Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Here are some stray musings that moi had. Hate it or hate it.

* Sometimes during romantic feuds I wish that love was deaf and dumb and not blind.

* Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but alcohol helps the beholder lie.

* In most of my relationship fights I had the last word ... and it was normally "Sorry!"

* If you hate me for who I am, you are just being unimaginative.

* I once knew a girl who treated my heart and wallet the same way - she stole them both.

* Between a woman with looks and a woman with brains, I'll settle for the one who'll buy me dinner.

headLINES is really cool stuff! You should put it up on the list of links.

Oops... I was supposed to muse, eh?
Lolz... your musing are always funny!!
Coool! Keep it up!
And I'd settle for someone who'd cook me one :)
- a long suffering bong-food-starved-bong
@sanity - oh i have a separate link to headLINES. i wanna restart it again but i have to create the characters again :(

@sneha - thank you :)

@biplabda - oh dont mention bong food at the end of the year when i am away from home trying to cool aloo bhatey :((
very amused by ur musings ;)
"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but alcohol helps the beholder lie" - LOLZ...but then why do guys still try to pick up girls at a club, since its just the alochol which is making them look so *beautiful*
cool. love ur musings. tho hav to say this.
sagnik musing is confusing.
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