Saturday, June 24, 2006

I will spoil your mood but there are no other spoilers ahead! 

For a movie buff, I rarely write abt the 70mm experience. People who know me can vouch for the fact that very few people can speak Filmese the way I do. I remember, that in the early days of this blog, a large number of my posts were movie reviews. So the blog is demanding a movie based post and hence this weekend post will be a set of stray movie related thoughts churning in moi mind.

For starters, some trivia. Who, probably after Gandhiji, do you think has been arrested (or faced similar ordeal) the maximum number of times in the history of India? Let me spare you the trouble - I think the answer is Shilpa Shetty. Can we please stop issuing arrest warrants against the girl who gave us innumerable classics like Pardesi Babu and Hathkadi. Seriously, Manu Sharma is walking around on the streets of India after committing a murder in front of a room full of people, while every second month some district court in India is issuing a warrant against Shilpa Shetty?? That too at a time when the Shetty girl hardly appears in movies (she said that she has become extremely selective and hence nothing less than a Khamosh or Garv will lure her into acting I guess). So please, spare the Shetty babe - will ya?

The remaining part of this post is dedicated to Krrishhhh (is it just me or does anybody else get confused by the number of r and s in the title - it's like that famous poster of the kid saying Shhhhhhhh.... where I always tried to count the number of h and the number of trailing dots, to figure out how much silence the kid actually wanted). Anyway, Krrish was watched and the movie is very reminiscent of the the mid 90s masala entertainer. I've always said that Papa Roshan is the only man who still manages to do the old school masala flick and set the cash registers rolling - Karan Arjun, KNPH, KMG and Krrish are all very 1990-ish and yet they somehow connect with the audience. Blah blah. But this is not abt Krrish - it is abt things that came to Urmi and my mind while watching Krrish. And don't worry - my intellect is too low for me to actually reveal anything worthwhile abt the movie - so be assured, no spoilers ahead.

* One thing that irked me strongly was Rekha's selfishness. Throughout the movie she wears an exotic collection of sarees. But what does she give her grandson??? Nothing but a sleeveless torn shirt and a pair of very strange looking pyjamas. Not fair or as we say it in Hindi - gora nahin hai.

* In a tender moment of the movie our superhero offers his lady-love a ring. The girl smiles coyly and blushes and then says - "sirf dogey? pehnaogey naahin?" (You'll just give me the ring? Won't you put it on for me?" I felt the movie could capitalize on this line and make it a part of cinematic history (the same way Kunal Kohli thought aab tumhe darr lag raha hai will captivate audience). According to me, at the end of the movie, the heroine should have gifted the superhero an underwear (coz we all know that no super hero is complete without an underwear). At this point Hrithik should have returned the line - What? You will just give it to me? Won't you put it on for me?" How cool would that have been? Sadly, he didn't and a classic movie moment was lost before its making.

* There's a scene in the movie where Krrish tells Priyanka Chopra's character that he wants to be friends with her. Urmi was quick to point out that nobody does this mushy crap anymore. Ideally, Krrish should have just asked Priyanka for her Orkut id, gone back home and left a message on her scrap book saying - want to make friendship? That would've been a classic moment too but Alas! we let go of that too.

Have a nice weekend and remember to forget - it helps!!

P.S. I almost feel guilty for the kind of crap that I write here and inflict on you guys. Hence to atone, I shall point to this post. Truly brilliant.

It should be "frensip" or "freinship" and not the conventional spelling if orkut is involved.

And one more thing which deserves a mention is the superhero mask! It is good enough to hide only the dark circles under the hero's eyes, yet no one recognizes him.

I am still laughing even 24 hours after watching the movie... have never been so entertained post the Nagraj comics days!
A comment is a horse that is a comment? Whaaa?
Seriously - that was the funniest movie I have watched in a loooong time!
@nirav - very valid point - i remember the urmea girl pointing that out too :) and don't even get me started on disguises used in Indian movies ...

