Friday, October 21, 2005

A heartfelt mail - please respect my sentiments 

Dear Spam,

It's been a while since we last met and I blame my spam blocker for this development. I want you to know that even though we don't meet as often as we used to, I still remember you. I haven't forgotten the days when I'd wake up in the morning and get greeted by you. In a World full of selfish people, you sincerely cared for me - from vacation packages to pills for greater satisfaction - you tried taking care of every pleasure of mine. You even offered me wealth from deceased ministers of far away lands - a gesture that I strongly appreciated but couldn't accept, fearing it would tarnish our friendship. You understood how difficult it is to be a graduate student and tried to make life simpler for me in more ways than one. Don't think that I didn't understand those subtle gestures you made to make me happy. Like the time you offered me software worth thousands of dollars, knowing very well that I was a Computer Science major and would have loved to use them. Or the time when California house prices went soaring up and you got me pre-approved for at least twenty mortgage services. No friend of mine offered help in such volumes and you did all this without ever asking for anything. I still remember how depressed I was after my last break-up. Many friends offered sympathy but you were not just another friend. You found out every possible lonely housewife in my neighborhood and informed me about them.

And still ... and still we drifted apart. I guess I needed more space - especially the 2GB that my email service provided me. You had started invading that space and that was the start of problems for us. I don't know if we'll ever cross paths again. But as the great bard once said "If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then, this parting was well made."



i'm misty-eyed. please can i have a tissue?
sagnik, we are all with you during this hard time...
but you do know that anytime you want you can turn off your spam-killer and you and your lady spam will be re-united. make the right choice my friend, and if you dont choose to have that one-in-a-million friend back, then you can always think of the happier times you spent together and be comforted...
Absolutely brilliant!
@teleute - please respect my sentiments and do not offer fake sympathy *evil grin*

@jaded - thanks for the support. there are days i just feel like setting the spam blocker off but but but ... we were just not meant to be together i feel and hence i let the blocker stay :))

@biplabsir - thank you :)
You are a brave man for being able to share your pain this way.
Ah this was the real thing....not wham, bam, thank you spam...a heart wrenching tale of love and loss!

(I am using this opportunity to practice writing emotional reviews :-))
u are being felicitated by the original spammer of a different kind for the heartwrenching recognition of our efforts with reference to shakespear and will proceed promptly to send u adverts of pills that will enlarge******* and help with shakin that spear.

this is a spam.
sagnik - brilliant post!
#3tiyo>b_shyo> - brilliant comment!
Be strong, and you'll get through this difficult time. Rest assured that spam will find a way to see you time and again.
@ph - thank you for understanding and being there :)

@aparna - if this comment is anything to go by - you lady have a great career in emotional writing - bring out the pens and tissue :)

@sayantani - just stay away from the English majors who read this blog for what you have done ab the bard should put you on guard :))

@kanti - thanks :)

@karuna - i know. spam is like a bad break-up - every now and then it pops up from nowhere :)
Now before I get on with my new career of emotional writing, thought I'll start with a dedication to the spamtimentalist (oops I meant sentimental ... whatever)

So here it is: Check it out at http://newsinlimerick.blogspot.com/2005/10/blogger-quiz-7.html

I can totally see Knight Nandy with Kleenex at hand going..
"If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee? -
With silence and tears"
"I guess I needed more space - especially the 2GB that my email service provided me."... awesome :)
it seems you got all the good spam.
All i get is about p*n*s enlargement.
(and no its not a question of *how did they know???*)
(they just came to the wrong person)
@aparna - kindness and limerick much appreciated :))

@anyesha - you have no idea how excited i am to read "thee" in a comment - thank you ansyesha thee thee :)

@anon - thank you :)

@ui - well well! somebody is trying hard to make you a d!@k :))
im so sorry
i know u must've kept a patthar on your heart while writing this...
im sorry for the both of you

(btw awesome dude!!!)
Ah! In this era of, 'Here and Now', this loyalty is most touching!

Hope the closure happened... very very important that is! :)
@ui - :)

@ze-exaggeratorr - the purpose of the post has been served my friend - i have found a true friend in you :)

@primal - what we had was a long term thing - very touchy :)
Spam continues to live along with every moment of ur life buried deep within ur deepest emotions on this blog and staring into my face every time i open this blog :)
Very touching. I can feel your pain. I have therefore subscribed you to some random newsletters with offers you can't resist!

- Friendly neighbourhood Jax
but dont worry these days the ever-loving spammers are trying to reach out
to all of us bloggers - they do have their say everywhere....
-thanks to their caring and ever-being-there-for-you attitude, we do not feel so lonely
on this lonely planet(of www)
in me ?????????????????

1.im male
2.im not expecting in any case
3.there's nothing in me except khoon paani etc etc
@rohan - than was really ironic - of being greeted with spam when you read my post on spam - lol - apologize and thank you :)

@jax - oh! my sister did that once. i would wake up and get greeted by marriage group invitations aplenty - very scary :))

@swathi - i used to love the one where they said "i came across yoru site and it is nice to see the effort you have put in ..." :)

@ze-exa... - and now you have disappointed me :)
oh dont be disappointed.. i was simply mazaaking....
(i hope u feel betta)
oh dont be disappointed.. i was simply mazaaking....
(i hope u feel betta)
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