Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tag of War 

I normally stay away from tagging people or being part of tags but Rohan's idea sounds novel (no pun intended) to say the least. I've played similar games in parties where everyone adds a line to the story and the end result is always filled with gore and sex. This one however reads more like an actual story till now and so I shall continue it with utmost sincerity:

He had always known that silence spoke volumes, unfortunately it was in a language he failed to decipher on most occasions. A long pause. He stared for what seemed liked ages. It made little sense. May be it wasn't meant to be. He shrugged and looked at his friend. The pregnant silence was ruptured by his friends intermittent sobbing. Today was Diwali, it was supposed to be the "Festival of Lights", but things were different tonight. "Lights out", yelled the Jailor. The lights went out and the virgin night was silent and dark again. But, then was he reminded of his lover whose murder brought him here. All of a sudden, the summer heat in the cell, felt dreadfully cold, when, every moment of his past life flashed in front of his eyes as he stared at the writings on the wall. It was scribbled all over, by previous inmates of the cell. Murderers, as they called them. But maybe there were not murderers, he thought, just like him. Maybe they were just misunderstood. After all, he had to kill her, so he could be sure, that she would never feel pain again.
He had loved her from the moment he gazed into those blue green eyes, he had loved her when those very eyes had looked at him beseechingly for the last time and he had loved her for every passing second in between. But all this was lost on the anti euthanasia lobby who had vehemently screamed murder as his case had hit the headlines.

It all began on a silent winter morning. The cold had crept in without its whistling army of winds. The small town slept. Wrinkled in cold, as glowing fireplaces let out splinters of warmth. Unexpectedly silent.

But he was awake. He was always awake. Sleep and he had parted ways three summers back. Since then every time his eyes closed, the mind played stage to that dramatic night.


I'd like to pass on the tag to Teleute, the English major, coz this is the kind of stuff that enthuses her :)

Hey, good stuff! Though you might wanna include the story from the beginning, so new readers will get a better idea of the twists till now :)

PS: I am betting that than will be Rohan's first reaction: Include the rest of the story!. He's a control freak.. hahahaha.
Thnx for playing along with this tag, good piece of writing :). I need to ask 2 more favors of you, firstly if you can change the hyperlink to correspond to 'http://whoisane.blogspot.com/2005/10/worlds-first-blog-story.html' which is the particular post in the blog referring to the idea behind the tag. Also the blog readers will be able to follow the story better if you can copy paste the previous parts of it too wriiten by other bloggers in your and every subsequent post. Excuse me for sounding like a real nag but its kinda vital for this tag to continue successfully
Arghhhh Casa managed to slip along her comment as I was typing out mine, that just shows who's the real control freak ;)
dude, u have it. u hav the power. u can actually create word scenary... nice. but i irst felt i was reading the script of nagesh kukunoors 3 deewarein. but u sort of won in originality with the euthanasia bit. rock on.
now.. this I must say was what has sarted the story:).. nice one...
done it.
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