Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogservations ... a blogger's guide for the layman! 

So, I've been blogging for a while. I've been reading blogs for an even longer time. I have even attended a few blog meets. I'm also friends with some "blog celebrities". So it's OK to say that I'm qualified enough to make a few blogservations now. There are rules in the desi blogging world. Rules that are not spelled out but are well established nevertheless and this post is a compilation of some of these rules ... take them with a pinch of salt and tobasco sauce if you may please.

* If I link to your blog then you'll link back to my mine. I remember how one of my close friends "punished" someone from his blogroll when this rule was not enforced within two weeks. Another phenomenon that once existed (thankfully, it's fading now) is two random ppl, who hardly know each other or their blogs, cross linking each other to increase link counts. Very amusing.

* If I leave a comment on your blog, you too will read my blog (and maybe even pay me back with a comment). A comment in the blog-world is like a stamp of your presence. And if you take the troubles (read "typing url OR clicking on a link") to visit my blog, you will expect me to do the same.

* If you are a regular then you'll assert your regularity by leaving occasional (even if they are meaningless) comments. I had earlier touched the topic of "present madam bloggers" where you have to leave occasional "lovely post" ad "I agree" comments to show that you have been there.

* You shall reply to comments. Come on this is a matter of social decency. However, some times you will see comments that are highly generic and you should not be deterred by the difficulty they pose when you reply to them. In occasions such as these emoticons come handy as they combat generality with obscurity.

* Regulars will be treated with additional warmth and so will newbies. He he. Yes, if hot_baby is a regular on my comment list, I am expected to make my fondness for her more visible. I will greet her with extra smileys and even ensure that all her comments are answered. An occasional term of endearment might help :) Similar treatment should also be given to the first time visitors. "Hello madam, hello sir. Welcome. Please come again. What will you have? Such a wonderful observation ..." These sweet nothings are like good wine and crisply fried wantons for a first time visitor ... or so we will say.

Wanna add to the list ... old timers, newbies and the sporadic visitors, please leave a comment :)

Okay. Will comment and add to the list.

* You write obvservations when you have nothing to write about.
Rules are meant to be broken. Arn't they?

And, I dont think many people link to someone just to increase their link count.
Hi, I'm a newcomer, but I'm very very sure that I will be a regular on ur site from now on. I agree with every word and punctuation mark u have posted, and i think this was a great entry, anyway. So, I felt that i just had to leave a comment.
keep posting, and hope u will reply to my generic comment with the most disarming emoticon u can come up with!
lovely post! ;-)
Present madam ;-))
how about the concept of IB (ignore the bastard/bitch) completly
I don't see what's wrong with being courteous to people who visit one's blog! Nowadays blogs have become virtual hangouts like chai tapris or Baristas...so why not?

Yeah it sure becomes difficult to handle people who leave ":)" on my blog.
@sanity - :) or you quote from other sources :D

@bindu - that used to happen a while back - i know of one very funny story involving a friend of mine on that context but sadly cant blog abt it :(

@sizzler - oh thanks for visiting. nothing like a sizzler on your comment space. wah wah!

@mohit - madam???? what have i done?? :D

@jhontu - i have already replied in the other comments - so i am guessing this comment is "two good" :)

@kirthi - try replying back with a :( that should help
I agree. Nice Blog :)

Now will u please visit mine !!!

1. I have linked to yours a long time ago and you havent linked to mine.

2. I have left a comment on your blog---now shall look forward to one on mine---even a "Very nice post" will do. "You suck" is not allowed.

3. I never see you saying "I agree" on my blog---hence I can deduce that you Sagnik never read RTDM.

4. :-)

5.@Hot_baby: Come again. Thank you.
Thanks for the primer, sir. Shall add it to my Blogging 101.

Now how about meeting up? Ani has both our numbers, but he's not the world's best organiser. So ... ?

@chitra - no chitra no - i will not visit your blog - nahiin :)

@greatbong - not true at all :) i have been reading your blog regularly and have posted quite a few comments (i remeber the saurav ganguly post for sure). as far as not linking to your blog i have to accept that i havent updated my blog roll in ages - so much so that many of the present links are now defunct :)

@JAP - i am leaving Kol in a few hours - so I guess we will meet hopefully during my next visit - blame ani for not organizing a meeting earlier :(
:):) (extra smileys, is this vain enough?)

