Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Papa now knows ... 

My dad now knows that I have a blog.

"What is it that you write on the Internet?" he enquires, making me visualize the Internet like a scroll of paper where I scribble.

"It's a blog Bubin. It's like a web diary. It comes from the term web log ..."

"Do you have to pay for it?" he cuts me short.


"Very good. You anyway spend too much money on movies."

He then bombards me with some more questions. "Who reads it?", "What is the link (he still doesn't use the term URL)?", "Do you have your photos on it?" and the likes. Blah blah!

But the coolest thing now is that every week he suggests things I should write abt on my blog. Whatever comes to his mind, the old man tells me, and then adds - "You should write in the Internet abt it" :))

"Have you written abt how Sourav Ganguly is being victimized?"

"No Bubin. I'm not writing abt Sourav Ganguly on my blog."

"Then tell me the link. I will go and write."

"Dad you can't write on my blog."

"What abt my observations on drunk people? Have you written abt them?"

"No Bubin. Trust me, you've been given ample footage on my blog. But I'm not going to write abt your drunk friends."

"At least write abt my latest observation. How children of actors and politicians in India make it big in the profession of their parents but singers and sportsmen traditionally don't. This just goes on to show that you need genuine talent to be a singer or sports person and nepotism can't help you much in these fields!"

"Ok! I'll mention this on my blog."

"Good! And send me the link. I will double check! And don't spend too much money on movies."

Now be careful about what u write
about Dad :-)

Have been reading your blogs for sometime now. have read couple of older ones too and they sure make good fun reads. I am blogrolling you on my site.
Oh please let your Dad write in your blog :-)it would be totally worth reading!!
*shocked and horrified at the possiblity that some day MY parents might find out about my blog*

Well, how did he find out about your blog, btw?
The way you write about him, your dad seems cute :)
@sunita - thank you :) but its fine coz dad still doesn't know what my URL is :)

@ron - noooooo, this is my blog and moi shall not allow encroaching :)

@casablanca - aaah! that's a long tale. a cousin of mine found my blog and then told my grandmom who then metioned it to my dad - woooof!!

@divya - he sure is :)
Hehhehe...how about setting ur dad up on the blogsphere. I for one would love to read what 'Bubin' has to say..
You have quite an interesting family ;-)

I love reading your blog and have read quite a few of the old posts too. I can honestly say that I am a fan :-) Keep it up dude!
I am going to throw my wholehearted support behind "Bubin" providing an occasional post. I for one think his observation about the sons of singers and sportspeople are very astute and would to hear about his drunk friends.
More "Bubin"!
Sagnik looks like your dad is making a bigger hit than you these days. There seems to be a greater demand for his views on the blogosphere....now I know where you get your funny side from. Together you'd be a riot. Let him write too...
I am sure I shall be ready to even pay to read ur pop write a post on this blog someday :) (mkae sure he gets to know abt this)
@ideasmith - now i have actually thought of doing that but i have a feeing that with the amount of spare time dad has - he will pester me with a million blogging questions then :D

@rebel - thank you very much, very nice of you :)

@brown-magic - trust me you, that you dont wanna know abt Bubin's entourage of drunk friends :)

@m - seriously. this is unfair. i have nurtured this blog and now the Sr. Nandy is taking credit. Nahin chalega.

@rohan - did we hear the word "money"?? :) of pliss pass it on and i will pass it on to dad *or will i* :))
You sometimes have funny thoughts...
waa waa
i want the observations on drunk people :P
Couldn't help agreeing with whoever it was, that your dad should maybe have his own blog!! now wouldn't that be fun..?? well my parents found out about my blog thanks to my over-inquisitive brother and all that they did when they met people was say "oh! do you know that daughter has her own website now? you must read it.."..thats when i deleted the old blog id and created a frsh one..:))
why not show ur dad the way to set up his blog....then you can compare statistics of readership :))I still promise to come and read yours.
@ui - aren't you a lil too young to be hearing abt drunk people :)) i just love saying this to you :)

@ramya - so what say we send your bro the link to your new blog ;)

@m - no papa is not getting blog - full and final - who will help mom cook then??? :)
sagnik, ur bubin shld be pleased. not only did he inspired ur post(s), but he also generated so much interest. =P
ur dad sounds so cute, n i second that u shud allow him to write on ur blog
damn eet
(atleast i'm not the one who is OLD)
Yeah... Nice dad!

Pronaam, Sagnik-da :D
Looking forward to post by your dad!;-)
Heh Heh. My dad gave me a shock - he leaernt how to use Google and discovered my blog!
happy turkey day S...
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