Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Love (F)actually 

Some stray thoughts with love as a common super-glue ...

* What do you call a male lover with new found charisma?
- Casa-nouveau

* If an emotion touching your mind makes you senti-mental, then does a slap on the jaw from a woman make you senti-dental?

* Did you hear abt the good desi housewife who scandalized herself at dinner table by saying "Ji haan" to what she thought was her husband saying "Aur ji"?

hilarious ...i liked em all!
Stupid Sidd didn't get the last one. Would somebody explain that? He can shout to Sagnik, but Subhra is sleeping within 6 feet from him.
senti-dental is too good!!
even i did not get the last one !!

Picture yourself saying Aurji out loud over dinner with some Europeans.

Does that help clear things?

*apologises to Sid,if he was just being funny*
@archster - thank you for the sweet wrds and the best explanation to the third one one can think of :)

@sid - i shall wake u up in some time and explain the joke along with other cimilar classy anecdotes :))

@divya - i'm guessing you have got it now :)
Really cool :)

(Now for some serious stuff)

I haven't been here in a couple of weeks, and got popups the minute I did today. Some reading through comments ensured that it wasn't my browser that was the prolem. I did see a popup the last time I was here, but didn't find anything so gave up thinking it must have been a freak event.

Based on a suggestion from a friend, I initially suspected Haloscan. I did some reearch, but found them to be clean. So I decided to look around a bit more.

Check out this piece of information from Teller Test. Nedstatbasic has been bought over by some new folks, who include popups with the counter on your page.

You should consider switching to one of the alternatives that Teller Test talks about. I personally recommend statcounter.com
"aur ji"... brilliant... and btw, kar shathe?i thot there must be a male tone word for that one. but brilliant. go on a wild laughing "aur ji", y dont u? just to pat urself on the back for this brilliant line.
@rajesh - thanks for the reearch - wish your services were available for my PhD dissertation as well :) hopefully in a month or two i will either (i) stop the blg OR (ii) revamp it completely OR (iii) do something else to it - and will surely change the pop-up issue before it or before it

@sayantani - what? kind words from you? what have i done ot deserve such kindness :))
Nice post, U have done away with haloscan already......if u wanna remove Nedstatbasic u can use sitemeter as an alternative
um, what did u do to get kind wrds outa me? lets say... u went on an "Aur ji"!
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