoot down to SD and bring lotsa food, money and food for me :)

@sid - it is veru heart touching to know that you watch Sex and the City coz I am going to charge you for the cable now :))

@swathi - or ... or you could just be hurling abuses at them and then later apologize aying "oh i thought it was someone else" :))

@anwin - nice idea! if it works well - i shall call you up, ask you who i am and then thank you graciously :)

@m - as long as you ask me that question without wearing a "Scream-like" costume - i dont mind guessing :)

@ari - very true boss. a lot of people are far more generic - they begin with "guess what" - lol
they're all mild masochists. or megalomaniacs. i mean, WHO would want to pull a stunt like that only to be told "sorry, haven't a clue who you are. you must've been completely insignificant" ?

or people who think they're impossible to forget.

extremely annoying, either ways. i hope your friend was an exception. would you tell us if he wasn't, though? ;D
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