Friday, November 25, 2005

They finally got me :( 

Casablanca is convinced that I'm using my blog for wife hunting! First the posts abt marriage (if any woman falls for me after hearing my shallow advice on gifts I'll be most amused); then the podcasts (I can speak = I am not dumb baby) and now I have put up my photographs (incidentally I've been posting photos since last year). Why else will a guy do all this, if his inner intentions are not to find matrimonial bliss using his blog?

Yeah sure :) And all those suckers actually thought that desi matrimonial portals were the way to go. How daft! Don't they know that the first thing desi parents do on waking up every morning is go blog-hopping?

"Aji sunte ho? Did you find anyone worthwhile for our beti Dhanno?" the doting mom asks.

The agitated father shouts back. "Oh no way! All these bloggers have been writing abt IIPM and what not! No blogger has posted his views on marriage or his photos. How can we find a good husband for our beti this way?"

"Jii, what abt that Nandy chap? You said that he had posted his voice and photo and even hinted that he has a sweet father?"

"Oh please. His podcast was abt sleeping beauty and kissing and what not! Too modern for our beti. I don't think he will be a good choice for Dhanno. We should go for someone with a more serious blog. Maybe one of those journalists. Kya bolti ho?"

Now doesn't that seem like a plausible breakfast conversation?

Hmmmm! Now let's just step back here and rationalize abt my objectives. I must be obviously thinking that some girl (or even better - girls) will fall for me after reading my blog. Now that I have millions of suitors, who've read my views on a wide range of inane topics, heard my voice and seen me eat, they'll obviously contact me. Blog readers will send me emails reading:

"Dear Sagnik. I've read your blog and want to marry you (or at least make friendship with you). Obviously you are all that I dream of. You can write (or at least type), you can speak and you baby, will treat me to tikka kebabs as well. Now how do we go abt the whole marriage thing from here?"

Now I don't even have to try and explain how excited I'll be on receiving this email. I'll instantly reply back saying:

"Aaaah! This is wonderful. It is like we were made for each other. Why else will you like my blog? All my rants on topics ranging from mid-80s Hindi movies to similarly dressed twins have come to use now. Please send me the link to your blog so that I too can make up my mind. We can then have our families read both our blogs and make the final decision."

Yada yada yada! I'll obviously love her blog. Leave comments on it. She'll reply. I'll comment back. Our families will leave comments too. At some point a random guy will come and say that he likes our blog and he too has compiled a great site for dating. We will realize that it is a spam and turn word verification on. By the end of the year we'll get married. Next December we'll have our first child. We will put his/her photo on our blog and even call him Blogu ... wow ... this is so freakin exciting ...

i bet lil blogoo be cho chweeet

(btw i agree with cassablanca
and YOU should be thinking of marriage now. Old-age is right around the corner :)
Someone left a wondeful n creative comment on my sis's blog. My mom, who reads it, while voice chatting with sis says, "Who is this XYZ? Bahut acha likha hai..he is 26, I saw his profile.."

I was laughing my head off...she didn't mean in that way but it just sounded like she was actually recommending XYZ....

And then I read this post...so i guess the breakfast conversation is quite possible at my place!
heheheheheehhehehehehee...i tried to say something intellegent and sensible., but..hehehehehehehe..your posts over the last couple of weeks had me wondering too ;-)
lol - congrats on blogu!
Aajkaal kintu blog has become very focussed on one subject.....y not write bout injustice meted out to Ganguly.....all bong bloggers at some point should blog about it..
Ah, that is taking the whole:
… Doctor will marry only Doctor
… Techie boy will marry only Techie girl
… Soap peddling salesman will marry, well anyone who marries him! :D
theory one step further – which is that Blogger Man will only marry Blogger Woman.

This can also lead to the spin-of a whole new industry, which is dedicated to the cause of finding your Blogmate! Blogger compatibility charts can be drawn and what not. And given that most Bloggers are in this whole six degrees of separation blah, which means the world is pretty much your oyster!

