Monday, March 20, 2006

One more to the flowing cheese 

Ok, please read the comments of the previous post made by the likes of Devyani, Kusum, Brown Magic and the lot - they've pretty much touched upon all the points that I wanted to make in the planned second post. So much so that they've successfully reminded me of moments from my cheesy past and made me shy away in guilty embarrassment. Hmmmmm! Yanyway, there's still one aspect that remains untouched and I shall reproduce the advice I gave toddler and her man love the other day on this matter. Kind and bored reader, I present to you the concept of the "giggling friends".

An integral part of any cheesy romance is the validation of the girl's choice by the giggling friends. The giggling friends are normal people. They too, like us, eat, sleep, drink and love Ektaa Kapoor's night-time soaps. They too, like most of us, have an element of apprehension in them when they switch on a music channel, fearing that it'll be Himesh Reshammiya in action again. However, it's the first few weeks post the blossoming of a cheesy romance, that these gigglers assume additional importance and inspire insipid writers like me to write abt them.

Every girl, post two to three weeks of finding the man of her then dreams, seeks validation from a close (group of) friend(s). Every guy on the other side of the court has to be prepared for this judgment. The gigglers (I'll soon explain why they are so called) will be invited to meet the unsuspecting hero in a venue where much money can be spent and banter can be indulged in. The hero has to be in his best behavior. He has to be on time (maybe even arrive early and wait), greet all jury members with a smile, offer to buy all of them lunch and compliment each one of them in a special manner. Safe lines like "I've heard soooo much abt you", "You look very different from your photograph", "Ooops! I think I fell for the wrong friend" always helps. Then you have to show your special talents by nonchalantly mentioning "how you might have met the friend when you were working with the local shelter for protecting stray dogs". After 20-30 minutes of his performance, the girl friend will subtly ask him to leave and give her and her friends some lone time. "Vijay, can you get us another lassi," she'll say. The guy has to understand that the girls need lone time and leave immediately and not hurry back (this might be a good time to make that much needed loo trip).

The next ten minutes are of paramount importance to the relationship. The women will judge the man in instant decisions. "I dunno, I think you can do better." "He is OK! But you two don't have too much in common". "I like him. He looks cute." Lines like these will flow across the table. A big joy of a cheesy romance is acceptance from the friends and if this lacks then the woman in question will raise a few questions herself.

However, if things do work out well, then the next few weeks will be of immense entertainment. The friends will then develop their own little language and exchange mysterious smirks, giggles and eye-rolls across crowded class rooms to find out excruciating details abt the new relationship. The girl has to bring new news every second day. "A small raised eyebrow movement with an air kiss will ask if the first kiss has happened. The girl will smile coyly and the remaining friends will giggle and make her blush. The following week will see more eyebrows raised in order to question what happened over the weekend. The girl will have to work extra hard to keep up her friend's interest in her relationship. Kisses have to be followed by a little more coochie cooing and if she smilingly shows the new pendant on her necklace, then the friends will open their mouths in carefully enacted awe. That's always a good sign. Everyone will be happy this way.

Sadly, the importance of these friends only remains for the first few weeks. Thereafter the relationship becomes boring to follow and the friends and their nudges, giggles and winks fade away. But till then - ahh! it's some well made cheese.


Can't stop giggling :-)

btw the Saturday post is up!

Being part of the *giggly friends* group is awesome! U get to torture your friend's bf, make him run errands for you, help u move heavy stuff, etc. etc. N they have to smile n take it all! Mwahahahah!
totally on the money. much fun is had being a giggling friend tormenting the fresh meat, i mean new boyfriend.
now that I read this, I almost feel bad for the poor suckers since I have never had to endure the male version of giggling friends. Though female friends of new boyfriends can be pretty vicious initially.
me hv been a part of giggling friends too but hvent tortured the guy much:)...but ur post is a g8 inspiration:)...prob ill try tat very soon...it looks like major fun:):)...but hey we girls talk abt our our love to friends...tat shows how much we are into the whole thing n how much we love tat guy tat we keep on talking abt them...but u guys dont do tat...so this shows how a girl is more involved in a relationship than the guy:):)...however bad this point of mine mite be...come on guys! girls need something to defend themselves rite!:D:D
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Scary giggles :(() You know too much about girls :@
@aparna - :) the post is worth every dime - or should i say rhyme :)

@iksha - move heavy stuff? are we talking bully or coolie?? :)

@brown-magic - we dont have male gigglers - we are a jealous lot - if one of us finds a woman the others stay away from that guy :D

@xyz - we men like to keep our love life private (*shuders to thik the kind of lies i have to say to defend my brotherhood*) and that's why we dont discuss you women with fellow gigglers :))

@ratna - now if only some women appreciated that :(
Impressed by your inside info. Oh wait - you have a sister, don't you? The Fifth Columnist!

Tomake ebar just jinish chhnure maarbo.
Experience speaks??
@jap - thank you very much. oh wait - you have given off some of the credit to my sis :)

@toddler - it all depends on what you plan to throw :)

@bindu - experience shouts ... that too at the top of my voice :D
This really was hilarious. I'm still giggling =)
Hey, are U in Kolkata now?
@casablance - glad i made you giggle - noy send me a check puhleeze :)

@ideasmith aka the girl who never giggles courtesy men - yes i am in Kol and will be here till Friday i believe
Mez wondering how do you know such intricate highly guarded secrets of female groupism :) *Giggling*
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