Sunday, November 20, 2005

Audio Rant Again 

I tried go-karting this weekend and to be perfectly honest and modest - I rocked baby. I beat the second guy buy 2 laps and gloated abt my achievements to all and sundry. Also tried Peruvian food. Hmmmm! How did that go??? Well, lets just say that very rarely have I had one dinner and followed it up with another one instantly - ahem! Yanyways, recorded this audio rant as a response to something that I saw in the morning - listen to it if you want.

it is gross, u were right! not talking about it, but doing it! we were talking about it at work just the other day. and few days back, there was a piece in the local rag abt how its healthy to eat ur pickings cz it builds immunity, in our day of santized existences :)
ratna,i double that!
and prerona...u r surely one up sagnik with that immunity stuff...eeew!!! lol
Its def ranting i shd say.. discreet and proud.. my ..my..
way to go man!!
for people who read blogs as an excellent way to avoid actual work at the workplace- audio rants mean I dont get to find out what is grossing out all the other people. terrible shame.
ewww! is right, and what's with the accent bro? ;)
@prerona - and now even i feel bad for having made this post :)

@ratna - w (read double eeew)!

@aindrila - read response to ratna's comment :))

@me - oh you should have seen the incident that lead to this post :D

@brown magic - very true and to be perfectly honest i enjoy written posts a lot more too but sometimes (like yesterday) an audio blog is less time consuming :)

@rimi - even samit said that i sounded a little bit accented and i gave the same reasoning - "here i interact with Americans most of the day and the accent i use with them peeps out when i speak otherwise. but when i'm in India i am very careful to de-accentize myself completely." so much for an explanation :)
You sound either like a woman in a man's body or a gay. Can't make up my mind which one in particular. Your non-audio blogging is fantastic though.
@skp - hmmm! i had a good mind of deleting your comment coz i thought it was more personal than post based but since i have always supported freedom of speech (unless you are spamming me :)), i shall let it remain. lemme know if y ou make up your mind :)
"You sound either like a woman in a man's body or a gay. Can't make up my mind which one in particular."

which one wud u prefer skp?

nandi skp to sabse gandi
I hope you realise that this post might cause irrepairable damage to your readership by grossing them out, hoping to see a new post soon :)
@docs dope - yes, i agree that skp is very gandi :))

@rohan - new post in on its way sir :)
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