Sunday, October 30, 2005

Monday Musings on a Sunday Night 

Random lines moi used in conversations over the weekend:

* Sour grapes make good whine.

* Isn't it ironic that adult movies are over rated.

* When I see something that I've seen before, I get a sense of deja view.

* The concept of "just friends" is not too just - add just to friends and it's diffcult to ad-just.

nice sponties
esp grape
hehe hilarious m0n
btw u really shouldn't have made that last post.......it scared all the "prezent mich" types away :P
you have a way with words sagnik...
"great one"

:) i so totally loved ur previous post as well.

*thinks of something to say so as to avoid falling under categories mentioned elsewhere*

err... brb!
bad try at commenting on this.

musings can be music.
@ze-exagg... - thank you sir :)

@ui - oh no - man, i've driven the "present miss" group - ok ui - in that case i want at least 3 comments on every post from you - get it? :))

@m - thank you very much :)

@archster - thanks for this and the previous one too :) liked the brb thing :)

@sayantai - a-musing i must say :)
urs? very nice :)
You are a words worth :)
@prerona - thanks and yup! they are mine :) *imagine what ppl these were tried on felt and did to me*

@ratna - thank you - thats an awesome line :)
Aapko Deepawali ki bahut bahut shubhkamnaye
i know what you mean! i too fell for the same lines.
still waiting for your pics.
have forgotten the other ones, so will stop there.
you rock, sister.
@samit - moja hocchey? you think this is some joke, eh? nahiiiiiin!
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