Monday, October 17, 2005

Some women that I've known 

* I once knew a girl who followed her dreams. She's currently under medication for sleep walking.

* I once heard of a girl who was an animal in the bed - a sloth.

* I once knew a girl who was a self made person. I feel privileged to have known the first human clone.

* I once knew a girl who said she still had a little child left in her. Nine months later I found out what she really meant.

* I once dated a girl who slept during our dates. I guess she was craZZZZZZZy about me.

Those sloths aren't hard to come by...
If there's even an iota of truth in those statements I really feel for you my friend :)
Sagnik, you gotta do something about the pop-ups on your site.
@karuna - trust me - i know :((

@rohan - well, well - where do i start my sob story from ;)

@manchus - i believe it is for my stats counter. give me three weeks and i will fix it for sure.
Whoa there's more?, u've gotta count as one of the most tortured souls in the history of mankind :)
Hmmm not having a good time with your gals are you;-)
Ah...know a lot of girls, do you? No wonder you do an XYFactor on your blog every now and then!
@rohan - thank you for the sympathu *though checks or free food will be appreciated more* :))

@minal - what girls? which girls? where girls?

@ideasmith - one small clarification - the tense for the word know is incorrect - "knew" is more like it :)

@teleute - seriously, they are terrible :)
WOW! Good, witty ones Sagnik. Infact, they are so good that i am wondering if it is original :)
*I once knew a man who wrote poems in bed – to his mother.

*I once knew a man who worked as an sales executive at a big multinational – he turned out to be a cashier at walmart.

*I once knew a man who claimed that size did not matter – he was 4 feet tall.

*I once dated a man who declared at heart he was a family man – his wife called me the next day.

*They say most men are animals in bed – pigs.
hah! you are a really witty person to have come up with these things!!!or are they real?! cool blog..
@divya - thanks :) lemme assure you that they are originals - unles you know anybody else who dated the same girls :))

@plumpernickel - i have said this so many times - nobody should post a comment that makes the original post look bad :)) great ones! i specially liked the family man one - absolutely brilliant!

@jaded - thanks :) some of them are inspired from people i have known ;)
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