Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Occupational Hazzards 

* Heard abt the undertaker who worked in a poultry farm?
- He digs chicks.

* Heard abt the barber who joined the army?
- His job was hair today and gun tomorrow.

* Heard abt the teacher who supervised school examinations?
- He faced some testing times.

V V NICE one dude!

where were u all this time ????
Nice :)
Nice one
Btw u've been tagged onto the story tag bandwagon on my blog. Hoping you can take the story fwd asap :)
@xe-exagg... - thanks :) i have been a lil more busy that usual :(

@prerona - thanks :)

@rohan - thanku :) shall do the tag for sure sir - after all apney tag kiya hai :)
Heard about the Sagnik who made one dirty joke too many?
There's a movement to change his name to Randy!!!!
arre nahi!!!!
i did not mean that...
read it again and u shall know what I mean....
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