Yay all of us! And congratulations to you? So do you plan on a Blog Swayamvar??? :)
Ahem! Ahem!
*Casa takes a bow for all the attention accorded to her comment*

This is fun! Lemme go get some popcorn... keep the show running :D
i know you are in some other world right now thinking about the wife you found through blog and the little blgu playing on your lap when you're blogging again in hopes of finding another blogging wife maybe..;) but i did notice the "yada yada yada" and wanted to know what it signified in this blog..we all know the significance in sienfeld..so what is it here..what does it hide??:)
hmm...just think, it could also be the lady with the handlebars from the South Indian movies, how exciting :-P

Btw 'blogushona' sounds real fine for a bangali daaknaam :-)

All the best for the quest!
amar mote kintu tomar offspring-er naam Bloglet deoa uchit :)
Sagnikda... no offence.. this blog actually lives up to your blog's name... puro tangent hoye gelo! Pet garam hoyechey naaki??? ;)
PS: and please do something about the pop-ups. Ar karor blogey pop-ups hoy na keno? Or is it because I start with this blog... shed some light on this please.
I meant "this post lives up to your blog's name".. (typor jonnye dukhkhito)
My god, man. Are you ever less than hilarious? Do you even possess that ability?
@ui - aren't you a lil too young to be telling people to get married :D

@tipsy - see, now all our readership will increase manifold with parents coming to read each blog diligently :)

@ron - na na, be rest assured - my itentions are noble and purely non matrimonial in nature :D

@prerona - pliss be sending gifts na :)

@anon - oh - i should seriously post some of my dad's conspiracy theories - latest one being that they took him in the test team just to end his career :)

@primalsoup - come to think of it some of the doodleboards i have seen do look like swayamvars :D

@casablanca - i can't thank you enuff for the idea for this post :) thank you thank you :)

@ramya - oh yada yada is used for "to cut long story short" :D not the seinfeld use though - and i noticed that you too are a bonafide seinfeld fan - way to go :)

@aparna - ahaa, now that you mention "blogushona" i am actually rethinking my intentions :D

@teleute - ahaa that sounds brilliant too - the chic urban blog child - bloglet - bravo :)

@indra - eki - point is crystal clear my friend - me no plan to find mate via blog - unless ofcourse our fav tulip joshi blogs - then all rules shall be revised :))

@aditya - thank you, thank you :) now if only you were tulip joshi :D
Wow, i guess this starts a whole new trend. New age romances on blogs and now matrimonial alliances on blogge.
u forgot i-pods. nxt on the list of mr. nandy is writing sagnik styled ( very radical) mills and boons romance. na, dada, brilliant post. also the fact the u finally acknolege what iv been trying to say all along about what those advice/and romance experience type posts sound like.btw, ask ur dad to start a blog. would prolly very very interesting, and giv u oodles of compition.;)
Just catching up out here after getting to know about your blog from the Kolkata alltheway blogocircle...was wondering to discuss some random thoughts from my perplexed mind after a trivial rendezvous with shaadi - planning a way out to do wedcasting through this linear virtual space...let you know more about it after i get rid of the aweful nosegay smelling right up there on the table...
Who would have thought YOU were hanging out for a wife?! ja ta, ajkal kar bachcha gulor ki degradation! hoping to meet wife thru their own blogs?!chee chee!!!*looks horrified*
;-P looking forward to seeing blogu's pics
well..well..well..a very nice n well potrayed post on how a blog can be used as a matimony advertisement site..gud one!:)

but is it necessary tat usin a blog for wife hunting shud always involve parents reading ur blogs or girls bombardin ur mailbox with mails like "dear sagnik, i read ur blog n i can absolutely feel the waves of compatibility bet us ..i positively feel we r made 4 each other..lets marry"...

just presenting an alternate situation which i feel is equally(or even more) probable that the scenerios presented in this post..

