Monday, October 24, 2005

Remembering the 80s 

The following two posts (one, two) are the inspiration for this post. Now, I speak the language filmeese quite fluently too, and wanted to add my 2 cents on this topic. The 80s in Hindi movies were, to me, "different" aka "hatke". I grew up watching Dharmendra bashing up alleged dogs and Jeetendra inadvertently advertising detergents for their sparkling ability. So I just reminisced abt movie moments from the 80s that faded from silver screen and lest they fade from common memory, this post was made:

1. The bad father-in-law: I can't believe that the heroine's father is no longer the villain in Hindi movies. Remember the 80s when every movie had the heroine's father indulging in all sorts of notoriety. The fallout between the hero and his damsel would always take place when the hero accused the heroine's father. The heroine would then shun the company of the man who pointed a finger at her dad. But soon she would find out from a secretly heard telephone conversation (I guess cell phones killed this concept) that her dad was indeed an animal (read darinde) and all peace would be restored. The part that used to shock me the most was the calm demeanor of the girl in the climax when her father would get killed. Very disturbing. But now they are gone. Hmmm!

2. The multi-colored smoke bomb: I don't know how many of you remember this one. It used to be a stock moment in 80s daku-based movies. They had these bombs that would explode and there was no fire - just a lot of multi-colored powder that would be shown. If you can't remember what I'm talking abt, try imagining a scene where the hero is riding his motor bike (yeah, cars were expensive then) through a series of explosions - none of which remotely hurt him, coz none of them were explosions in the first place, but just red-brown dust instead.

3. The two-villain-vamp dance - Remember vamps? Not the Helen-who-we-all-know vamp BUT the 80s "dance in mini-skirt shaped saree" and "appear in only one cheesy dance" vamps? And they always had two villains (one of which was always Ranjeet) who would suddenly join in for an impromptu shake-a-leg move. Karan Arjun was the last movie where this stock situation was used before killing this trend. Why why?

I can just go on and on and on - the helpful dog, the "sister who gets married to a bad guy and hence hero cant beat the sh!t out of her husband", the evil munim-ji (played by Kader Khan) who was both a comic relief as well as the villain's right hand (literally) man - but I have work to do now. So peace!

P.S. Please read Plumpernickel's comment for this post for some hilarious additions!!

feel like going and watching old hindi movies... very nice post, this :)
You forgot the dangling cigarette in mouth (rajnikant), the dhishum dhishum sound made when beating someone (coming from someones mouth), and mithunda dodging a bullet by cutting it in two with his chappan churi.
and the rape scenes.
I classify those movies as one having the 'andhi Maa and kunwari behan' routines where everything the hero does is directed at uplifting their lives :)
@teleute - thank you :0 i recently got Indian channels that how a generous dose of 80s Hindi movies :)

@anangbhai - ah thank for dhishum dhisum - all of us who watched movies then spoke abt it - much like the pow pow of the old Batman Tv series :)

@rohan - and you forgot the good second tier chap who volunteered to marry teh kunwari behen before getting ruthlessly squashed by the baddies - thereby driving the hero to a state of uncontrollable rage :))
Yeah and the most scary role was for the hero's sister...she was the one getting raped most of the time, to get the hero tingling with rage!
1. Also, everyone was desperately looking for a Naukri and would go to desperate measures to preserve it kyonki "ye to Seth ji ka hukum hai aur humne unka namak khaya hai."
2. Also the kunwari behen always looked dumpy and frumpy unlike the sexy heroine and was always dressed like a nun unlike the heroine pre-marriage.
3. Why were all "Maaa"s widows? The average male life expectancy in the 80s seemed to be suspiciously low.
4. The baddie was always well/expensively/ garishly dressed (shakaal, loin etc.) unlike the dowdy good people.
5. The hero always showed his displeasure via food. Eg. throwing away thali, going on fast, stalking off during meal times, thus agonising ma, behen or gharwali.
6. The baddie rarely had an evil daughter and if he had a son, he would always be evil as well.

Ah! The 80s!
oh you make me laugh out loud in the office every morning and earn nasty looks from my boss.

can I put you in my will?
@aparna - seriously and the hero was terrible when it came to his sister coz when it came to the tormented heroine the hero would always be ther eon time :))

@plumpernickel - Brilliant to say the least. I have actually added a line on the original post mentioning that :)

@ai - where there is a will there might be a way - :))
Hahahah...good take. I reckon, Kader Khan was the best in the 80s, though he was always over shadowed by Amrish Puri...as the villan.

I have watched 'Himmatwalla' many times just dor Kader Khan and Amjad Khan...they were simply too good.
yay..jeetendra and white shoes rocked!!!!heheh!
great post. Some movies still continue the 80's trend: kaho na Pyaar Hai had a terribly villainish father in law...he actually got the hero killed remember? Ishq had 2 sets of villainish fathers/fathers in law...complete with garish costumes and over the top acting. And most Barjatiya films like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun etc have had helpful dogs and weeping sisters. So don't worry...Bollywood will never let any trend die completely ;-)
@sakshi - wow! another Himmatwala fan :) and remember the ornate sets with usge pots ??

@jaded - not only was it white shoes - sometimes he also wore sunglasses with a white rim :)

@ron - awesome points. completely forgot abt knph - for that matter i have always said that Rakesh Roshan and Raviv Rai are two directors who make very 1980 ish commercial cinema (Rajiv Rai's Mohra too was very old school with villain dancing with heroine and all). Somehow they don't do too bad a job coz they keep giving huge hits.
how bout the villains daughter being always in lov with the hero and will do anything to sabotage the budding hero-heroine romance? and then l8r lerning her error, and sacrificin, help to round up the baddy dadyy?
couldn't help leaving a comment on this one. this was absolutely hilarious.
@sayantani - excellent point! somtimes it was also the villain's mistress who secretly harbored sentiments for the leading dudeeee :)

@m - thank you :)
wat bout flashily dressed guys with names like Tony ( pronounced toney
)Jack (jek)n Robert(rabart). staple roles for macmohan, Sujit kumar n der ilk
some of the other popular stories of the '80s was

#1 - 2 brothers -one alwayz becomes the thief and the other the police \

#2 - the janam-pun-janam kahani

#3 - all versions of nagin ka badla -Nagina ,Nigahen , Sheshnaag ,jaani dushman which was the perfect comedy show

(could only recollect so many as of now :)

As to Pimpernickels question on :
"Why were all "Maaa"s widows? The average male life expectancy in the 80s seemed to be suspiciously low."

Well, the reason was there in the movies themselves :)...the Villain had killed the Heros father because he was the Union Leader who demanded the rights for all employees, or he was a Steadfast Police officer who stood in the way of Smuggling....

@anon - you cant make that amazing villain's side kick name comment and stay anonymous - we want a name :)

@swathi - oh yes the two brother with one gone astray story - how could i forget that - Parvarish is the one that comes to mind - and i can imagine Dharmendra in countless others :)

@whoiscb - oh the Union Leader angle of those movies - man all you people are brilliant - we should seriously all have a joint bring back the 80s movement :)
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