Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Phir Bhi Dil Hai ... 

It's fun explaining abt India and Indians to non Indians.

"The Indian accent that they depict in international movies is exaggerated," I told a non Indian friend of mine. I even did a little imitation of the accent we Indians are supposed to have. "The overall Indian accent can be broadly divided into the North and South Indian accents. And neither sounds like this!"

The conversation then went on to how I'm part Bangladeshi (or Bangal for the Bengalis) and how that's a very common thing in West Bengal. Details were given as to how the Bengali spoken in Bangladesh is quite different from the one we speak in India.

"So how well reached are the Bengalis?" he asked me.

"Naaaah! Not as well reached as the Gujratis and Punjabis I'd say."

"What do you mean?"

"For example, if you mess with a Gujrati here - that's it. You can be shunned from all the motels here :)" I joked.

"What abt the Punjabis?" he asked.

"Well, then no Seven Elevens for you. And you can also say goodbye to all the curry food you like."

"What abt people from down South?"

"Then you can wish a software career good bye my friend," I warned him.

"And what abt Bengalis? What if I mess with them?"

"Well ... I might stop talking to you ... and ... naaaah! That's pretty much it."

lol... your 'little imitation' was damn good! :D

and uhh... how about the Bangladeshi restaurants, you might never be able to enter one! or is that a UK thing?

Am a Bangaal too and have been subjected to plenty of Bangaal vs Ghoti good-food battles :D
good to have you back among the living sagnik!
guess the blogs are going to flow after this.. welcome back..your imitation was classic..i've been laughing my head off here.:)
vanakkam Saar, How are you-u Saar?? U ok Saar?? Good night Saar...


Love, laughter n keep the Faith

@aparna - i am actually a bati (mom's ghoti) and so i shamelessly change sides based on the situation :D

@m - thank you :)

@ramya - thanks woman :)

@junior - yeah yeah, i know y ou are shifting to Hyderabad - but why are you speaking Tamil before that???
u say this even after the Ganguly saga......and btw...have u 4gotten how to use u r phone????/
Nice to see you back, i thought that darned job of yours would take away this blog from us :)
Havent heard the podcast yet... but on a serious note, I think there's no such thing as one Indian accent, and that is something non-Indians need to understand.
A lot of people dont believe that I'm Indian... because the stereotypes in their head is limited to 'dark' from the south and 'fair' from the north. Sheesh!
Oh Yeah, You mess with a Bong and you will know what communism is all about :).
good to have you back. I started up again as well- email me if you would like the URL.
No Shit!!
You mess with a Bengali there, and you'll know we're not well reached, actually not reached at all... come to bengal and mess with a bengali - Mereey pitiyey Chaatu koray debo.. Sss@@@la!!(in a low voice: Shone Shaanu, aamar konui ta dhore raakhish,.. jhogra jeno naa hoye!! )

Nice to have you back with some "Mango Chutney Chicken Curry" !!
@arijit - ganguly, ganguly who?? :))

@rohan - nice to see you back 2 :)

@casablanca - i recently read somehwere that someone was asked to speak "Indian" - as if it's a language :)

@sunita - :))

@brown magic - i want to read new blog - can you please email it to me at sagniknandy@gmail.com - puhleeze :)

@bronze - yeah! very true - outside bengal we keep it low - so low and that its invisible :)
It's all because of bloody Peter Sellers in "The Party". His version of an Indian accent stuck (you did a great imitation, btw) and heaven knows when it will change.
can you really speak for all of india. they don't speak tamil in hyderabad ..
enjoyable post, otherwise.
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