Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays 

The blogger is off to Las Vegas soon
Will be back only on Monday late noon
So all you readers do please make merry
And enjoy your holidays very very very
Please do pardon the very childish rhyme
Blogger has to pack now - so not much time

Guess what? - the spammers are simply close uptight with the task of clogging my inbox with xmas wishes with the spell going wrong on being MERRY..they ranged from MARRY to MARY to MERY n so on n so forth...wish mobile technology upgrades and theres' an automated spell-check like MS-office...something like Windows Cell-Spell check..anyways hope you had a rocking weekend at Vegas..back to square one from tomorrow..(home)*(job)*(home) - need a break next year when i can pull some notes out to take a trip down to Times Square n celebrate the year-end with someone whos' scared of the games people play n in turn get played for...cheero!!
hey have a good one! merry christmas and a happy new year as well!
Hey have a swell time there. Try this out though. Starting today this blog will host a daily quiz that has 10 questions and a weekly bumper one. The first person to get all questions right within 2 hours of the questions being posted will be given 100 rupees. Do I have a lot of money to throw around? No but I have a few plans. Lets see if it works.

The url where the quiz will be up is http://ray-deo.blogspot.com
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