Sunday, November 06, 2005

Desi Potlucks and more 

So I attended the UCSD Diwali Potluck party where we had great food and savage dancing. For the uninitiated, moi made that thing called "gulab jamuns" - which no one ate :( You know your food is bad when you yourself stay away from it. The saddest part was me standing next to the jamuns and advertising them to poor people, who would then search around for the smallest piece in the pot to make me happy. Sad! Yanyway, there are two points I wanna make abt desi potlucks:

* If you are cheap: Nope! Moi is not making jamuns the next time around. Maybe I'll go without anything. Not even the customary packet of chips. But I do have a strategy in mind to avoid any embarrassing question abt my cheapness. If asked what I brought, I plan to proudly proclaim that I made the chhola. Yup! Have you noticed how in all desi parties there are at least half a dozen people who make chhola. So you can safely say t hat you made the chhola and not even worry abt telling that to a person who actually made chhola coz there will be an ample amount of buffer :)

* The cool doodh: And why don't people bring cartons of milk in desi potlucks? (I wanted to do so last year) As a race we love milk. Then why can't we take them to parties? Think abt it - we take soda, juice and even jaljeera BUT never milk. That's it. Next desi potluck that I go to - I'm taking a carton of fat free skimmed milk. Anyone inviting?

ahh yes
but what if asked " which chhola is your chhola? "
for people who actually bother making chholas will definitely be able to identify their's :P

as for milk.........no one brings it bcoz we get enough of it at home......milk is universal........so bringing it to a party would probably result in a late realisation that the host already has cartons of milk in his/her fridge :P

(btw u can make gulab jamuns : O )
you may come to tea. But only if you promise to stay away from polka dots and home-made mishti. going by ur posts, the greeks probably coined MOIRA after consuming one of ur gulab jamuns.
No one ate your gulab jamuns :( that's sad! I made some once.. http://dravidfan.blogspot.com/2005/07/gulab-jamuns-or-gulf-jamming.html

I've been to a swimming party once where everyone brought some food along (I was around 15yrs old) and the lady in charge decided that everyone could have just 2 pieces of food each.. so I chose 2 grapes and my brother just grabbed 2 unopened packets of chips!
Hey 3 cheers for atleast attempting gulab jamuns... its no mean feat :D
@ui - say "that one in the corner with a lil too much onion" and t hen smile coyly :))

@rainbeau_peep - sadly i dont drink tea :(( can i still come??

@mary - what is a swimming party???? how come i never hear of any such parties :((

@casablanca - i understand what you "mean" :)
If you want a short cut, take one of those ready-in-a-minute meals and make a few of them. One of them is bound to be good! And those things have become quite inexpensive nowadays. You know what I am talking about? Those 'Daal Makhani', 'Matar Paneer', etc. boxes?

As for milk - come on! We were forced to have milk when we were young and we got into the habit of drinking it till we got a choice. As soon as we tasted other drinks like soda, alcohol, heck even lassi, we gave up on milk. If you want to get some attention for the wrong reasons, feel free to take milk. Maybe even play some milk drinking games! :-)
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