Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Audio Rant 

I'm going to take a break from the "how to woo series" (it still has one part that is pending) and try something new. The idea was suggested by M (who can be named but I've kept her name a secret till now and so she shall continue to be M who can't be named). She introduced me to podcasts. M felt that I sould try podcasting and so I gave it a shot. So basically, all you people who have audio support on your computer (and if you dont it's time that you buy a new machine), you can actually hear my latest post. I kinda liked making an audio post coz I'm likely to be a lot busier over the next few weeks and recording audio, once in a while, would save me some time (hopefully). So here you go - my first podcast.

great idea with the podcast! that was hilarious! :D I couldn't stop laughing..
please note, not a good idea to do this at work when system has
in- built speakers and you forget to lower the volume. people from far ends of the office get up n stare, boss gets nasty and lots of other unpleasant things happen :)

will comment on contents of podcast after listening to it properly after work hours, at home or in boss' absence :)
I think the podcast is only an excuse to stop the girl from wondering in her little room what his voice will sound like ...

So, out with the truth, whose is the prince charming trying to charm with his voice? :D
podcast..all a figment of wild imagination of these stupid americans..get real...get some real "action" man
Sounds like a mouth wash ad :))
nandi tu hain gandi
@mary - thanks :) just thought of trying something new

@ron - totally agree - i have had annoying sound creating web pop ups embarrass me a few times - would't want my podcast to be in the same category :)

@casablanca - heh heh :) no no - be rest assured - I am not "that friend" and neither am i "prince anything close to charming"

@docs - what is this gandi nandi business - i am sure you can rhyme other things with my name :)

@ratna - chah! then it is a "wash" out i guess :((
is it possible that you would enlighten your readership [the uninitiated bit] about how one could create his/her own podcast...would be so enchanting [for lack of a better word] to know...on another token, am so tempted to create one in response to yours...till the mighty S replies self shall utter *sigh*...oh yes...did I mention that reading sleeping beauty or any of the fables of that genre is an indulgence that could induce pleasure at any point in a person's life...am glad u read it...the "brushing bit" notwithstanding...:)
Very funny!!

Forget about 20-30 yrs, I wouldn't wanna kiss someone who slept for one night unless she brushes her teeth.
Ish...what has happened to your voice? Its all serious, grown up and Proffesor Nandi types now. Who are you...you are certainly not the dude I knew - the one who sat under the tree outside MB. Sorry but I need to get my sides stitched up after listening to the future Dr Nandi's discourse on the dental hygiene of a poor princess from yore.
And btw, have you forgotten your KG lessons about how little girls are made of all things nice like sugar and spice..so is it any wonder that sleeping beauty's breath probably smelled of baked goodies!!

And another thing - have you ever noticed that all things icky and their respective cures(dandruff, sweaty,smelly body parts, rashes in said body parts etc.) are advertised by male models.

And yet another thing( this is what really bothers me about fairy tales) why doesn't sleeping beauty have a proper name like Virginia, Mary Jane etc. etc. or for that matter the Prince?

Sorry for the absurdly long comment!!!
Brevity is the soul of wit and also makes for faster downloads in homes using dial ups in thrid world countries :P

why do we have kissing stories for kids in this taboo world of ours?
@anon - such a nice comment, but why do people leave it anonymously :( yanyway, podcasts are fairly simple to make. the degree of difficulty lies in how polished you want to make it (some people add background scores etc.). for just a voice based one like i did download Audacity - create an mp3 (you need to have a microphone to do that) and just put it on the web and link to it. hope that helps :) btw, really curious to "hear" your response :)

@raj - now that shows you are quite the player - so you can afford to be choosy :) i think many men i know wouldn't even mind kissing the 20 year later woken up girl :D

@anyesha - eki? i sound fifferent from Pilani days? a whole bunch of people tell me that i look differenet and that is understandable coz i have lost some 15lb but now even sound different??? nahiiin! and i completely agree with the no-name notion you pointed out. seriously, why was it always the "pretty princess" and "the the prince came galloping"? seriously!

@tipsy - i agree, i agree and i apologize for the bandwidth consumed :D ad good point abt the kissing - lets contact the moral police - shall we?
@ sagnik --
dewwwwd last time i checked the princess got rescued by Shrek

and as for the podcast........
like come on man
YOU should have been able to do better
congratulations! :)
its great sagnik...but werent u repeating "the brushed the teeeth in 20 yrs" ? i thot i heard it 4 times...am sure of it.
but anyway...it was funny!
let’s play six degrees of separation here...:)...umm and engage in some relentless pursuit…hehe what fun…
thanks for enlightening on the intricacies of the podcast …self disenchanted…and have no idea when the enchantment shall return…everything does not look kosher from my side of the fence…but when it does self shall snoop around merrily…and with the ever fleeting tenacity persisting…will let you know what methinks...:)
revolutionary thots, sagnik. but u undermine the ferocity of the crime – she slept for hundred, not just 20-30 yrs...hence more germs perhaps? ;)
@ui - true, shrek make the sceen very diff - doesn't it :)

@tele - for what??

@aindrilla - i agree abt the repetition but this was done without any script and i just said what came to my mind :)

@anon - and now you have me all confused - totally flummoxed if i may say sir/madam :)

@tall shoes :) - ooops! technical flaw i'd say - dint know how long she was sleeping - bt great to know that someone else remembers these stories
how about nandi and randi...:)))
flummoxed is a loaded word...and self intended that...
incidentally ain't you in the writing phases of the pee etch dee ordeal...:P...being flummoxed is a perennial state of mind...
am very impressed the the idea ofthe post. am envying the pod-making acomplishment. but am outraged that you think women sleeping for that long is unnatural. i love sleeping. will beat anyone hands down. also hate the actof brushing my teeth, tho do it regularly. so please dont be delliusioned of women being made of sugar, spice and everything nice. or ull be like that the dude back in 17th century who became gay when he forund out women had body hair. otherwise, lovely post. and lovely to hear that voice agai.;)
audio blog ki kaje boshe shona jay? :(
@docs - and now i prefer the earlier phrase :)

@anon - oh dissertation draft has been made. i am a tad bit free for the next 2-3 days :)

@sayantani - thank you for the very sweet words :)

@m - oh all my stuff is meant to be inspirational and is targeted to increase work productivity :)
LOL! You are nuts! :)

Btw, on my laptop your voice was a bit faint, and I couldn't hear you very clearly. Just FYI.
for the epiphanic realisation of course! that sleeping beauty has bad breath :)
Guess what? I had got the story entirely wrong...was under the impression all these years that the princess was busy sleeping (dreaming and stuff - coz dream princes are often more perfect than the ones in real-life she thought) when this real prince comes along and interrupts her dream with the darned kiss!

I mean he woke her up after all! ...now your podcast made me realise that the prince was only peering at her (probably thru myopic eyes) when she jumped up and kissed him!

That's why one should always let sleeping princesses lie...

Nice start Sagnik!
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