Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thank you 

Sometime at around 4 this evening my blog received its 100,000th hit! I wanted to know who made that hit - I would've sent him/her cheap stale food (in the form of gulab jamuns), I would've composed ballads in his/her honor, I would've sent him/her a photograph of me in a yellow shirt with yellow polka dots ... so many plans and they all failed. All because by the time I checked the stats counter the information had disappeared. Like an unsigned card from a secret admirer, this became an anonymous event that gave me joy. Thank you!

we're all so happy for dear sagnik. yay! will you buy us desserts next time you're in town? (buy. BUY, not MAKE)
ya. i bet everyones thinkin of takin a page out my bro UI's book. u owe us desserts next time our in town. and remember farah khan hates gullab jamuns. especially home made ones.
i was wondering 'bout wat has Farah Khan got to do here??? (is that a secret ??)

perhaps they had guessed 'bout the gulab jamuns (after reading ur previous post) n hence they wished to remain secretive :)
Ah, it was me. Now can I get the ballad? As for the gulab jamuns and photo, I'll be kind enough to let you preserve that for the 200,000th reader, ya? ;)
such popularity!
Congratulations! It wasn't me, though I wish it was. Dropped by to tell you I'm not running in this race anymore. I'm going to sit by the sidelines and watch the others blog by.
okie dokie
since no one else volunteering
me putting my hand up :)
i think it was me ;@) lol
glad to see u so happy :)
@rimi - asking for desserts - that's sweet of you :)

@sayantani - farah khan shall be treated to stuff far more exquisite that jamuns :)

@swathi - oh i feel that shyo looks like Farah Khan :)

@casablanca - na na ballad and gulab jamuns are part of a joint deal :)

@archster - :)

@ideasmith - what???? why???? kyun??? noooooo!

@ui - what was a young boy doing awake at 4 my time - i dont like your habits boy - no goodies for you :))

@prerona - now you staying awake at 4 my time is even more shocking :))
Congrats :), this calls for a party
Congratulations..ebar treat!!!
Great going man....I am quite a regular reader of your site...keep the enthusiasm going.
@ sagnik --
arre whaa?
4 PM in the evening.
What's wrong with being awake then?????????
I emailed you my address ;) Checks only accepted :)
'twasn't me :(
but congratulations all the same :)
umm..congratulations and all that..i would have sed it was me..but for the threat of yellow polka dotted pics and stale gulab jamuns..but..umm..do u not intend to update ur blog? please update..its my only source of entertainment at work. also since ur sucha movie buff..can i email u this thing i got...like a guess the move thingy..good fun..unless of course u hv seen it already....
@rohan - thanks dude!

@anyesha - heh heh! now you sound like me :)

@mystic - thanks :)

@ui - it was 4 pm in the evening my time - so it will be around 530 in the morning your time dude :))

@ratna - check has been sent. check out for it :)

@teleute - thanks :)

@m - thanks :)

@ron - have been very busy and hence the limited posting. feel free to email me (sagniknandy AT gmail DOT com). i am a sucker for film trivia :)
nifty!! way to go - keep blogging :)
why? 4 am ur time is after noon or morning what is it my time? i dunno :) but if i was online it must have been during work hours!
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