Sunday, October 16, 2005

Snippets from the weekend 

Oh! It has been an awesome weekend till now. Last night Sid, Subs and me made an impromptu trip to LA for Durga Puja. It was great fun and we also got to check out a nice santoor performance by Rahul Sharma.

Today they celebrated Durga Puja in San Diego and that was awesome fun too. We followed it with a great evening trip. Aaaah! The sights were brilliant!


Why is it that all tabla players are either bald or have the curliest and most unkempt stack of hair? Can't we have a tabla player with a crew cut or just a neatly combed hairdo?

Also I noticed that in any classical music concert we always have these people who nod their head from left to right and left to right and left to ... you know where this is going, right? Why? Why don't people nod top to bottom? Why do we have to disagree with whatever we are listening to in order to appear cool?


We were talking abt porcupines today and somebody asked me how I thought porcupines made love?
- How will I know? I just feel that it's probably a real pine in the arse.

Maybe porcupines just stop feeling the prick! :D
chhobita-te kar matha?
@jax - lol! brilliant!

@teleute - i have no idea! maybe one of my friends or maybe some other bystander
The common answer to 'how do porcupines make love?' is - 'very very carefully' :) Apparently this is a topic that a lot of people spend precious thought on!

Glad to know your festive weekend went wonderfully well! :)
Carnatic singers, especially, often nod their heads from top to bottom when singing - perhaps an assertion of their vocal talent and technical bol-taal precision etc. while the audience begs to differ by shaking heads from left to right. it's all beautifully synchronised, really.
Chanced upon your blog a few days ago and considering you seem to have been in blog land for a few million years it took me quite a while to wade through the many entries :)This is the first time in a long time I have come across a person who actually manages to pen down thoughts as and when they are thought of. Atleast it seems like you do. Nice.
@megha - yup! my sis was mentioning the "carefully" joke too - apparently mating porcupins are the in thing for discussion :))

@rainbeau_peep - first of all please tell me you are a beau peep fan - that strip is awesome! secondly, moi wasn't aware of the carnatic style nodding and thanks for informing - i od away in glory now :)

@anon - thank you :)
Uhm, well, yes, i like Beau Peep, although they keep a lousy larder. I'm more a Garfield sort of person. :-]
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