Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where have they gone? 

I have this habit that can best termed as "one song for the moment". In simpler words, at any given instant there's this one song that I'm obsessed with and repeatedly (and by repeatedly I mean 20-30 times) play that song. My college scrap book mentions this, my ex apartment mates faced the brunt of this and ex-girl friends used this habit to further justify their ex status. All in all, not a habit that has gone down well with too many people I must say. Yanyway, my current obsession is Khoon Chala from Rang De Basanti (which I felt rocked). However, till five days back another song had held this coveted position and that song, dear friends, was ... Hawa Hawa.

Yup! Judge me. Call me crass. You can even call me crass. Or if it pleases your desires - call me crass BUT the fact remains that this song has very fond memories associated with it and when I saw (or heard) it in a remixed form I JUST COULDN'T RESIST it :)

This blog has mainly two age groups of readers - one, who can be called my peers and the other, that I like to call "blog toddlers". While the latter group ridicules me for this post, let me take the former for a ride down memory lane ...

It was the mid 80s. TV had one channel - a time that I like to describe as "jab cable ek channel tha". It was the age before the Ekta Kapurs. When Buniyad ruled. When Ramayan and Mahabharat defined Sunday mornings. When Chitrahar defined Wednesday evenings. The generation that I just described as "my peer" will remember the impact Chitrahar had those days. It was the only form of video advertisements movies got and the "first song spot" of Chitrahar was a coveted spot. Hawa Hawa was one such song. The movie was a dismal footage called Don 2 but this Hassan Jehangir number rocked the nation. So huge was the success of the song that they had released an English album in India using the tunes of some of the songs (the lyrics for the Hawa Hawa tune went ... feeling dizzy uneasy don't let me down today ... feeling funny oh honey ..."). Every roadside shop in Kolkata played this song and at least ten Bollywood songs got "inspired" by this tune.

However, there was something else abt this song that lacks in songs these days. This was a song that could only be sung in a rowdy non musical way. If you are reading this post alone, let your musical talents flow for a second. Try singing "hawa hawa" like a ballad and you'll fail miserably. A dear friend recently tried to croon this number in a lovely voice and realized that this is a rare song that is sung best by the crass - and I miss that trend in current songs. I miss the fact that "crass hit" songs are fast diminishing. Where have the Hawa Hawa and Oye Oyes gone? Why isn't Altaf Raja singing Tumto Thehre Pardesi anymore? What happened to Anand Milind and there "one hot song per movie" regimen? What happened to these songs?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind ... or if I may say - in the hawa hawa ...

Altaf Raaja...! How I used to THINK twice as much about getting a haircut at the barbershop!

Well, I listen to the same song for days as well... The joys of living alone... my neighbors don't mind it, i THINK :D
Somehow I feel that three songs from 1980-2006 had the "hawa hawa" effect. Other than Hawa Hawa and Oye Oye, the only other song that achieved "cult status" would be "I am a disco dancer". What say? Any other song that had the same effect?
Here's the Hawa Hawa story.

So back in the good ol' 70s, there was an Iranian singer by the name of Kourosh Yaghmaie. He had a hit song, "Havar Havar". Years later, in the 80s a then unknown Pakistani singer stole the melody lock, stock, and barrel and replaced "Havar Havar" with "Hawa Hawa".

Hassan Jehangir's album became so popular that an entire low budget movie, Don2 was conceived as a vehicle for the songs. The lead of the movie, Jeet Upendra, was a Bong who sadly wasn't able to make much headway in Bollywood.

Of course, there's a Shankar Mahadevan remix version of Hawa Hawa as well.

If you are curious, here's the original:

Hawa Hawa!! What memories. The kali pujo organisers opposite my house had the same habit of playing one song over and over and over again. Hawa Hawa used to start 3 days before kali pujo from 6 am!! I still remember the lyrics. Also, did you ever hear this song that went " Aami Kolkata roshogolla"?( in case you haven't I swear Im not making that up, there was a song with those lyrics!!) It used to be alternated with Hawa hawa from time to time!!Oshadharon entertainment.
I think this is very common among people who 'really listen' to their music, that is to say who are obsessed with it.

For me, I don't even have to play the song. It keeps on echoing in my head. Its kind of irritating sometimes. But it does not go away on its own.

Some other song or tune has to replace it!

