Sunday, May 07, 2006

Living up to this blog's name ... 

This post will be a collection of random lil snippets, none big enough to fit the bill of my otherwise excruciatingly long posts, but together they shall be quite the lengthy challenge provider.

* My dad (who seems to be better liked than I am by many (or is it most) of my readers) narrated this conversation he had with a customer service agent the other day:

Girl: Hello, is this Mrs. Sandhya Nandy's house?
Dad: Yes.
Girl: Who am I talking to?
Dad: I am her husband.
Girl: Ahaa! So you must be Mr. Mukut Nanda?
Dad: Madam. How can Sandhya Nandy's husband be Mukut Nanda? You obviously got the name wrong.
Girl: Sorry. So which part should I correct - Mukut or Nanda?

* While on the topic of my darling Mom's name (Sandhya), this has to be mentioned. Both me and my sister have fairly uncommon names (sis is called Sangsthita) and the reason behind that is Mom's name. I know this might come to many of you from non-Bengal parts of India as a shock, but Sandhya is a very non-classy Bengali name (specially when pronounced with the trademark Bengali accent, making it sound like Shondha). To make matters worse, every second Bengali household, it seems, has a helping hand called Sandhya. My Mom had shuddering experiences of visiting houses where the owner ordered "Sandhya, get us some tea" and my Mom would inadvertently get up to follow orders. Hence the resolution was made to give her children fairly uncommon names. Thanks Mummum :))

* Met up with fellow blogger Urmi over the weekend. She is quite the delightful character. During the course of varied inane conversations, the revelation was made that a good Hindi movie is one that actually has a character that could be played by Jimmy Shergil? Obviously Urmi, like many of you, didn't believe me at first.

Me: So what was the last movie that was a hit?
She: Rang De Basanti?
Me: See. Jimmy Shergil could have easily done Madhavan's role. I think he would have been a good fit.
She: What abt Sholay?
Me: Very simple. Who do you think would have been the best fit for the blind man's son now. The role that Sachin essayed. Can you think of anyone better than Jimmy Shergil?
She: DDLJ?
Me: Oh, it's just that Karan Johar knew the Chopras and played the cap wearing friend of Shahrukh Khan? Who do you think was the original choice for that role? Imagine Deewar - who do you think will be today's Shashi Kapur?
She: But then how come all movies actually featuring Jimmy Shergil are flops?
Me: That's coz there is no role for Jimmy Shergil in an actual Jimmy Shergil movie?
She: *The puzzled whatevaaaah! look*

OMG, thats too hilarious!! And the funny thing is the Jimmy Shergill stuff does make sense :) Haha!
*Still sporting the puzzled whatevaaah look*

LOL - but how can this post be complete without a mention of the one and only Himesh Reshammiyaaaaaaaan??
Excuse me, but Sagnik is NOT an uncommon name. I know (counting you) four Sagniks. And I'm a social recluse, I am. But it's a very nice name, absolutely no debate over that :-)

And I like Jimmy Shegill. I think I mention him in my 'dream man' post. Not that he's my dream dude. Nonetheless. I like him.
@anon - thank you :) and i'm really serious abt the JS stuff. I have been givin ppl examples of movies all day long to prove my point and all of them seem to agree :)

@urmi - Oh! Homie Jimmie needs a post all by himself and I sure will give him that :D

@rimi-kaki - Sagnik IS quite the uncommon name :) And you a recluse??? Then what am I? The invisible man?
You're so right on the mom-kids name theory. I can completely empathise: my mom's a very lowbrow Mala, which is how I ended up with Shrabonti, which less than 0.005 per cent of the world's population can pronounce with ease.

Bang-on as you are again on Jimmy S, last heard he called himself 'Sheirgill'.
lol! good post!:)...n i sure found the name sagnik very different n unique the first time i came across it...but hey the name sangsthita surely outbeat sagnik! truly unique n extremly nice!:)
Hey, thanks for dropping into my other blog. That one exists independent of my ideasmithy blogs and my readers of each don't read the other. Would appreciate it if you didn't use names and references across the blogs.
@marauder's-map -yup! same boat exacto! mala can compete with sandhya anyday :D

@xyz - well, to be perfectly honest - XYZ is a very common name too :))

@ideasmith - your wish is a command madam coz every man knows that the wrath of ideasmith will be a costly thing to tackle :)
And to think I had a crush on this dude once upon a time - he has the sweetest smile...!
But, I agree with you in terms of what roles he would fit...
Nice names, all! :)
ahhh whenever i think of jimi shergill, a vision of a terminal leukemia patientcomes into my mind. i wonder how ud think roles played by other people was actually meant for him!! and what kinda guy would be named jimi shergill??? i just sympathise over his parents trauma over this, really...tsk tsk...
qs. - thanks. i remember he appeared in music video of this singer called jojo called "Woh Kaun Thi" and my sister became a huge fan of his.

@sayantani - hey come on. Jimmy was a cult name in the 80s when disco dancer came out. but what will you lil ones know :))
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