Thursday, November 24, 2005

4 Steps to a GREAT Thanksgiving Lunch 

1. Waiting for food!

2. Aaaah! Food Arrives.

3. So does sweet deSSert!

4. You can't desert the dessert!

Aei Jo..ekta khali restaurant e boshe thanksgiving meal korle...ish!!! should have let me know earlier I would have ivited you over to our place.
Now I am totally convinced that the hero of your arranged marriage posts was no 'friend'.

First the voice, then the photo.... hahahaha, who are you trying to kid ;)
So much foood...and dessert tooo..khide peye gelo :-(
arre ki handsome chhele. ogo shuncho. munnike bolo, amra oke broadband connection dicchi.
is there a reason why there's a snap of you eating the dessert but there's not one of you eating the main course?? surely a blog-partner to be would wanna see that!!:)
sagnik, tumi ki handsome! sagnik, tumi ki khete paaro!
heyy nice pics! but y is tat the best,main n most attractive pics put up as the 2nd n 3rd in the list??;)y didnt they top the order??;)

just kiddin!! all four pics were gud...presents a very happy guy enjoying his lovely,delicious meal!:)
@anyesha - and you say this after the mean is over - bad woman :)

@casablanca - my new post explains it all - right?? :)

@ron - choley esho - dutch treat ey niye jabo :)

@samit - and if only you had an a at the end of your name :)

@ramya - coz the snaps were taken by friend of mine who is responsible for al photos :)

@tely - even you ? noooooo!

@xyz - :)) the photos were like a good movie - we started with the boring part and then got into the good stuff :)

The food looks awesome ... the place doesn't look like Bandar, Sadaf or Bombay !! ... Khyber Pass ??
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