Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Scraps of crap! 

The blogger presents snippets from two interesting conversations he had over the past two days. The prude or the weak hearted beware - read no more.

Conversation Uno (I seriously need to learn 1-10 in some new language)

She: Whatever! Too bad we are chatting - you totally missed the tone of that whatevah!
Me: Yeah! Whatevah is one of those expressions whose meaning lies in the way you say it. Like my ex used to do the whole "quick WHAT followed by dragged EVER, with accompanying eye rolls and gentle nods".
She: What-evah!
Me: You know what they call a very powerful whatevah?
She: Huh?
Me: "Watt"evah!

Conversation Deux

Me: You are such an ar@e hole (jokingly)!
She: Hey! Don't say ar@e hole. I get offended. I don't mind the F word but ar@e hole bugs me off.
Me: Yeah! Ar@e hole stinks!

P.S. An update that has to be mentioned. While chatting with M (who cannot be named) she mentioned a very interesting point abt the Deepak Tijori post. Apparently both the movies where Deepak Tijori was pitted against Shahrukh Khan (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Anjam) had Mr. Tijori impressing the ladies more than King Khan himself. In other words, the King Khan might be the SuperDuperMan of Bollywood but Deepak Tijori is his Lex Luthor.

'I seriously need to learn 1-10 in some new language'
Try "Eins, zwei, drei' for a change:-)

"Watt" evah!!!!Takes the cake:-))
what-e-v-e-r! good one!
Hey, Just blog-hopped here ... You have quite a few posts on the XY gene and makes up some interesting reads.
Will tag you soon.

Whateverrrrrrrrr :)
@minal - eins zwei drei and start! thanks :)

@jaded - thank you :)

@sunita - thank you :)
what-eva ?
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