Thursday, April 06, 2006

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This is a post that I've been planning to write for a loooong time but some how didn't get around to doing it. So here it goes ...

All of us who blog, probably like comments. One can even say that some of us luuurve them. A steadily growing number below your post body, indicating the number of people who had an opinion to share abt what you wrote, almost always makes you glee like a twenty one year old girl in a clothing store on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes replying to a comment is great fun too; maybe even more fun than writing the post itself. I've seen comment spaces being used as chatting services with innumerable replies and counter replies ending in a state where neither party has anything more to add to the conversation but are afraid of being impolite and continue exchanging mandatory (";)"s and "ha ha"s). Sometimes commenters leave annoying messages. There is this one commenter called "anonymous", who is especially notorious for his/her antics in the blog World. I've often read his irked out comments below posts, not just on my own blog but on several other blogs as well. Bottomline, comments are always fun ... comments are always reassuring ... comments are always cool!

Sadly, it isn't always so. There are those posts that stand barren. Like a solo-hero movie of Jackie Shroff, they keep expecting a hit, but never get it. You check your site, hoping that someone will praise you for your thoughts or maybe agree with you ... or maybe even oppose your views. But alas! No! I don't know abt other bloggers, but often while writing a post I have felt that it would be a great hit with the readers, only to find only the stray comment abt "check out cool dating services on my site" appended the post. Seriously, I've stopped trying to guess the reader's mind. There have been times I have suspected that I'm churning out a masterpiece; a post that'll adorn the pages of all the Pundits in its true Uncut state. And nothing, zilch, nada happened. On the other hand I've also written, what I thought was fairly mediocre material, and surprised myself with a fast growing two digit number between those magical braces. What is it I wonder that appeals to the average commenter? Seriously! Otherwise, how in the World do you explain this weird post getting more comments than this post that I really liked or even this one that I am very proud of. Maybe people comment heavily abt something that they can relate to. At least that's what I do. But then how do you explain this???? I don't think anybody relates to my dad's dreams - not even him. So what is it then? What do I do to lure you kind readers to writing something too? I thought for a while, scanned through some of my "popular posts" and even visited the blogs of some superstars. Naaah! There seems to be no rule but these pointers might just help.

* Write abt something that will get a "Choo Chueet" reaction.
- e.g. posts titled "My Forgetful Wife and how I find her so cute", "My little niece pooped in her pants", "My boyfriend bought be a thousand roses"

* Write abt things that will surely get a "Boooooo!"
- e.g. posts titled "My Forgetful Wife and why I will divorce her", "Let me describe my little niece's poop", "How I am repenting sending my girlfriend a thousand roses"

* Put some photographs
- e.g. posts titled "Here is a snap of my Forgetful Wife forgetting her husband and running away with another man", "Here is a snap of my little niece's poop stained bed", "Here are the thousand roses that I just received"

* Pose a question to the discerning reader (helps if you are a woman)
- e.g. posts titled "Do you want to marry my Forgetful Wife?", "The poop stains on my dress aren't going. What do I do?" "I found my boyfriend with another woman. What should I do with the thousand roses that he sent me?"

I am not saying these posts will get you a lot of hits. But for all you know, they might just :) Lemme know what you think.

First to comment.My fav kind of comment.Super lame and probably doesnt fall into categories you had a lil while ago :p
Looks like you are running out of ideas finally :)
heh ..good one..

Depends on what you blog about...posts by 18-21 year old college students get the number of comments that most business bloggers like me would die for ;-)

It also helps if people are 'real friends' first and then start blogging together ...to cut out archaic email ...that's what induces the long conversations in those posts.

I know of some group of friends who only link to and comment on each others blogs and the purpose of their blogs is not to reach out to all the readers but only to each other. Yeah, they don't use email !

Could you come over to my lonely blog and leave some comments ;-) ?
About time you left some comment on my blog, its been ages i felt like a 21 year old :)

Yikes you really expect a poop story to attract attention, and nice haan trying to dig comments for your older posts ... will read them later, er,, on monday maybe.
Mmm.. Quite hard to think about the mentality of all people. If I comment, then either one of the following may be true..

1) I like the post very much.
2) I am jobless and bored to the core.
3) I know the author personally.
4) Posts that make me think.
5) And, sometimes.. if someone comments on my blog, I make a visit to their blog, see their post and make a comment.