By the way since last 24 hours, Pandit Ravi Shankar's rendering of raag 'Rasiya' refuses to stop!

oh god, Tum To Thehre Pardesi reminds me of all the state-run Blueline buses in Delhi. Tum to thehre pardesi was a fav with them!! This was also college time and yeah cant think of josteling in crowded Blue line buses in Delhi without some Gujjar/Jat conductor and Tum To Thehre Pardesi! There were also stories of how this guy was a jilted lover and how he wrote these songs thanks to that! gawd! And yeah, hawa hawa and oye oye and of course Naseer with his tirchi topi! :D

Speaking of rowdy music, how about 'Tu cheez badi hai mast mast'?! Gawd! it was like the national anthem for every roadside romeo!
Fond memories too, have I. In our other wise relativey peaceful small town, one dude shot another dude (over a fickle woman!!, what else) one fine wednesday evening aeons ago . The police called it premeditated ( and not heat of moment) as the shot was fired during the first song of Chitrahar and all TV sets were turned on so high that no one heard a gun shot in the neighbourhood!!

ron: I totally rememember "ami Kolkatta-r Rossogolla" and also "rangobati rangobati" and "ei panwala babu"...which was a big hit amongst the tribal/adivasi/native Jharkhand populace of my area.
I just tried to sing Hawa Hawa outloud like a ballad. I think I am going to get fired. I blame you.
@sanity - one sec, are you trying to say that you didn't like altaf raja - what kind of a person are you??

@anon - oh lotsa other songs come to my mind mate - what abt Mithun's Guru Guru ... aaa jao guru. or Bappi Lahiri's Tama Tama logey - they were all from the golden 80s :)

@thalassa - and to repeat a question that I have asked you often - "and you are not a journalist???" :) thanks for the link - very informative

@ron - not only have i heard ami kolkatar roshogolla, i have actually seen the movie that the song is in - it's featured on Debashri in case you dint know :)

@amod - Pt. Ravi Shankar Vs. Hawa Hawa :) Na I think you have better taste - marginally :)

@aparna - oh, btw - Tridev did try to have a sad and romanic version of teerchi topiwale as well - it is hilarious to say the least :D

@anyesha - aaaah, little did i know that Mr. Mukherji, who I thought was gifted with a very high sense of taste, is aware of the likes of Hawa Hawa and Roshogolla - quite a shock :))

@brown-magic - ok! now try singing gutur gutur in the same way :)
Aparna, you're thinking about Attaullah Khan Essakhelvi, the man responsible for inflicting "gems" like "Achchha Sila Diya", Kameez Teri Kaali" and "Ishq Mein Hum Tumhe Kya Bataayein", later made popular by Sonu Nigam in a T-Series movie.

The myth surrounding him was that he was lodged in some Pakistani prison after having murdered his girlfriend and was sentenced to death. Last I heard, he's alive and well, and has released another album (shudder!).

(Sagnik, I'm a bit of a kitsch junkie, as you can tell :) )
hey Thalassa, yeah you're right, it must be Attaullah Khan. God you remember 'Achcha Sila Diya Tune'!! Indeed that must be him then and yes it was something about a Pakistani prison and a murdered girfriend and it was so popular with the bus drivers and conductors! :D
Aparna, I empathize fully, I was a regular Blueline passenger and had to endure many hours of Attaullah Khan. Altaf Raja, by comparison, is almost a blessing. But even then, the worst torture inflicted by Blueline drivers was Gujjar and Jat folk music. Man, that stuff is toxic.

Sorry Sagnik for taking over your comment box like this.
Oh yes yes, absolutely! Gujjar and Jat folk music indeed! My parent's place (If you are a Delhi girl you would know) is in NOIDA and that place is full of UP Gujjars thanks to the urban villages, so well i have been at the recieving end myself :)

Yeah, sorry Sagnik, for taking over your comment space :P
@thalassa and aparna - while i empathize with both of you for your blueline torture, i dont think either of you can bat me and my sister in our knowledge and love for crass songs - we spend hour annoying each other with real painful ongs - have any of you heard this one:

moti moti aankhen teri eyebrow hai black
teri hirni da jaisi noor
i want to see you only
we want di nothin much more
i want to see you only

lol. No sir Sagnik. I am not as enlightened as you! :D

*bow down*

PS: BTW which song is this? Care to enlighten? :D
@aparna madam - this is a song from mid 90s by a guy called Babaa Khan. Sadly, the lyrics are not half as funny as his accet :) The album was called Balle Ni Balle. Other notable singers from this era would be Bhinda Jat and Lakbir Singh Lakha.
LOL, in the same vein, do you remember 'Mukkala...Muqabla' featuring Probably-rubberman Deva and Nagma?
Okay *bow down some more*.
Never heard of this gem before, singer or album! Obviously, i was right, you are The Enlightened One! :D
awesome trip down memory lane :))) Oshadharon post Sagnik!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I'm quite familiar with the "Moti moti ankh" song. Funny, I checked out the rest of Baba's music just now, and his voice is not too bad. He just had a terrible songwriter!