I Agree (Present *ahem* sir)

Now i will be waiting for your comment :) (c i out more smileys)

I think you should check out my post 'loony mela'
Now you really got me thinking (I hate) while commenting!
What the heck, your post deserves a :)
lovely post :)
ahhh. c u do it to urself. write a post like this and chata to khabei. so u owe it to all us hangers on to visit our blogs and write nice attentive comments on them. :)
well i cant call myself a regular but im also not a new one:):)...so how will the replies be to an 'occasionally-popping-up' person?:) n im not gonna take smileys for an answer...muhahaaaha!!!
Sagnik: Only doing this because I have to admit that your blog is one of my guilty pleasures. I do enjoy your take on Indians & relationships: two areas where I suppose I always have to defer to your expertise! Haha...

So what've you been upto? Are you still in SD?
wow! so these rules are restricted to the desi blogosphere? didnt know that...wouldnt have wasted all that time on the others then ;)
oh oh!!! Now am getting tempted to know the story..

As for the linking theory,

Reading a blog makes oneself closer to the author like anything. Though they are strangers, they get to know so much about the person's character that they forget the author is alien to them.
Eije, shaala - aamar blog er link ta update kora hoye ni keno? This is a violation of Bloggers Code Section 667.
@kusum - will do so promptly :)

@ratna - oh no noo! i never think while making the posts - so how can you think while commenting on them :D

@jalena - thank you :)

@sayantani - se aar boltey. what would no-url be without its commenters

@xyz - oh puhleeze - you are one of my fav commenters - and there is the added element of absolute anonymity that adds to the engima :)

@saket - hey buddy. what's news. i am in mountain view right now. done with SD for now. we should definitely catch up man.

@katrix - i dont read too many non desi blogs and hence i dint wanna generalize but i am guessign that most of them hold true in a universal way

@bindu - very true. there are quite a few bloggers i think i know quite well - just based on what they write and how i interpret it - very amusing it is :)

@game-master-the-stud - ammends will be made very soon sir - very very soon :)
Quoting from sources is also observations. :D

Cheers mate!

*got TWO smileys in reply! Hmm... *
New post! New post!

"If I don't post for 2 days more than my usual post cycle, I will be plagued by cries of "New post!New post!" in the comments section, which have nothing absolutely to do with the post itself."
At the risk of having you click a link and visit me (and also possibly see my comments section be guilty of all of the above!), I have to agree with you!

Few things as amusing as the comment that says "I-was-here" or the pointed reminders that they've linked to you. Sort of defeats the purpose sometimes, no?

Am tempted to leave a smiley but will suffice to say that I've been laughing through reading the post and typing this comment. Cheers!
@sanity - aaawwww. just for you :) :) :)

@ideasmith - oh yes, those in my case it's mostly a case of "No more posts, please no more posts" :)

@extempore - very well said and to hear more from the maker of these lines, i will promptly visit yoru blog and leave comments to prove i was there :))
Thought the "madam" part would get your attention!
Sorry about that, but what to do, we are indians no? we are like this only!!
i linked to u and u din link back to me...

At least i'm proud, i don't conform to some of those ground rules!
Yet, i know that they all are true to some degree... i'd love to link to this (somewhat old) post, not for that link count shit, whatever it be; but 'cuz it's so cool/true!!
As for obscure comments, and expecting visits to be returned, it really don't actually matter... If you write for fame, you'll be noticed eventually, (maybe i speak/justify for myself) - i post for pleasure and memory, when i blogroll, i do it for my own reading pleasure... i post comments even on year-old posts if it manages to catch my attention... don't believe in confabulation in the comment section & i really don't expect individual reply to my comments either (yeah! i really don't!!), but have the luxury to do so myself!
I must have posted occasional comments on your and GreatBong's (post on 'Mithunism' - my favorite!!) blogs [both on my blogroll, and both favorites], and better than ya'll reply to your innumerable comments, i'd rather ya'll write another brilliant post!!

Oh! I think i've written enough as a slightly more than sporadic visitor, to qualify for a post! I'll leave you with an 'Ass-icon' - the nasty brother of Emoticons!!
(__!__) - a fat ass..
(_*_) - a sore ass..
(_o_) - an ass that's been around... and finally me,
(_E=mc^2_) - a smart ass..!

Write beautiful..
"A comment in the blog-world is like ...."

Cited as quotable metaphors-analogies in Metaphor-Analogy Archive".
Thank you.
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