Monday, March 13, 2006

Let's meet over meat mate! 

The kind Teleute and romantic Gamemaster have agreed to a blogmeet this Saturday afternoon where lunch will be had and people attending will be subjected to new levels of boredom. So don't miss out and suggest possible venues please!

Hi Sagnik, Saturday lunchtime is perfect for bloggers meet :-)Some place on Park Street perhaps?

i don't mind coming if i don't have to pay but dude lunch at some place on Park Street is too frikin expensive for me.......
Dude Man...is this Sagnik Nandy of St.James' School??
Alas! another friend lost to the senseless insanity that is blogger meets.
hey wat abt ppl who r not in kolkatta? how can we catch up?;);)ooopss!!its a bloggers meet rite...but hey wat abt ppl who dont blog?:):)...just kidding! ok ok! i know my attempts at humour r pretty pathetic!:)...so pls bear with it:):)...anywaz hv a great time n blog abt it!:)
ya, lets think of some place where everyone can afford lunch.
I thank you for your comment.
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