Friday, November 11, 2005

And that's what I call a bad joke 

Well, my tryst with super busy-ness continues with dissertation work going on. However, this actual piece of conversation deserves mention. This is what I call pure bred techie humor.

She: I have to fix 30 small bugs over the next two days at work.
Me: You know what the best way to fix 30 small bugs is, right?
She: What?
Me: You do it byte by byte.

PJ... but funny nonetheless :D
one word -> argh.
: O
ha ha ha
yes, it would take three nibbles and three quarters of another, no?
tumi ki bhabo? tumi ekai bad joke marte paaro shudhu?
byte ur tongue!!!!:)
being a pure-bred techie myself, i cannot fathom how one can precisely know that one has to swat out "thirty" bugs !

i mean they aren't even bugs, if you know how many of them there are !!
real pj!dont be so busy pliss pliss..
@casablanca - thanks :)

@ttg - nahiiiiiiin :((

@ui - and somehow i will take that as a compliment :))

@m - thank you :)

@teleute - ahaa the techie linguist - is it?? :)

@sayantani - ouchh!!

@mugger-much - well it seems like the bugs have been identified - or at least 30 of them have been - now they have to be fixed - i guess my friend has a tough day at work coming up :)

@jaded - oh i should have a lot more free time coming next week :) *i wish*
Hope u can get done with ur dissertation work terrabyte by terrabyte and we see u back at ur blog a day routine :)
@ big D (sayantani) --
how do u think he should "byte his tongue"
should he do it bit by bit?
And what do you call a REALLY bad joke?
.....Don't answer that.

Bad...that would be an understatement for the PJ...
Moderately stacked teacher in undergrad class says "Pop the top".

I whisper:" Kyon?" (Queue)

Thats a bad tech PJ.
@rohan - trying hard my friend - trying hard :))

@ui - some on - you can do bit-ter than that :D

@angel - oh! please lemme anser that with a joke - please *makes innocent face*

@docs - i know :)

@greatbong - maybe i should list all these bad pjs and then link them all - what say?? :)
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