Wednesday, November 09, 2005

House Fool 

For the few kind ones who enquired, I've been amazingly busy with my dissertation and will continue to be busy for the coming few weeks. So my posting habits may become more irregular. Blah blah. Yanyway! Blogging is a good relaxation and let me indulge in it a lil bit now.

I was privy to the following conversation a few days back. I'll be extra discreet and anonymize the whole thing. You'll never know for sure how many people were actually part of this conversation (some characters might have been added or dropped), what they were talking abt and whether moi was even a part of it. All I can say is that it included at least one member from both sexes. Peace!

A: It's more like a six to seven storeyed house. They might let you into the first few stories but only a special few get to visit the top floors.

B: Really? I thought people are a lot more generous now. Most people just walk into the first and second floors these days. The security is not like it used to be. Remember the times when you had to take care of the whole house if you even stepped into its compound?

C: Heh! Heh! Yeah! These days almost everybody has visited multiple houses.

A: Not true! I know of a friend who has just HEARD that a house is very well maintained. And just based on that info alone he has decided that he'll not settle for anything but that house.

C: Heh! Heh! That's better than this other friend of mine, who was kept away from his house only to find out later that the house was being used by other people.

B: What abt your old house A?

A: Don't even mention that. Within months of shifting to that place, I was allowed to visit the third and fourth floor. I was even told that the moment the landlady is sure that I would sign a long term lease, I'll be allowed into the fancier floors. Sadly, the landlady soon found out that graduate students can't afford big houses for too long and I was asked to leave. It was all very sad!

B: No wonder soo many people rent flats these days.

C: Heh! Heh!

Hmmm... I think I understand what this is all about. Funny, definitely :)
so ur not done yet? still keeping busy? all the best. hope u find some time to post a few posts now and then!
Evil, very evil :)

Good luck with the deadlines!
@casablanca - ooops! i was just talking abt soaring real estate issues :(

@prerona - nope! the graduate student is still slogging on. will appreciate free food from fellow bloggers :))

@teleute - :)

@megha - thanks :) what have i done to deserve the title of evil :((
if you are working on ur dissertation looks like the "poor graduate student" days are coming to a close...yipee and congratulations!
I often feel very jealous, possessive, at times end up getting upset thinking about what others are doing, or what they’ve got when I feel I deserve something better. While writing this, I realize the folly as I always have. I know I’m being stupid but kind of unable to help it.
Like when someone I like likes someone else, I feel inferior. I begin to wonder what the other person has I don’t have. This in spite of knowing well that there is no absolute good or bad. In spite of having turning down a proposal from someone who atleast claimed to love me. So I know how it feels and that only makes it worse.
Looking back and seeing that you’ve been everything that you ought not to have been. That you never did want it all to go that way anytime. But that’s what you got for being what you were.
If only you could go back with the knowledge you have now. If only you could set things right. You could’ve been a great person, had many friends, reciprocated well to the friendships, learnt, grown, planned…lived. Yes, again there is nothing perfect. And maybe even with all that I would find things to regret about when I look back later.
So what does matter finally I wonder.
hehehehehehehehehe....rising real estate prices indeed!!!

all the best your disseratation.
@m - i hope so too :)

@anon - very true BUT i dunno how the comment fits in with the post :( do i know you???

@ron - thanks :)
Okay that was definitely the longest, most irrelevant comment-post (I mean if its soooo long, you cant just call it a comment, can ya) by an 'anonymous', that I've EVER seen!

Hmmm... very interesting indeed :D
huh. house hunting now.nxt step looking for station wagons.... and the destruction goes on. flats are cool.
ahem ahem! that was for both the post and the anon comment!
Vulturo said this was quite a humorous blog,and I dig Humour. Came in for a little Laughs.. Nice one.. I now understand what vulturo menat

Your post was really out there... but subtle all the same.

Nice. very nice.
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