"girl stumbles into ur blog thru some other blog n initially 4 timepass starts readin n commenting n u reply to it..gradually it turns into a regular routine n a few months later u both realise u hv similar wavelengths n feel there can be a lot of things u both can discuss n share which can really be understood,appreciated n can make interesting conversations between u guys..so u two start mailin each other..one fine day u/she decides its time to talk over ph hving known eachother 4 a while n then once over phone u realise u both r soo comfortable talkin with eac other n decide to meet...it turns out to be muc better than the phone calls..1 meetin turns to 5 , 10...then one fine day you both realise u r in love with each other n confess it n all works out fine in the end"
there r also lotsa possi that these kinda things can happen via blogs n hence hving pics, voice n posts abt relationships n varied topics cud defn be advantageous n helpful;);)
this can also be a way of wife hunting rite!:):):)

Oh man!!
You amaze me whenever I read your blog... carry on dude!
@dreamcatcher - i can eriously recommend you a few popular female blogs where some of the comments are more romantic than post-marriage compliments :)

@sayantani - trust me you dont want me to write mills and boons style novels coz i have always fancied doing a chick-flick combined with brutal violent action flick - where the girl is a schizzo fluctuating between painting pink love stories and killing the same men she befriends :)

@rajasree - now that IS some really random thoughts - whoa :)

@jaded - me and blograni aar taking the zeta jones and douglas man approach where blogu's photos will be closely guarded :)

@xyz - girl what have you done? throw in two songs and a hot girl in short skirts and you have the plot for the biggest love story of the year in your hands :)) wow! i missed your commenting :)

@ze-exag - thank you thank you :)
I think it is very unlikely that you are using your blog to get yourself a bride. Any self-respecting woman who reads your blog would be repelled, not attracted.
Arrey .. what about the honeymoon? A wild romp through both your blogrolls perhaps, commenting all the way?
dear me, all this attention before i even arrive :((

i thought i'll terrify you with a "my parents want to meet yours, sagnik", but all these 23 people before me (shakes a fist at everybody)totally took my thunder away. *sulk sulk*
ok now! i know tat my comment was a 'little teeney weeney'too long:):)..but a 'biggest blockbuster love story'???? never realised tat;)...come to think of hidden talents!!;);)...
but just a small change 4m ur version of the 'mega love story of the year' everything is the same i.e songs n stuff..xcept tat my heroine is a very simple,cute n smart girl like for instance kajol or boomika chawla n not a 'hot babe with mini skirts'like mabbe bipasha basu...y it tat a blockbuster love movie always associated with 'hot babes'? or is it only coz of that element tat alove story can become a blockbuster??..is it a trend?:):)
btw..i dont really get the real meaning associated with ur last line..how was it supposed to be understood?:):)..but the positive side of me makes it take it as a compliment however it was meant:):)..hence assumin my way
'thank you kind sir':)
hey this comment seems to hv become a long one too..so the much awaited 'million dollar ques':):)...which of my two comments is longer???(n no treats for guessing the right ans plss):):):)
lol... brrrilliant!
@anon - oh for all the "opposites attract theory" you don't know what might happen - do you :)

@the-one - oh what a night it will be - exhaused we will return from the computer - having tried out every blog we could put our fingers ... ooops! mouse on :)

@rimi - well my parents would like to meet you too. they would like assurance that the way my sister turned out is not coz of them but because of that school both of you went to :)) *hides instantly*

@xyz - oh the last line was meant to be a compliment :0 and please lets have the hot girl in short skirts - that way even if the movie fails the dvds will sell - what say :)

@m. - thank you :)
@ sagnik --
extra knowledge is aslways good :)

(hint :- GET MARRIED NOW or become older and suffer :)
It will take another 5 years before Blog becomes well-known phenomenon in Bengal. If you are seriously looking then you are probably better-off delegating the responsibility to your parents.

How about names like Blogda, Blogdi, Bloga?
i thought the post was funny but the comments, especially about the upcoming blockbuster and its prospective DVD sales slayed me.
I heard about a couple who met through blogger...they even started a blog about their married life together and then things (as they do) went south. it got ugly.
MAJOR battles about the custody of the blog and its commenters.
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