Monday, January 02, 2006

The Opinion Zone !!!! 

To start with - A wonderful New Year to all of you. May 2006 be full of joy, love, smiles, happiness and excitement for all of us. Keep reading this part of the web and feel free to send me cash, food, ornaments and spam whenever you want.

Yanyway, I had this most interesting realization sometime last night. I conjecture that it would be wonderful (and most amusing) if people could just listen to what individual couples (or small groups) say as soon as they leave a big social gathering. I'm sure that all of you reading this post must have attended some large social gathering sometime or the other. So read on and you'll understand exactly what I'm trying to say.

Imagine a room with thirty people. You are sitting. X is standing. Y is talking to Z. You bump into A. "That's a lovely shirt," A tells you. "Wow! you have lost a lot of weight," X tells Y as Y's face lights up. Z tells everyone he just landed a new job. Everybody congratulates. The evening goes on and everybody seems to be adhering to perfect harmony. Sounds like a familiar scenario? You can come up with several other such setups. A blogger's meet, farewell parties, dinner treats, college reunions - it doesn't matter what the occasion is - as long as there are enough people who pretend to be all nice and happy and sweet in front of each other the rest of the post will hold true.

All that I'm saying is that it'll be wonderful to overhear what all the "small individual groups that form the moment these gatherings break up" have to say.

"So what did you think abt X's dress?"
"Somebody should buy her a mirror."

"So what did you think abt Z. I don't think he is anything like his blog ..."
"Oh! I found him weird!"

"Do you think A and B make a good couple?"
"I think B looks too old for A?"

"Abt B's job ..."
"Aah! His father must have got him the job ..."

A deluge of these comments bombard the air the moment the gatherings break up. I've seen the tendency in me. I've seen it in my sister and her once teen battalion of friends. I've seen it uncles and aunts. I've seen it in ... All that I'm saying is that in all these gathering we turn restless being nice to people. True emotions, opinions, criticisms, wise-cracks build up like molten lava inside us waiting to be let out and cooled down. And the moment we leave these places of neutral meanderings we search for our own little group where we can let out hours worth of controlled opinions and afterthoughts. Aaah! What a pleasure it would be to hear them all - or would it?

relationships stand on sweet words.. there's a reason why we're not able to see the other's thoughts... isn't it ?
Yeh, those gatherings are so full of *pasted - on* smiles n pleasantries which are pretty much a social obligation.

The real party only begins after! ;) n lets admit it, its a lot more fun then!

Have a great year ahead!
you want to hear those ? bote? what if they are bitching you out and, here's the real catch, hitting EXACTLY on your insecurities? hmmm?
@ze-exag- true but it will be fun to hear what other have to say others :D

@iksha - sure! sometimes the moment someone goes to the toilet everybody does a quick session of bitching and then they are all back to normal :D

@rimi - na na! i just wanna hear what others have to say abt others - very selective that way :))
Social niceties are a necessary evil. I dont mind being honest and saying "your dress looks like something the cat chewed last night" but she might not be able to take it. Why spoil someone's day?
Sagnik, unfortunately, I can relate to what you say here :)

Sometimes its so oppressive being all nice and proper, I just cant wait for the party to break up and for me to be my true, crass self :)
HaPpY NeW yEaR!!! look who's back!!!(now..now..y m i giving myself sucha celebrity status???) anywaz its nice to get back to reading ur blog n leaving my crappy comments:):)...so reading ur post i hv decided to send u this lovely(what???)comment;);).. i hv been in these situations many times...till a pt of time its ok being ms.nice..but after sometime its soo difficult to maintain being nice n sweet...feel like breaking free n being my own true self:)
@casablanca - why spoil someone's day when you can make an amazing evening after the party discussing the same topic :)

@rs - yeah yeah! go for it - i am all abt letting out mental thoughts (as long as its not abt me :D)

@xyz - yehooo! look who's back - hope you had an excellent time and welcome back! we should have like one day every month when we can just break free and criticize :)
Sagnik, Have been this avid reader of ur blogger among other things of course, following you through the short film days, to phew whew phd completion, till until recently the Las vegas vacationing (*** conditions apply, a few blogs here and there were left out;))....neways have been thinking of invading ur blog with my comments but have let laziness take over.....They are funny and u seem to be doling out opinions rt from the woman next door to that hot bombshell to whatever man. I had conjured up this totally serious image about guys pursuibg a post doctoral but u seem to break the stereotype. Looking at the length of my comment they might soon enough have a word limit and did i say i have only just begun. Pause for effect. okie dont worry this is the full stop here...
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