Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back Again 

So I'm back from Vegas. Vegas was fun. Lots of fun. Lots of lessons were learnt as well. For starters, for the first time in many years I saw the desi in me in full action when, enamored by the unimaginable opulence, I took photographs of everything around me. Chaaah! Now I can't poke fun at Sid for this habit of his. I also fell prey to the popular adage that "the House ALWAYS wins". Moi thought that I had the better of the House and that was indeed the case till the last 30 mins of my stay, when I lost all that I had won and more. The final realization dawned upon me on the strenuous journey back when I realized that for someone recovering from acute acidity, a sixteen hour stretch without food, followed by a cheesy (and I literally mean it) meal at McDs, is NOT recommended. All in all, still a wonderful trip where much food was devoured, David Copperfield was seen in action (the show, I felt, was great but overpriced), Madame Tussuad's museum was visited and a lot of gambling and casino hopping was done.

Yanyway! Subs made this astute observation in Vegas that deserves mention. "Whenever a common word is misspelled it means one of two things," he said. "The resultant product is either sham and all cheap or bloody expensive." Profound and bloody true. I remember the innumerable take offs on the already misspelled Kwality ice creams on the streets of Kolkata - Kwaliti, Kwwality or good old Quality, we'd seen it all. While the original fake was the most expensive ice cream in "those days", all the remaining spellings were bloody cheap. In my undergrad days I had a friend who was the king of fakes. His wardrobe boasted of classic fakes but the one that swept me off my feet was a T Shirt by "Kevin and Clein". We saw several other examples in the streets of Vegas. Every time a shop said Parfum instead of perfume (yeah, yeah, I know that this spelling is valid too) we knew that you would have to spend a fortune for that extra s(cent). Ditto for the shop that said Restoranto instead of Restaurant - for the few extra letters they charge you many extra dollars. Moral of the story - spellcheck your brands and save money or trouble. Peace!

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McD - defi. NOT recommended. I wonder how they actually stay business. The food is so utterly unhygienic!
Did you actually see Restoranto? Or are you pulling a fast one and making a hash of Ristorante?

I do agree with the basic premise though. More specifically, anything in French sells, usually at higher prices.

But I'll let you in on some perfume geekspeak. Ordinarily perfumes/fragrances come in three types:

Eau de Toilette (EDT)
Eau de Parfum (EDP)

The first is the least expensive, the last the most, and that's because it is concentrated fragrance with an oil base. Check out the labels the next time you buy a bottle for that special someone :).
seems u had a fun time at Las Vegas (color me green on tat one)
n herez Wishing u a Very Happy New Yr
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