Oh dear, whatever happened to Lakhbir Singh Lakha? And Milan Singh, the Punjabi singer who was a woman but dressed like a man and modulated her voice like a man as well?

I think Bhinda Jat is Kaneda based :).

Speaking of cheesy songs, Hassan Jehangir had another hit song "Aa jaana dil hai diwana". I remember my cousins humming it ad nauseaum in the 90s.
How is Mr. Mukherji?
Oh god, such memories. Funny nobody's mentioned the Bombay autos with their blinking red lights and dhing-chak jhankar beats version of every song. Tum to thehre pardesi was an especially popular one, ah my ears!

What about 'Kya adaa kya jalwe tere Paro'??? There was a Paromita one batch junior to us at the time the song came out. Oh god, the poor girl!
Casa confirms her status as one of your "peers", simply because the mention of Chitrahaar brings back memories of eager anticipation of the clock striking 8pm on wednesdays. And not so fond memories of 'tum to thehre pardesi' been blasted at any paanwala shop and such. Uff, that drove me up the wall!
hello... for the record there are changra 80's types song now too.... what would you call, " oo bondhu tumi shunte ki pao... e gan amar, -o-o-o, e gan amar..." man changra songs have not goneinto extinction. shame on u, for suggesting. or i will sing" is-tationer rail garite, maika chole ghorir kanta, nananana, kokhon baje barota, kokhon baje barota." but one way i do agree with some points. the age of " gore gore mukhre pe kala kala chushma" has evolved.
But do you remember the second song of "Don 2" which was "Aaja Na Dil Hain Dewana" and that too had Bengali translations--one I heard was "Pishima Palki Choro Na, Palki Chore Biye Koro Na"
wat about

juma chuma de de
i agree with you on the hawa hawa kinda songs, i myself had been looking for it for long (and trying the figure out the movie and the "other" it song from the movie) so if u do have the original hawa hawa and aaja na from Don 2. please do pass it on...
there was a bengali parody for hawa hawa

bombay thekey chorechi geetanjali te
tumi chile oh chile paser bogie te
dekha holo nagpur e,sona jhora roduur e
chokhe chokhey isharaye,chokei chokite (2)
nice one.... i was searching for the song on the net and came across this blog.

i was in my primary school then. yes, hawa hawa really rocked!!! Even now... i am listening to the same while am leaving this comment :-)
Yes, those were the days when everything used to be special. Be it a TV show, a song. Nowadays we have got everything in bulk, TV serials, songs, fashion, everything and hence we are taking everything for GRANDTED!!

I wish we get back those days...
I wish to get back those days as well.
now we have evrythng and we hve become lost in such flood of thngs..

Hawa hawa, well I was in 2nd std when this album came.. I still rem. tht my father went with me to buy this album Of Hassan Jehangir.

tht time we had a small tape recorder, which used to get jammed often and used to get furious at this....no 18 yrs hence we have evrythng.PC,Sony's Music Player,DVD,FM,Digital Mp3.. but who cares for it now..we have all songs available to us .. now we dnt hve to go to music store to buy tht.. but still do we lsiten to all those songs..

World changed, but not for good.
Hey Guys please do a favour , am very mad about the feeling dizzy song , i need it , i had that in a tape and lost , i need it please help me , where i can download that song , i googled for years but cant get that song , please please please send a link to get into that old memories of hearing that song , please....my mail vyra@inbox.com , or u can post here , please...........
Can anyone Post a lonk for the song ??

Please Post..........
Can anyone Post a link for the song ??

Please Post..........
How about aakhir tumhe ana hai, zara der lagegi from yalgaar. It is one of my favorites

And yes , I believe the best part about the song was that it makes us to travel on the wings of nostalgia.... i sometimes dream of becoming Marty ( Michael J Fox in the movie " Back to the future" ).
Wow what memories hawa hawa..
It reminded me days when we use to play this song over and over..
That movie don 2 not very well but this song will keep it alive..
this version of Shankar Mahadevan also was very good even i m still looking for its mp3 version..
If some one have please inform...

thanx for this nice post..ALL OLD MEMORIES
I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


The song "I am dizzy" was the first song of the album called "Love Me" it was released on Tips (http://www.tips.in) another album "I miss you so" by tips had many 80's & 90's Bollywood songs in English, including "Dil Deewana Bin Sajana Ke" and "Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Me Aaye"

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