Friday, October 07, 2005

How Romantic 

Ok! So it's time to give credit to one of the best lovers of all time. A man who not only had his cake and ate it too but also made you pay to watch that trick. The man who redefined romance for so many of us. The man who was the founder of the concept of ... Candlelight Dinners.

Now I can sense a few raised eyebrows already. "What makes you assume that it was a man?" a few of you ask. Just think. Think for one second. Does a candlelight dinner sound like something the fairer sex would have come up with? They came up with diamond rings, ..., and teddy bears, ..., and pendants with their initials on them, and ... It had to be a man who came up with candlelight dinners AND that man, I feel, was a genius of the truest form.

Now this is what I think actually happened. Some girl came to some guy's house. The guy had assured the girl that they would have a great time together but he drank beer with his friends the night before and slept off. A series of long and consecutive rings of the door bell woke him up. He got scared. He had arranged for nothing. He hadn't even cleaned up his apartment. To top it all, the long overdue shower had also not been taken. So he quickly thought of something. It took him 30 seconds and the stage was set.

The girl walked in and was initially surprised. "Why's the room dark?" she wondered. "So that it's just you and me baby," the guy must have feigned a Zorro voice. "I just want you to see you and nothing else," he whispered, while murmuring to himself, "and I specially don't want you to see how dirty my room is." The darkness made it difficult for the damsel to spot the stack of unwashed underwear that lay next to the table. The fact that the lights were switched off, coupled with the no fan combo, made the whole ambiance extremely cost effective as well. Soon she started to sweat and hence didn't dare to ask the guy abt the source of the pungent body odor. Sheer genius. G.E.N.I.U.S.

nice post!
Good one dude!

(notice the increasing order of words in each comment! hmm!!! )
@unjustified - thanks 1 :)

@xyz - thanks 2 :)

@gvenum - thanks 3 :) *notice that the best that I could do was to have a mathematical progression at the end of my thanks*
LOL! You sound like you write from experience! :D
Yes, it reeks of experience!
Nice post.
You spoiled the idea behind candlelight dinner.. next time, I'll hear about it, I'll think of you.
Too cool! and I always imagined candlelit dinner was invented by some lass who failed in her cooking experiment...after all what you can't see won't hurt to eat...so it is the man's trick after all...hmm :-)
dude, who says that a guy must hav invented candlelite dinner? coz the situation sounded like something i mite do... im a slob..lol. gr8 post
@mary - all the things i mentioned happened - except for the candlelight dinner :))

@decadence - guess i did a good job of the fiction :)

@anon - if you are a woman then it's not a very bad idea but if you are a man - back off :)

@aparna - now that you mention that - it does sound like a possibility :)

@sayantani - oooops! :) :)
uh huh... what do u mean? y am i gettin unflattering hints from that reply? or is it my imagination?
I see. It gets so warm in the room she can't wait to take her clothes off.

Wow. That is pure genius.
@sayantani - oh no no! the oops was coz i might have stolen your idea :)

@mint-chutney - never thought of it :) but yessssss - now even i am convinced that it had to be a guy :))

@sanketh - thanks for pointing out - it's "lay" now - and maybe that's a lot more suggestive :)
Who invented the other popular romantic activity - walk in the moonlight? Michael Jackson or Neil Armstrong?
damn you sagnik, now you've spoilt it all. :P
@teleute - thanks :)

@jax - and what abt long drives??? will someone please point out that gas prices are soaring :)

@ai - wait till you touch on other touchy topics :)
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