Monday, November 28, 2005

More on marriage 

So this is what happened. My apt mate S (and I'm sure a lot of people will think that S and I are the same person) showed me some profiles on a matrimonial site that looked identical (please don't ask me why S checks out matrimonial profiles - specially coz he's not planning to get married anytime soon). It was like multiple women having the exact same profile and demands. So I jokingly told S that I can automate the whole process :) Finally this afternoon I decided to take a break from preparing for my presentation and built this. Please try it out :)

P.S. The objective was just to show that genuine sounding marriage profiles can be created in an automated fashion. The profiles are fairly dynamic i.e. you will get something new if you redo the exact same search. There are lotsa other cooler things that can be done but I have a PhD to complete - so do it yourself :)

P.P.S. And many thanks to Teleute for beta testing the initial version of this :)

am happy to help, kind sir :)
and the profile generator tow-tuh-lee rocks!
You should really consider selling this to those matrimonial sites, frigging cool. But hell, where are the physical attributes section? Tall, dark, handsome or dusky & beautiful???
Thatz really cool and the fakiness surely sounds very genuine.

Forget your PhD, that isnt going to get you any fame.

just think of a few couple talks/fights

"Your profile was really sweet"
smiling (thinking)thank you Nandy
The first line "i am already lost ...you know exactly how i felt"
still smiling ..(thinking ...I am lost now)


"You said you trek"
(crying)"that was Nandy"
"You said you are sweet"
(crying louder)"that was Nandy"
"%^#$%^@$# Nandy"

Your name will echo in every household :-)
LOL! Brilliant!!

One of the funnier emails I've ever gotten regarding matchmaking type of thing (through my blog profile) was .. 'Hi
Csn you check out my profile ,,, and may be if we are of the same band width we can get going
Can I plzz get ur advisor's email id. I wud really like to mail this link to him so that he knows exactly how much time and effort you are putting into your comprehensive ;)
@teleute - thanks for the testing and the rocking compliment :)

@poorna - thanks :) there are lots of things missing and so was my ppt - so i had to get back to it :) will finish this at some point :)

@sunita - imagine if i have to use these services ever - things will be even worse for me :)

@mary - so what did you do :) did you like his profile? is something cooking :)

@rohan - prof knows that these lil breaks give me the enthu to do a lot more work :) yeehooo!
Hilarious Stuff!!! This is awesome. I'm totally impressed!!

And boy am I glad I did not go through this arranged marraige cycle! I must warn my friends though who are into it!
What if the sites they are looking at, have you behind the profile generation:-))
Brilliant. Absoultely brilliant.
What's with the "Anything that makes me sweat"????

And while we are hard at work with phds, random tests etc., how about adding a RSS feed. Would make it that much easier to er... beat the system.
moi tried it out too. phantashtick.
so now we will have all the readers of your blog out there with matrimonial profiles!!! But tried it out in multiple ways....awesome!
that profile generator was soo damn cool! but hey...is this your phd??i am beginning to wonder if you are doing a phd on "people's response to various topics on blog" or some jazz like that.. everytime i decide to log on, there's a new post by you!!! and i thought I was a vetti soul!!;)
so, whats the obsession about marriage? did you check out the blog link i sent you on orkut?
Cool dude!!! fantastic job done.I have been visiting ur blog for quite some days now ..just never posted a comment but felt i HAD to make a comment today :-)Nice blog
um do all cool ppl get tennis in their profiles? or is it just me? brilliant one tho. and cheap too.
Dada... ^:)^.. You deserve Tulip Joshi for this. :)
Oh, super cool!

The "I will try" in girls is brilliant. Poor guys! Such misery. How on earth can you recite your script next? Methinks, that's why guys should start first in match-making sessions. Of course, starting with "You look very nice!" to take attention off the script.

Btw, the online matrimonial business IS booming.
As everyone has already said the profile generator is super-cool, i am going to say it's fabulous!Bloody hilarious!Great job
@minal - thanks :) i assure you that i am not behind any of the existing profiles *though quite a few of them do sound like this* :)

@ron - thank you! totally thank you :)

@plumpernickel - RSS feed for my blog? I thought I already had it enabled :(

@kashyapeya - thank you sir :)

@m - thank you madam :)

@ramya - oh no no! My PhD is in Distributed Systems. Blogs are a diversion :)

@satarupa - thank you and please do comment - coz more than many times the comments are the ones that make the posts worth reading :)

@jaya-prakash - thanks :)

@sayantani - no no, that was for you alone :)

@indra - if only she said the same thing :))

@sanity straved - hmmm. very interesting. maybe you should write a post on the way men and women react to these profiles *if you dont i am sure that i will at some point :)*

@jaded - dhonyobad :)
the fakiness does sound pretty genuine. any intentions of releasing the code???
Like Holmes said to Dr. Watson once, imagine the possibilities if I was on the other side of the law:))
As a great man once said to me and I shall say it back to him today - Tukool only da, tukool only!

Seriously, if this is what you do with your aside time, that must be one rocking thesis you are writing! :)
The geek will indeed inherit the world! :)
ha ha ha cool stuff the generator! now all moms and dads will make a beeline for your blog. Mission successful! :-)
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