Sunday, November 27, 2005

Under Where? 

I'm confused again. This time the topic of confusion is "underwear and the media". Yup! Moi is totally confounded by the way underwear is advertised, and it's time to speak up.

It all started when I read the line "she is a Victoria Secret model" in an article. Accompanying the article was the picture of an oooh la la woman, dressed in ... aah ... hmmm ... well, lessay she came with almost no strings attached. Yanyway! This visual made me think of all the undergarment ads that I've ever seen and I realized that the media probably got it all wrong. And it's not just female models that I'm talking abt. I've seen women drool over all those CK hunks. Those guys don't have six packs - they have more like fifteen. Chiseled jaws, pecked chests, sinewy torsos and nothing but a skimpy underwear on. Standing all wet with an unshaven look. Women going "whoaaaaa, just look at him."

Sadly, it's not women who buy men's underwear, but men who do so and (the same logic holds true for women's lingerie). And what do you think the average man is thinking when he sees this ad - he's like "Hmmm! Even with that pair of undies I'm not going to get those whistles. For all you know it'll just make those women realize just how different I am from these men."

Yup! The average man is likely to get terribly intimidated by six packed underwear models. Hunky bare chested men don't appeal to us (or at least most of us). Naaaaa! We want to see some flab. Give us six packs but fill those packs with some butter and cheese man. Show a balding guy with a tattoo gone wrong, standing with his red pair of boxers on ... with the line "Didn't the red take your eyes off his belly?" Now that's what I call a killer ad. You show me that ad and you have a red underwear customer in me and I'm no exception mind you.

The same logic holds true for women too. Isn't it ironic that they always use models for promoting lingerie that men would rather have naked in the first place. Why do that? I can see people screaming "Oh! Men want their girl friends to look like that and buying those skimpies will accomplish that!" Yeah sure! If I were to believe that some girl dating me will turn into a Gisele Bundchen if I spent $100 on her ... well, it doesn't speak volumes abt my intelligence - does it? So really - keep it real.

P.S. And what's this with men flaunting the elastic of their underwear? The day is not too far when all that men will care abt their underwear will be the elastics and trust me - that wont be a pretty sight :)

*shudders at the thought of _that_ sight*

think of this. men will have stopped carrying their id cards and now, when asked for their number, swoop into the undies rummaging for the piece of paper having their phone number written on it! [forgot the ad, ck or jockey i think]
Umm... how should I put this? Ah well, you've got it all wrong, atleast for women's lingerie.
Apparently men buy more of the sexy lingerie than women do, for gifts! Yes you'll hardly find an Indian guy doing that, but trust me, Victoria's Secret doesnt depend on India for its sales :)
wasted in tech, man. you're wasted in tech. "didn't that take your eyes off his tummy?" -- that's a fantastic line!

and, er, the fall-back, last-minute gift-for-my-girl plan of all the men i know is always, but ALWAYS, lingerie. trust me, i have been dragged off to help them decide on size and cut.

jesus,i had to remind myself of that.
AND THOU SHALT NOT ALLUDE TO THE NAME OF *THE* SCHOOL IN SCORN, JACOBEAN! (maane, shobe giye tomar reply ta porlam kina...)
eta khub profound ekta post.
Ghochuraam: Chachu mujhe paseene kyub aa rahe hai?

Ghotonchacha: Beta zyada soch maat..LUX wool baniyaan pehna hai tuu...tu na samjha ghonchu...Yeh andar ki baat hai...

--Planning to shoot a documentary on this plot with your blogorama to add on to the picturesque scripture--
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Et Tu Nandy....I had barely recovered from the trauma of watching Saif Ali Khan parade around in his undies for 2.5 hours in Salaam Namaste when you decided to unleash your treatise on underwear upon us. Is this the underwear season or what???
anybody remember the Rupa underwear ad? there's this women out getting fruits or something and local cheapy starts following her and she's all freaked out. he grabs her hand and the hero jumps in wearing Rupa underwear and a robe (but the robe is of course untied), and smacks villianous cheapy away and you hear a honk. the woman wakes up in a car and our hero (dressed this time) is driving and he asks, oh so suave, "deaming about me?"

How much did that ad rock?
@poorna - oh haven't you already seen those pocketed undies - i find it quite strange :)

@casablanca - aaaah! another aspect where you women have it all easy - never have i heard of a man being gifted underwear by his lady love - chaaaah! :(

@rimi - you are a good woman (even though you went to PM) for helping your friends out. i am sure your actions are "supporting" someone :)

@teleute - i knew only you will get the profundity good lady :)

@rajasree - :)) guess what - i was actually planning to call this post - under ki baat but wasn't sure how many ppl remembered that ad :)

@anyesha - oh good woman sorry for the iflicted pain - but it was your post idea coupled with an ad that inspired me to make this post in the first place :)

@brown-magic - aaaaah! that was brilliant and i remember the narrow v cut of those undies - man were they uncomfortable - yikes :)
There was this particular undie ad that i saw with no six pack (or 15 pack!) male models or skinny female models.. That one totally appealed to me...:) can't remember which brand the ad was for though..:)
i think i'd prefer that to tummy boys and flabby gals..:)what say?
Methinks flowers and chocolates are due after the underwear fiasco... I hope!
The thing is that if you are *really* in love your girlfriend in her 100$ VS is supposed to look like Giselle or Heidi Plum or is it Klum? That's what love is---or what your gf would like to believe.
Or what you would like to make your gf believe you believe.

Saif Ali Khan uff...I am sure very soon in a movie or two we will get to see some cleavage---the bad kind.

@Casablanca: Yes Indian men do. They do. Trust me on that one.
" Yes Indian men do. They do. Trust me on that one."
Errr... ok, if you insist.

Oh, and Sanity Starved throws some light on the cause of this post. Hehehe... so the podcast and photos were followed by lingerie gifts for your prospective wife? Bad move. Baaaaaad move :D
LOl...hillarious..sixpacks? hheheh
@ramya - see, exactly my pointo :)

@sanity - yessss yessss yesss - you have got me - i am that kind of a person - i am spelling out all my love moves on my blog - what do you t hink my IQ is - 45??? :((

@greatbong - if my gf realllly loves me - she will make sure that i dont spend $100 on her :))

@casablanca - tell me woman - do you really want me to make another post to make my intentions clear - do you - do you :)

@demi - thank you :)
It wasnt me, it wasnt me!

It was HER! *points finger to Sanity Starved*

:( :(
Uff... I was only hoping for a post on flowers and chocolates next... Sorry!

I was going to say just sorry... but will follow! It's HER *points finger back to Casablanca* :((

@Casablanca: That will be HIM.
Ooops... sorry, your identity is kinda unisex ;)

Okay, why dont we both point fingers to Sagnik's previous posts :D
And in all this we forget the one true ad which showed a fat repulsive man in an undy (or was it a banyan?) getting some:

O, tumi-o Phantom? Aage bollei hoto!
Yes, the author should take some blame misguiding unsuspecting readers.
first of all you have soo mant comments that i think its no point commenting but then if everyone think the same there will be no comments so a comment- nice blog.
I have enjoyed your blog...Its amazing...
Great tips and a great recourses.
ha ha.. I am also little confuse man..Its Underwear or Under Where??

Still its good..Thanx ..
Very interesting post. I will keep reading.
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