@rimi - he he! comes from a fav quote i keep making to my dad - "Dad, if you looked like Shahrukh Khan then I could tell everyone that you look like Shahrukh Khan" :)

@urmea - with every single movie we are taking giant strides towards movie hall of fame - we have to watch husn - love and betrayal next :D
gud post!:)...n btw looks like u have a lot of experience 'making frenship' with people in orkut! :D
We just gave up an offer to watch the movie last night because I was scared I would keep making silly remarks and cracking up and that would annoy the serious movie goers in the audience.After reading this I am pretty happy with myu decision.
my frends were debating between 'Phir Hera Pheri' and 'Krissssh' and on my advice we went for 'Phir...' and how i regretted the decision, atleast in 'Krisssh' i wud've have had somebody worth looking at unlike 'Phir...'
@xyz - yes, that is my current research interest you see :D

@anyesha - what is this? if we do not support the first desi superhero then who will? btw, even if you do decide to watch Krrish - pliss be skipping the first 45 minutes to save yourself discomfort :)

@swathi - i liked PHP :(( but then i also liked Junglee Kabbootar parts I and II (III was not very good)
the underware thing...nice!!!

I should start watching all crappy movies in the perspective that you watch in...i guess that'd be lot more fun :)
Congratulations, DOCTOR Sagnik (Going to have to get used to calling you that...)!
wot would u say is one word that best describes ,............west meets east!?? would love to hear it from your zany mind!


Sagnik you embarass me....really! *runs away to hide blush*
"Gora nahin hai"?? Is this some sort of Pilani-speak? I must be terribly out of touch with the latest Hindi slang, because I've no idea what this means.
I am not a blogger so could not leave a comment on M's blog. Since u had the link, hopefully M would read this.
I don't agree at all. What she talks about only happened decades ago. Now, even in "arranged" marriages, the guy and girl meet lots of times and have a right to decide whether they want to marry. And what's wrong if their parents introduced them? I have seen lots of bad "love" marriages where the couples are no more in love, dissatisfied with each other and one of the spouses is cheating. What matters is how willing the gal and guy are to make it work and how stable and committed they are. In any marriage, after a certain point , things get repetitive, monotonous and you take each other for granted. What matters then is the kind of friendship and companionship you have and how attached you are to each other. It has nothing to do with "arranged" or "love" marriage.
So you are feeling guilty? ha ha ha...
I am so motivated to go see Krrissh (did I get the spelling right?)!!! Not!

* Shouldn't irk you that the grammma was wearing better clothes than the pota - will the grandson really want to wear a saree? Seriously?
I got free tics for Krrish in the IMAX here from Airtel (for contributing handsomely to their profits - but that's a different story :-)). I just laughed away the tics - maybe I should have taken them :-)
@ anon yes M did read your comment and here's what she had to say:
If you read the post a little bit more carefully you will see that it was really not about whether love/ arranged marriage is good or bad. I am quoting myself here "My whole point was not trying to say that arranged marriages are bad and don't work." You see? But what I was trying to say was "the whole procedure of the "arrangement" is demeaning to the girl and her family." I am against the way the arranged marriage is aaranged. And no it is not something that happened decades ago. It happens. Even today. May be there are some people who have changed and are doing the "arranging' a little different these days. We have planned dating, and more freedom to make a choice. And that is good. More power to them. But not everybody does that. And I am totally against the way a girl/guy is perceived as a commodity in the marriage market.
And once again like I said there are "more examples of people in arranged marriages who have held on than people who had love marriages and broke up." So I think you got me all wrong. Do go back and read the post and the comments. Because I think I've explained myself already.
Here's some healthy, organic, environmentally friendly fodder
for your next post.
Great stuff! I thought I was the only one who did that (counted the 'h's in that movie's name, I mean).

Congratulations on the new title, by the way!
And I found your blog from M's (the marriage post) :)

While on movies, I find some films from other countries powerful and worthwhile, especially in comparison with frustrating Bollywood films. In comparison with Hollywood, too - small and unknown translates to honest and thoughtful, sometimes.
Great Post!
Bring back the toons!! What ever happened to the paint points??
people r goin' crazy abt krish.
the kraziest - my brother!
but i'd have prefered superman!
neway nice post!
shilpa was also arrested in main khiladi tu anaari
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