Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who's the fairest of em all :D 

Ok! How many of you'll agree that there are way too many young single female blogs with phenomenal readership? Ok! You out there have your hand raised. Yes sir, you too. That makes two of you. Ahaa! We have some more hands raised at the back. Brilliant! We have some women agreeing too. I'm sure you must be married madam - or taken - what? You don't blog? I see ... and suddenly we have a fair number of people agreeing to my observation. Good!

There's something very attractive abt these single female bloggers that makes them hot property. Is it the fact that they are single? Does that make them more candid? Or maybe it makes them more desirable? Who knows and who cares. The bottomline is that some of the most popular bloggers that I know are female and are ready to mingle. So I had this idea, just a tiny winy idea ... what say we screw around with their popularity a bit? What say we get the number of comments in their blogs down just a tad bit? What say we just mess around with their ooh laa laa tags for just a few days? Hmmmmmm! Noble thought BUT THE QUESTION IS HOW ...

I suggest that we create this extremely hyped competition and make these popular young things fight it out between themselves. Yesssss! Have the mother (or girl friend) of all battles where the successful female bloggers fight it out on blogosphere.

Well! That was the idea. Now lets study the rationale behind it. Single female blogs are driven by the fuel of attention and I say we raise the gas prices. I've ranted earlier how two of the biggest group of readers of these blogs are (A) other single female bloggers who empathize/sympathize/traumatize with the blogger and (B) men who come and offer the sweetest of words to these women :) I conjecture that if we have enough categories (JUST abt enough though) then we can attack both these groups. We should have some awards like "The best female blogger", "The creepiest male commenter", "The hottest female blogger", "The most dedicated commenter" etc. and that should do the trick.

Just imagine that X and Y are two popular female bloggers and Z is a guy who endlessly comments on both their blogs. Now the moment X beats Y to be the hottest female blogger, the jealousy angle will come to play. Y will reduce her visits to X's blog. "Ever since she got that award she thinks no end of herself," Y will think. Soon X will stop visiting Y's blog too. The next thing that Y will do is secretly keep a count of Z's activity in both the blogs. "That guy!!!! He left two comments in my last post but left three in X's blog," Y will notice. Soon Z will fall down in the list of Y's favorites. The other men will get scared too. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush they say. So why try to impress two female bloggers and upset them both. All these "commenting men" will pick their favorites. Plus the awards like "Creepiest male commenter" will scare a few commenters altogether. Ahaaa! Such a delight it'll be.

P.S. I was discussing this idea with a very popular single female blogger and both of us wondered what such a competition will do to a certain male blogger that I can't name here. I've seen the guy comment in at least TEN different "single female blogs" but not a single married female or male blog. Any guesses who????


Gawd! Ever thought of writing for desi saas-bahu serials?! There's jealousy, competition, and women, single, attached, and of course the guy who has to juggle all the attention, so plenty of masala there for you!:D

Again, damn funny post! So has the game already begun?! :P
Oh! My! Gawd! (Spoken in true Janice style from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

I was just talking to a friend on messenger (10 minutes before reading your blog) and told him that I hypothesised that girls are better bloggers than guys!

You have stolen my idea for my next post. Daymmmetttt! :p
das beste oder nichts.
Sagnik, you are such a devil I tell you. But if you do go ahead with your master-plan kindly keep us updated. I can't wait to hear the details from you:-)
Can I guess pliss, can I guess? Pretty pliss? ;)
scary dude...but yeah...me to noticed...happy hunting!!!
"driven by the fuel of attention and I say we raise the gas prices." - ha ha, i love it.

this single female blogger is deleting the current blog. will start up again in about a week - let me know if you want the new URL.
@Sagnik: You the man. A question:

1. Is this super male commentor on your blogroll?

Please tell me how I can participate in this competition---as jury of course.
Reeks of male chauvinism...totally. What is it about two women fighting it out (on blogs, on screen, in mud...) that turns men on? Yeeesh!!!...there goes your bhalo chele image.
So THATS why no one reads me!
@aparna - ahaaa! now that you mention i even have a name for it - Kissa Kudiyon Ki :) What say?