Don't know whether everyone else falls in to the same category.
Did you think this one would get you loads of comments? Teeheehee
-Anonymous (the annoying commenter)
wat can non-bloggers like me do but to write comments;);)...
commenting can be g8 fun too!:)...we can be at the "really-wierd n absurd" questioning end or "the pathetic n unworkable" suggesting end or "how cho-chweet and cute" reacting end or just be at the "hey tats cool, tats nice" formal end and also expect a reply to be given to all these multi-dimentional comments:):)...so who do u think is at a better end? urself or the commenters?:) Lol!
I dunno abt others, but it totally depends on my mood to leave a comment or not irrespective of the quality of the post...but I have a sneaking feeling that people tend to leave a comment on a post that has already been commented upon a lot, just a give a "new" prospective...
a post that'll adorn the pages of all the Pundits in its true Uncut state. And nothing, zilch, nada happened.

Nicely done pun :)

And loved the choice of title! :)
@totti - i have to be honest that i have been guilty of this kind of comments too - specially on Megha's blog, where it is almost impossible to be th first commenter and if you are you should definitely rejoice :)

@ratna - absolutely. so please suggest or else i am going to be like Hindi movies and use the same post body with new songs in it :D

@gautam - yeah! when i started blogging it was an adult phenomenon :D look at the clout now that these newbies have formed. i have even seen some "college blogs" where an entire undergrad dept has their own lil blog :O

@kusum - oh, if the niece is cute enuff, the poop story will follow too :))

@bindu - for me it is mainly 1,2 and 5. nice summary!

@anon - ah, you again! nice name though :)

@xyz - look at it this way - if there were no commenter there will still be some bloggers but if there were no bloggers then there can be no commenters - he he :)

@vin - yeah, i am scared too when there is an already overwhelming list of comments - that freaks me out too :)

@megha - wow! the queen herself steps in with a word or two to say :O what do i say madam, please come again and if possible bring some of your followers along with you too madam :D
just in defense of the commenters:)...wat's a blog without comments? its like a life without love, a flower without fragrance, a baby without innocence:D(wah!wah! what philosophy..lol)...so ur theory might be technically right but logically n practically its lifeless n 'spice'less!:):)
Is everything alright? Why r u writing about comments to get comments?
I was hopin that post abt ur dad's dreams would be gracing this post and sure enough there it was, I repeat it's easily one of the most funny things I have read on any blog and no dont ask me why? :)
@xyz - and why exactly dont you have a blog again ??? :)) you are depriving ppl of profundity like this - and that's BAAAAD!

@arijit - bhi are like this only :)

@rohan - but why o why o why? what's so funny abt dad's inane dreams?
... Err... you meant "day after" Thanksgiving?

Just what I was thinking.
Thanks for the primer. Shall try to keep it in mind. And give you credit when I write the text-book (to be printed with a bright orange and black cover and sold on College Street pavements)

This is a new strategy: linking old posts and conjuring up a new one. Nice. Will try it out.
Its me again, the friendly anon-psst, a friend of mine calls such posts a weak attempt at comment whoring
Now we undergrads have not just a blog, but a forum as well. So there. :D
however, a point of vital importance MUST be clarified forthwith - who pooped, U or ur Little Niece? and if u insist on putting the blame on ur poor niece, then did ur niece poop on the bed, in her pants or on ur dress?!
such crucial details mustn't be messed around with, u know - u'll lose ur readers' faith.
to all those on the comments list and the post-master himself: pleese do visit this lonely blog and make the lonely-blog's comments section overflow with ur thoughts and pointers, relevant/irrelevant is of no importance as long as the number of comments goes beyond 2 digits..
warning though: im nt female, nt 19-23, do not write abt my rocking sex life, hv few spicy feminist ideas to share..
Loved the examples. Loved, loved, LOVED 'em! Hilarious!

And my heart flutters (happily) everytime the comment count crosses 20. Then I visit certain other blogs, where withing a day of putting up a post, the comment count is like, 72. It's a losing battle, I'm telling you Sagnik.
(Which reminds me, how come I never see your prints over at my place?)
@sanity - i stand corrected. u da man :)

@jap - not to forget the small shopkeepers who will offer big discounts on the book ;D

@hp - chaah! u caught me :((

@anon (again) - whoring would be paying you - i am much cheaper than that :D

@tele - naaaa! keno? werent blogs enuff - will you kids take over the whole net???

@rainbow-girl - now thats what i call a "shitty comment" :))

@jhontu - will do it st away :)

@rimi-mashi - thank you - someone liked the examples - thank you :)
Yes, we will. Beware.
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