Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Mingle Jingle! 

Ok! This idea struck me when I was in Vegas. A Gujarati family and an Asian family walked past me from two sides and I realized that the two languages are so similar. So if you wanna hear how Gujarati will sound like (albeit in my opinion) when mixed with an Asian language - this podcast might just be what you wanna download :) Peace!

=)) Hilarious... ^:)^
happy new year sagnik!
Nice post...really funny and it also got me thinking (two for the price of one there). IMHO, Bongs should mate with Russians..both have a penchant for long, totally unpronounceable names. Then there is their common love for red revolutions, brotherhood. Both romanticise poverty and write voluminous poetry (romantic and otherwise)!!! Though I can't think up one good reason for how it would help the world...probably that's the point.
LOL!!! gud one there:):)
@indra - thank you :)

@m - a very hapy new year to you too. btw, i spent a good five minutes guessing what the various standard names with M were for women - modhu(sree), mitali, megha, mou, mamoni etc. :D

@anyesha - wow, now that you put it that way - i am surprised why nobody has ever thought of it that way - btw, you forgot the common love for potatoes :)

@xyz - thank you :)
Very funny!! Have read your blog a few times but leaving a comment for the first time. Really enjoy it!
Grrrr... how do you expect people to listen to podcasts in office??!! But then, I guess you nobody expects people in office to read blogs either... fine. Whatever.
Hi Sagnik,

I head there is a Cal Bloggers meet planned in January.

U seem to be the most informed cal blogger ...so please let us know..
@-h - thanks :) please keep reading and commenting

@casablanca - oh come on! i am sure that no will mind a little auido rambling at your work place :))

@silversurfer - whoever told you that??? specially since i dont even stay in Kol now :(
Ooops Sagnik.....ektao millo na. "mamoni" for crying out loud! Keep guessing....and how's magical, mysterious, magnificent for starters?
With gazillions of gujjus and Asians in every nook and corner of the world the mating game should not prove to be a very difficult proposition :)
i agree with rohan...was this post meant to humiliate them or just make fun of them?bad bad....
That was hilarious! I was trying to look up the name of an Asian restaurant in Vegas for a friend and somehow ended up on your blog. Gujjus and Asians eh--cut throat enterpreneurs and cutting edge technophiles--interesting, albeit a bit frightening:-)

Btw--I thought your name sounded familiar and after reading some of your archived pieces, learning that you're from Calcutta and then delving into the recesses of my rapidly aging brain, I think we were in high school at the same time and have met at a bunch of inter-school fests ('96/'97 timeframe). I was in Modern High and used to frequently participate in debates and other fest-ish fare back then in the stone age!

Unless I have you mixed up with someone else, in which case I apologize for rambling on .. :-)
@m - mona? motichur? mita? maitreyi? minku?

@rohan - and still we dont have any or non that i know of :((

@aindrilla - ??? who did i make fun of? i was just suggesting a possible new super efficient group :)
hey doc! that was sooo hilarious!!:) and i realise that its soo much easier to "listen" to the post than "read" it..:) so i'm totally hoping that more podcasts on the way..:)
i liked this podcast :D

"GO FOR IT!!!"

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