Wednesday, July 05, 2006

headLINES returns (so what?) 

Many many years ago, before I was touched by my father and he was touched by an alien (or in other words, before my superhero days) I use to be an amateur cartoonist. Those days, like the ownership of the plant the man had planted, are his-tree. Some kind readers asked me to go back to that hobby and I tried. The result is for all to see and generously criticize. So here we go.


had been through the headlines archives earlier and hoped it would make a comeback. very original idea - creating a comic strip without actually having to draw anything by hand. tried to get 'inspired' by you (a la anu malik ;-), but it didn't work out. would love to see more in the future.
yipee!!!Headlines have made today's headlines. But they loook slightly different (improved, lean and mean)...is this because of the computer crash?
we shud be celebrating the comeback of headlines man!!!wat say?:):)...n criticize ur headlines??? oh come on!!! how can anyone critize the best cartoonist around? ;)...so here goes....amazingly gud n funny 'headLINES'!!!:)
@chary - :) well the notion of not drawing was largely due to the fact that I CANNOT draw :D

@anyesha - lean mean and not so clean - that's always been my motto woman :)

@xyz - awwwww! how kind of you. if i knew you - i would have asked you to take me out for dinner :))
very nice concept. waiting for more of head and lines :)
Aha sole searching or boot(y) planning :)
oh my! i m glad u dont know me! :D...but then how does it matter tat u shud know someone nowdays to actually go out for dinner with them?;);)...oh come on! the trend is changing! the whole excitement n fun in a dinner meet nowadays is all abt meeting someone new n defn not abt the food :D...but then i thought u knew how to treat a lady :)...u shudnt be lettin the lady pay for ya, rather u shud be payin for her food too!!! :):)
so now do u really wanna have dinner with me? ;);)
@twisted-dna - :) well the first few headLINES will be free - after which i will be paying people to read it :D

@rohan - ha ha :D shoe away you bad person!

@xyz - given that you stay in India and I stay in US - a dinner will be very diff though :( what say that i pay for dinner and you pay for my trip - deal?
Wow, your protagonist is a dreamboat! Spent five hours shoe shopping with his girlfriend??? Any chance I can meet him? :-p
Yaay! Headlines are back. :-)

I am just going to stop with saying "funny as always" as I am not able think of anything funny. :-)
thankfully, you didn't make me feel like "you asked for it" with the headlines..although you were trudging a thin line with the first one :)..the second one was good!!
Yipppeeee.....the stick-men returnth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha cute! :)

I should stop reading your blog when I'm at work! I can barely muffle my laughter n everyone thinks I'm some crazy person laughing to herself ;)
@qs - for a nominal charge I can introduce you to this kind man :D

@janani - i have to say that you were one of the main reasons why i redrew headLINES :)

@totti - ha ha :D great - now i have someone to blame my mediocrity on :D

@ideasmith - and she returneth to this humble space too :D

@iksha - you should just stop reading my blog - full stop - it is quite crappy i tell you :))
I believe this is your website http://www.sagniknandy.com. who is this gal. wondering if you a gal disguised as guy. interesting comments for a confused mind....
@anon - that's my sister - poor girl demanded that I put her picture on my defunct web site :D
with some work we might have a desi jorge cham rip off
ha ha ha ha ! u seem to be pretty good at it.. pls keep 'em coming, i love them !
Dialogue - A+
cartoon - which school kid did u bribe?

he he!! jus kidding.. good attempt :)
Sorry to be slow - but I got the first headlines cartoon today! :p *Embarassed, going into hiding!*
Simply Nice.
Hi Sagnik, I like reading your blog, and so linking it on my blog. Hope you don't mind.
headLINES returns! fine!!! but where hv ya gone now? :):)
Hi there! Wandered in here thru Gemini's recommendations...and what do I see...stick figures, wayy cool! Nice, keep going :)
headlines are great. But sagnik is greater. Please make him return.
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