Sunday, March 26, 2006

Random Thoughts from a Jet-lagged Mind 

Apologies to all those who don't speak Hindi and to those who actually speak the language and will hence have to tolerate this self made PJ. I have finally come up with the names and tag lines of my trilogy for path breaking movies:

1. Kamseen - the story of the girl who was rarely seen.

2. Kamseen Tu - now the story of the girl who was rarely seen with you.

3. Kamseen Teen - our baby is no longer a baby.

I love. :D

They narrate the story first hand in bollywood. Where's the podcast?
reminded me of one of my first (lukiye dekha)"A" movies: "Kamseen Kali".a jewel that was.
4.Kamseen chaar: Ye PJ tha ek atyachaar *ducks*
i missed ur blogs for sometime. i think u came to india. but thank god now u r back. so keep blogging....
5. "Kam Seen @ Yahoo - Story of a girl who always invisible on Yahoo messenger :))
Kam-seen Hasi-naa - "An unseen tragedy " (Hence no hasee.. only rona!!)
@tele - i thank :D

@sanity - oh new laptop and hence software has to be installed fo rpodcast :(

@sourav - society? tasvir mahal? regal?

@kusum - lol!

@trichin - i most definitely plan to and please do keep visiting :)

@gguy - that sounds like quite a few people i know - wow, they have movies base don them?? :)

@anon - brilliant - really awesome - clap clap!
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