Monday, December 05, 2005

A PhD Defense in Pictures 

An hour and thirty minutes before it all begins (and yes, I look tense).

Ten minutes before it all begins - in the place where it all begins.

Fifteen minutes since it started.

Fifteen minutes before it ends.

Fifteen minutes after it ended (and yes, I look drained).

Sagnikada... or rather DoctorDa :-) Congrats.
Drained?? Relieved is more like it methinks! Anyways looks like it went off well. Congratulations :-)
Your prof wears a Fanny Pack???

And how did you manage the pic in the midst of your defense???

Congratulations! What are future plans?

~ Defender
Actually you look good...did you say ur single?
ummm......didn't you comment once upon a time that you disliked blogs which put pictures of men on them.(and ranted about females putting up their pictures :)
On this day, the Sixth of December Two Thousand and Five I hereby proclaim you "Dil Ka Doctor" aka "Dilwalon Ka Doctor".

Congrats on the dactari :)
(btw wherez the french beard gone??)
Congrats Dr. Nandy!!
super cool - congratulations doc!
Congratulations....so where to now?
Congratulations! :)
ebar tomar dissertation-ta tumi please amake mail kore dao. i need to check and see if you are deserving or not ;)

congratulations, once again! :)
Boss - congrats........chobi gulo ke tullo.......1/1.5 yrs from now donn know whats gonna happen......
congratulations Dr. Nandy.
Look me up when you move to the bay area.

Hey congrats man and yes u r damn right u did look tense :)
@indra - doctor abar da :)) thank you :)

@ron - na na drained - it still hasn't sunk in :) relieved photos will follow in some time :)

@defender - future plans be working hopefully :)

@ideasmith - thank you thank you - why do you know hot single women on the prowl?? :))

@ui - oh i still stick by it - do yu think i would have read my blog if i dint write it? no way :)

@aj - actually 5th of Dec sir :)

@swathi - thanks and french beard had been shaved off quite some time back :)

@lalit - thanks a lot :)

@m. - super thanks :)

@arnab - if all the paperwork goes on fine then Mountain View

@prerona - thanks :)

@telytoot - why o why o why - do you wanna read my dissertation :)

@arijit - all the best for your PhD boss :)

@aindrilla - a million dhonyobad :)

@sourya - sure sir - you can be my guardian out there :)

@rohan - its more like "super tense" :)
sagnik, i tell you. never ever gives us a chance to be versatile in here. well, alright then, sagnik. but remember, you asked for this. so once again... CONGRATULATIONS (imagine music in the background)

now blog quickly about future plans so we can wish you very best!
Cool! Congratulations! Your parents must be very proud of you.
Congrats Sagnik! Here's proof that there is indeed light at the end of the PhD tunnel. Makes me more optimistic about my life.
Congratulations! you are the first guy I am actually 'seeing' becoming a PhD else all were - either they are or they are not. btw whats your email? (nikhil.rasiwasia@gmail.com)
@rimi - thank you good woman :) will let you know as soon as things shape up :)

@ratna - thank you :) mom ad dad are both really thrilled :)

@thalassa - thanks :) so when are you planning to graduate lady?

@nikhil - :) my id is sagniknandy@gmail.com and btw, you have my phone number dude - you can just call me :)
Congrats! Now you can join us poor corporate lab-rats and blog from work :)
Congrats Sagnik!

Good luck @ Google :) Hope you continue blogging! Just don't blog about super secret Google projects! They fired a guy over that recently and it became big news.
Congratulations Sagnik! This is a big achievement and you must be on top of the world now. So where you going from here? I guess with the defense behind you your blog will see more frequent updates....Good luck and celebrate!
i guess my comments going to be lost in all the comments here but i too have to congratulate you shaggy!! or should i respectfully say, dr. Shaggy!!:)) and how the hell did you take pics during the whole deal??? congrats again..i hope a busier shaggy wouldnt forget his blogging!!:)
Congratulations. And whatever you do, don't get so busy that you stop blogging.
Congrats! For few actually do complete a PhD. Google after this?
hey buddy, congrats n everything. You never really gave the impression of actually doing any work towards your PhD. So this really came as a surprise :). Glad to see you are through. Good luck with everything.
@urmea - thanks :) from the little i know, you are a corporate lab rate who mints money - not too bad then, eh?

@soggy - thanks :) yes, i am very careful abt never talking abt work on my blog - i ahrdly mentioned my PhD program on my blog

@m - yes, i am very excited but it still hasn't sunk in :) am headed for Mountain View hopefully

@ramya - Dr. Shaggy?? That sounds like a rapper :))

@aditya - thanks :) no, i dont plan to stop blogging - but the frequency is likely to go down

@dd - thanks :) yes.

@sanketh - if you want i can call you up and give you all the details of my work dude - what say? :)
Hey Congratulations! Bet you're relived it's all over :)
Congrats bro....nother doc in the family,newayz i am very proud of u...keeep up the good work in Google.
Aha..does that mean party ?
Congrats and start saving for throwing party when you come back ! ;)

btw,I am tired of south-indian and veg dishes,party menu should strictly be bengali and non-veg.


Congratulations !
Hey Sagnik!


time to rock google!

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