Sunday, January 08, 2006

Call Out! 

Me left San Diego last night
Me will reach Bay Area hopefully tonight
Me will start job hopefully from tomorrow
Me very very excited
Me might be busy and without Internet at home next week
Me might therefore not blog too often next week
Me signing off now
You be good!

Must say I have never seen anyone more eager to join a new job. Enjoy your graduate student life of freedom while it lasts, my friend.

Of course, joining Google must be exciting I guess.. :-)

Good Luck,
Hey best of luck for ur new job.. Enjoy...
hey, itz great that u r starting work so soon,

All the Very Best
All the best Sagnik!

good luck :)
Good luck!!
You be good.
Me then too be good.

Best of luck!
Good luck Sagnik! The last post was hilarious. Good job!
All the best!
tats g8! best wishes!
Welcome, to the dark side ;)
So its not gonna be Mumbai then? All da best!
hey sagnik

if you're joining google, All I can say is that its the best place one can ever hope to work for.

Me read the post.
Me good luck to you.
Me out ;)
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