Monday, January 16, 2006

Shout out! 

New apartment for yourself - $$$
TV for the apartment - $$$
Furniture and kitchenware - $$$
Internet connection and cable - $$$
Using that internet to finally write a blog post - priceless??? Naaaah!

Yanyway! Time to blog again. There are lots of things that I wanna blog abt. For starters, my ordeal of setting up a "home" (not "house" mind you - *and how cheesy is that*) by myself. But that blog will have to wait coz, before I get back to my standard variety of posts, I have to make a public statement on my blog aimed at my father - Bubin STOP READING my blog. I'd earlier mentioned that my dad knew that "I write on the internet" and now he seems to have found that spot. Terribly pleased by the fact that he can access my blog, Bubin has decided to look into the matter of many of my posts with more than just a discerning eye.

"You mentioned the other day that some girl stole both your wallet and your heart. Is it who I think it is?" he asked me.

Not a very subtle way of letting me know that he has accomplished the not so difficult task of locating my blog. Is it?

"Bubin, that was a joke. I didn't mean it literally. You know that she never quite stole my heart," I protested.

"Heh, heh." I told your mom abt it and we tried guessing who you were talking abt.

Excellent. Now mom knows abt my posts too. I can totally imagine the senior Nandys having their evening laughs at the expense of my inane posts.

"And that T shirt with all those PhD names in it. Who are they?"

"They are part of my PhD tree dad."

"Ok, don't wear that T shirt outside. It might get dirty."

"Bubin, I wasn't planning to wear that outside ..."

"... and between you and me ... was I right abt the stole my wallet and heart person? Heh heh."

"Yikes. Stop iiiiiiiiit!!!"

So Bubin if you are reading this (and I know you are) then don't read my blogs any more. They are not meant for kids and surely not meant for people who had me as a kid. :)

welcome back to blogging!:)...so ur dad has started reading ur blogs...tats so sweet!:)...anywaz best wishes for ur new job!:)
Awwwwwwwwwwwww.. How cute is that :D
:) ya, it is a bit tuff to open ur heart in a blog when u know that ur dad is reading it.;)
Awww.. dont be mean to your Dad..let him read. He is really too cute.

Although, I must admit,I do know what you are going through, my parents have discovered my blog too, and are now asking me several very uncomfortable questions.

But still..awww...let him read :)
A shiver runs down my spine, as I try to imagine what would happen if my parents started reading my blog. I might have to shift it... damn!
ei je dada, kemon accho?

mail- call - something please..

till then i will keep track thru ur blog.. sad sad me..

There's a good reason my parents know that I 'write on the Internet' but not where.
Jr. Nandy you are being mean to Sr. Nandy!
I'm just glad my daily dose of laughter medicine is back;-)
Congrats on the job and on the house, sorry 'home'!:-)
Ha! Your blog has come down from "R" rating to "PG". Thanks to Bubin :)
@xyz - thanks :) and it is not sweeet that that Bubin gets to read my posts :D

@anon - wy do ppl think my dad is cute???

@madhoo - ad not just reading it but then discussing it with you too :)

@ron - well i can see why your parents might be concerned with yoru blog - specially after the elaborate vacation planning :)

@casablanca - good! now you now my state :D

@chitra - will do so pronto madam :) how you be doing??

@ideasmith - see thats the beauty of the elusive ideasmith - we always no enough but not enough ;)

@minal - thanks for the nice words :)

@ratna - and if he keeps reading it I will have to replace my posts with cricket anaylsis and Sourav Ganguly fan posts :)
dont worry ...i will make sure daddy nandy doesnt read ur blog..from now on illl convey everythin to them...saves everyone the trouble..heheh
oh, your dad sounds really sweet :)

hallo snr nandy!

contribute to the blog sometimes, ya? =P

three cheers to the senior Nandy!!! I loooooove him...

Love, laughter n keep the FAith

@anonymous (or do we say Pummy) - just try that and see what happens :D

@aparna - that he is ... but he should still not read my blog :)

@lynnie - no no - dont even give him these ideas :)

@junior - kudos on the job and thanks for the daddy hoorays :)
Best part is you don't have a father-in-law who reads your blog,or do you ?
Oh!! This is so hilarious. Your parents reading ur blogs and then talkin bout it to u.:)).
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