Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I was in the library when I walked past a shelf that was in one of the not-so-accessible areas. One of the books caught my eye. It was jutting out. For a second it appeared like the book was waiting to be signed out. As if it's been a while since its pages got flipped; a while since it lay wide open on someone's coffee table; a while since some damage was done to its pages, and for a second I thought it was urging me to take it home. And that's when it struck me that we are quite similar to these books ourselves. Most of us have a major "pick me" complex. It doesn't matter what it is - we like to be chosen. Remember the times the teacher in high school said that five students would be chosen? It didn't matter what the chosen group would do. It could be as exciting as a field trip or as mundane as posing as props for a story. However, for a fraction of a second it always ran in our minds "will it be me?" and we would all sit up upright and make ourselves a tad bit more visible. And it's not just high school. Be it women, teachers, friends or career - we are often like the book, eagerly waiting to be picked. Every prospective "picker" is looked at with anticipation and excitement and when they pass by and we realize that we weren't the chosen one, we sigh. Sometimes we console ourselves and soon we jut out again for the next round.

And it's not just this desire to be picked that makes us like books. Like books, we all fall in categories. Some of us are the funny ones. Some are pro adventure. We too have reviews based on which people choose us. "You are dating that girl? I have HEARD that she can be very dominating." "Well, he is a good starter but then you will lose interest in him in a few weeks." Haven't we heard these "reviews"?

And the similarities go on. Some of us are good for momentary entertainment. A few parties, three dates, two movies and then you grow out of them. Some leave a lasting impact. Some take their time to grow on you, while others are "just not your type". Some of us have good social presence. "Never judge a book by it's cover," they say but at times the nice air, expensive jacket or blue eyes is all we see. Hmmmm! No wonder we feel that some of us, much like those bestsellers, are over rated.

As I was thinking all this I realized that the library will close. So it was time to leave.

So did you take the *attention seeking * book home ?? And hey why does your blog take awfully long time to load??
this was very nice.
very insightful. I guess we all do go at first by appearances to a certain extent. I was going to post something on this appearance thing because something happened that made me realize some facts of life....may be I will soon.
I linked to an older post of yours in my blog. Is that OK? I am unsure of the etiquette here.
tumi ki deep!
@kusum - nope :) as i mentioned - it was time for the library to close. plus when it comes to "books" i take time to settle for a book and stick to it if possible :)

@brown-magic - thank you and do link to whatever post f mine that you want :)

@m - and knowing your writing you will do a much better job of it. will be eagerly waiting for your piece :)

@anon - tumi ki ... i mean tumi ke?
Just beautiful. Loved reading tht!
Nice Post. Also read some of the previous ones. Really liked the last one. That's just how it was for my brother and me.
@prakriti - thank you :)

@sd - thanks for both posts - well my sis somehow likes the present system though :(
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