Thursday, January 19, 2006

One Two - cha cha cha! 

Guess who joined a samba class?

Ok! Given that it's My blog, and the tone of that question was purely rhetorical, I'd say it wasn't much of a question. Hmmmm!

Now, I've taken dance lessons in the past as well. What was it??? Hmmmm! Yess, ballroom dancing. I remember almost killing a few people with my "one-two-three, one-two-three" movements. The instructor used to make us switch partners every two minutes and the expressions on the face of the women who would get the chance to be my partner was click-worthy.

They would greet me with a nervous "Hi" and wait impatiently for the two minutes to get over. They would then say the most jubilant "Bye, see you". It was funny. I always imagined the conversations they had after I left them.

"Are you OK? Did he squash your feet too?" one of them would probably ask.

"Not just the feet. He almost broke my waist. Have you seen the way he turns? Wooof!"

Then one fine day the instructor told us that the way to position your palm on the girl's back is to place it just below her bra strap. Can you imagine how scared I was that day? Given the amount I fumbled while dancing, one false move and I would have been termed a perv. To cut a long story short, I left the ballroom dancing classes mid-way. The girls probably threw a party and celebrated in what better way but by dancing :)

So why then, you may ask, did I enroll for samba classes now. Simply coz I think it'll be fun. I've already realized, after the first day of class, that samba is much easier than ballroom dancing ... for the one simple reason - that it's ten times more difficult. Yes, the dichotomy is the answer, Watson. The dichotomy IS the answer. Ballroom dancing is a much a simpler art form (or so I think). There I was the only idiot who didn't know how to dance. Everybody else appeared like Vanilla Ice on roller skates in front of me. My inability would get easily noticed and doubly magnified.

BUT now it's different. Half the people in my samba class (and that half includes me) had no idea of what's going on. Some of the moves the instructor did were humanly impossible. I'm not kidding, but for a second out there, we thought that she had three butt cheeks - and that's freakishly fast dancing people. So half the class would try to mimic her and fail miserably. I can easily be in the better half of the class by the virtue of not dancing and just standing still. I even had people in the first class who were trying to copy my moves for the simple reason that they were easier :)) Yeaaaaah!

The perfect post of me to go "You go, gurl!" but unfortunately, I cant use that comment here ;)
But anyways, kudos to you, for taking dancing lessons. A man ought to know his moves :D
One wrong move, and the girl will step on your toes, Ouch!!!, and then butt her head into yours (in the process crack it open...), and then, when you are just under the impression that it has all finished, she would drag you into the police station and file an FIR... (dont get zonked, a sweet little girl told me that this is what SHE would do)...

A small tangential thought: If the chick is a bong, then in all probability, you would hear "Chakri kheye nebo"...

He he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

haha..can't help thinking this.. but i really think DW in BITS would have surely hlped you.. atleast get used to place hand on girls back and dance without crushing their feet.. what say??:)) good luck with your dance classes and would sure love to see some video clippings in the near future..:))
so after podcasts now are we going to have videos of you doing the samba?
naach sikhcho......wonderful....

Here's wishing you are still in the top half of the class at the end of it!
Hope you are wearing the right shoes. Makes all the difference.
uh, u kno, when u asked dat rhetorical question, guess whos joind samba classes, it could hav been anyone..... ur x? roommates.... anyone. anyways, congrats, and i dont think u shud hav been scared with hand positioning thing. mane- its your free, pitt-fall-less pass into groping. now lets c u normal, and be happy about that. come on. btw, any hot chiks in them samaba clas?
who's living it up, then? :D seriously, boss, tumi toh marattok hep and happening hoye jachho aajkaal. what next, lessons in french cooking? ;)

and i second m(treadsoftlyupon). amader video chai!
I third M and Rimi...video plissss!! Video na hoye at least candid camera type still pictures post koro, tateo cholbe!
Hee hee.that's true.it its definately good to be best of the worst.Than vice versa!
@casablanca - na na, feel free to "ou go gurl me" :))

@junior - that's why it helps to know alawyer with the same name as yours :)

@ramya - now what do i say abt my sorry dancing state - even DW rejected me - remember not everyone is gifted like you :)

@m - na na! for the love of mankind no one wants to see thoe :D

@ari - ekkhuni phone korchi :)

@sanity - thanks you :)

@bengali-guy - well it's been sneakers till now - maybe next class it will be shoes - lesse

@sayantani - totally, full of hottttt women - and all of them can dance :(

@rimi - na na, those will be the kind of videos that harm the mental image nice gilrs like you :) *and yes, even though you overheard that brilliant conversation in the bus, i dont think that you want to see this video*

@ron - nooooooooooo! :)

@totti - so very true :)
Arey o Samba! kitne classes hue? :P

But this is cool. Ballroom dancing and now Samba... very cool!

Have fun! :D
Samba? really?

sounds as fun as it is hard to perfect ;)
chhobi chai,chhobi chai...
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