Sunday, October 09, 2005

Perspective - .,'!:; 

Part of an actual conversation I had with a great friend this afternoon.

Me: Have you heard of this new album called G? They've been promoting it like crazy.
She: Is it a movie?
Me: Nope! I think it's a private album - though G can very well be the name of a Ramgopal Verma movie.
She: Seriously! His movie names keep getting shorter.
Me: I wonder what he'll call his next movies. Maybe it'll be just a punctuation mark.
She: Hey! Apostrophe will be a good movie title.
Me: You do realize that an apostrophe has no identity by itself, coz then it's just like a comma. Only when there's some other character below it does the apostrophe become itself.
She: Wow! That's very true and also very deep!
Me: (laughing) So an apostrophe is like a bad boss - it always needs someone below it in order to tell people who they really are.
She: Whatever!


numerous, interesting conversations you've had...

acchha, i think i am going to blog about shona pramanik :)

word verification: shyqey... make it bilingual, and it becomes shy q, ey?
Actually that is a really deep thought...
all bhery bhery phunnny but bhere are my toons? (I shall stop now as I have sucessfully re established my connection with my true bong roots). But the question still remains - what has the evil Sagnik, the demonic Shaggy Da done to our dear Headlines?
@karuna - :) yes, have been fortunate to have had some crazeee crazeee chats :))

@teleute - i should have established a copyright on shona pramanik :) btw, this word verification thing is giving lotsa people good fodder for thought

@ideasmith - coming from the deep, introspective ideasmith - i shall take it as a compliment of high order :)

@anyesha - aha! the Bengali in you is shimpleee bhery shueet. headLINES required me to draw (??) those toons again and I have been too lazy to do that BUT I will do it specially for you :) *in return i will ask you for the quintessential treat i have been pestering you with*
In Kannada, theres a movie called "Shhh" Now that takes 4 English alphabets, but if you spell it in Devanagari its just not even a syllable! Cool or what!?
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