@casablanca - no no still post it - coz you are single female blogger :D and a lot of people will read it who dont even visit my blog :)

@anon - yup! either you da best or you part of da rest :)

@minal - oh dont you worry - i will keep you "posted" :)

@megha - now how will you have any idea of who i am talking abt *snicker snicker*

@anwin - hunting?? sure "shot" :)

@brown magic - oh puhleeeeeze keep me updated on URL of new blog. and why you stoppin :((

@arnab - (great pic btw) and yessss, this guy is in the ist of my now outdated blog roll :) guess whooooo :)

@anyesha - eki? i am still a bhalo cheley - what if i say that "they" tricked me into this :))

@ph - na na - ppl read your blog - its just that they do it quietly - shhhhhh
you should name the group something like web-qaeda or something.Terror tactics :p. Interesting
Brilliant idea I say, also now that i have commented on ur blog my name is no longer up for guesses ;)
P.S. How did you figure out how these X and Y's were young and single
I repeat Rohan's question? How do you assume all female bloggers are young and single? If someone isnt single, do you expect them to have it tattoed on their head? :p
Guys are foolish to believe what they want to believe.
*know-it-all saintly laughter*
Evil! :)

And your contest is really a No-Brainer! :D

Though I must make this point, you ought to give the female Blogger a little more credit...

I mean she knows which of her commenter is commenting on her Blog in appreciation of her great writing skills and which on her 'supposed' single status! ;) She chooses to do any of the following:
1. Feign boredom and make the man chase her some more
2. Feign boredom and make the man get bored as hell
3. Be very belligerent and make the man run for help into the arms of “competing” female Blogger
4. Be polite to the man and thereby encourage him to come back
5. Coo to him sufficiently and make the man link the female Blogger on his every second post
6. Just ignore the Blogger, till he sets up a hate site dedicated to the female Blogger

The possibilities are indeed endless!

Though you ought to not grudge the poor man for his perseverance!

And don’t you think that you perhaps get more number of women who comment on your Blogs? Is that because you are, *Ahem* hot and single??

Having said all of that, I am imminently suitable to be the juror person as well!
oh, that should be 'Kissa Kudion Ka' :D

And yes, very very good idea! You have got it all set, including the K-factor! Ekta Kapoor has some tough competition coming her way!

Nandyji Telefilms??! What say?


I really do have to get rid of the new pic now. And no more doubt...once it is confirmed that he is on your blogroll. Why mention his name and get into a fight? Two girls fighting--delicious. Two guys fighting--obscene.
Do let us know if the guy (who sets up the fight between 2 gals)survives in the end. Honestly one ought to reward such men of courage!

But then again, if he were seriously injured and it prompted a third single gal to tend to him, wouldn't that make for some news too? :-))
*looks a little closer at the title* Hmmmm.

I am certain that creepy male blogger is you.
It has to be you but then why would you come up with such a competition ?
Have you got a competition for yourself,some other male blogger taking your place and you are doing all these to be a brilliant guy with nice idea and the other male blogger(your competitor) is screwed in the meantime !
Very clever !!!
uff, will SOME single women bloggers at least bother to be insulted at Sagnik's insinuations so we can get together and beat him up? what's wrong with the lot of you? can't you see a golden opportunity when you see one?

p.s: sagnik, pretend i didn't say all that. will you tell me who he is? please? ;D
Lol...you are the epitome of all that I consider evil and crush-worthy (that's 'crushed beneath my heel', not 'have a crush on')in a man. The vileness in this post was almost worthy of a woman's mind (single or otherwise).
funny post.:)

But why only females...it can happen between males too.

See here:
The latest blogger on the desi blogosphere, check out
Rants and spits of an Insurance agent. And I don't solicit customers. This the personal life of an agent.
@totti - hee hee :)

@rohan - why dont you add some cash incentive and we will surely rule you out :D

@casablanca - na na, not all female bloggers are young and single but the ones who are surely draw the loot :)

@primalsoup - ah like always she makes a total blogworthy comment :)

@aparna - :(( when will i ever get the nuances of the Hindi gender gender system - if the tele company does take off i will get the scripts cross checked from you :)

@arnab - so we keep it a known secret - what say :)

@aparna - you evil you :)

@eM - ha ha :) i have to confess that i did notice the thing myself when i wrote it and thought it is a nice coinicidence - however, i was sure that no one will notice it and to see you notice it of all ppl was very funny indeed :))

@rimi - ok you have got me - ekhon ki kori bolo - bolo - bolo na :D

@ideasmith - "crush worthy" you gave me hope for a second woman and then took it away - how very you - how very you :)

@anon - oh, most interesting read it is - that too abt my college senior - yeaaaaah!

@bima dalal - brilliant name :)
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