Friday, December 30, 2005


I went out for a wonderful Japanese dinner tonight with my darling advisors. Many interesting discussions were had. Topics ranged from magic to maths to movies and even Indian names. I was informed that my Erdos number is 3. BUT but but the icing of the evening was the delightful gift that Jeanne and Larry got me. The photos are given above and below and I must say that it is one of the sweetest gifts that I've received in recent times. For those who can't make out what it is - it's a T shirt with 225 years of my PhD lineage imprinted on it and in case you can't read it - it includes the likes of Euler, Poisson, several Bernoullis, Lagrange, Leibniz to name a few. The child in me is doing major somersaults and the man in me is saying "beta sweater pehen lo" :)

P.S. If you are among the kind readers who are coming back for my usual stock of inane stuff, they'll be back pretty soon. As of now I am enjoying the end of the year and I hope you are doing the same too!

Happy New Year :)

A very Happy New Year!
That is an awsome T-shirt! A very Happy New Year!
Big Bg Mistake, Dr. Nandi...you can't just say "beta, sweater pehen lo"...it has to be said with the proper North Indian 35+ feminine nasal tone to get the full effect!!
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year !

Thoughtful and personalised gifts always stand apart in our memory!
Euler, Poisson, Bernoullis, Lagrange...woowwww. Very thoughtful gift!

all the best for the new year, new job , new place, etc etc
an incredibly sweet gift indeed. and here's hoping new year's eve'll be a blast! :D have fun!

(DOCTOR nandy doesn't sit easy on the tongue, y'know...)

Wishing You and Your Family a New Year thats Filled with all the Excitement of Living Each day to the fullest
Amazing gift!
Happy new year :-)

May you have a wonderful year in which you make us smile/laugh with your out of the box posts!
Happy New Year. Write an email.
yo, dr. shaggy nangy nandy, HAPPY NU YEAR!!!!! nice t-shirt. tho no neeed for that sweater. half the people wud not know whats written on it signify......oh well. :)
cool T-shirt!
happy new year
Aaah I wish someone would give me a Tshirt with my lineage---of course it doesnt go back too much but it includes Alonzo Church, Kleene, Moore, Poisson, Lagrange...

Enough bragging for today.
Happy New Year Sagnik! :-)
A very HAppy new year
been checking this space for quite sometime and like what u write...
have a great year ahead..!
we knew about that lineage all along shaggyda.
jus dat it took the yanks 4 yrs 4 months and 2 days to certify that-)
happy new yr
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