Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lights, sound and some love please! 

This post is a result of a conversation I had outside a movie theatre this weekend. The topic in question was the various kinds of lovers that flock to the movies. Now come on, we all agree that there's something very love-ly abt the movies. Just go outside a movie theatre and look at the phenomenal number of couplings that come out. Tall, short, old, bold, feeling cold - you'll get every variety. Each one of them has a story and this post identifies some of the key characters of some of these stories.

* The abt to date couples: Every relationship that I've known of, has involved a movie date before things finalized. Always. Coz as I said, there's something magical abt the movies and love. When the lights go off and the hands rub against each other while trying to get the last few flakes of pop corn, there's something very romantic that is triggered. The gentle whisper of "How are you liking the movie?" or "What? What did she just say?" just adds to the mood. Not to forget that movies often have kisses (or as my sister likes to say - tak taks) which make both parties go into their little "what if" dream sequences. Bottom line, every would be couple goes to the movies and they can be identified by the time at which they show up. They are there 60 minutes before the movie begins. They buy their tickets in advance and stand next to some railing (every movie theatre has a railing) and exchange sweet smiles. She repeatedly keeps asking him when the show will start and he offers her popcorn, soda and all things less expensive that'll impress her. How chweeet.

* The dated for too long couples: These are just the opposite of the previous variety. These are couples who've hung out for way too long without going to the next level. They are not close enough to spend Friday nights in the bed and at the same time the romance lacks the charm of the initial days when he would take her to the best restaurants. The guy and the girl know that they HAVE to do something on the Friday night and they both agree to the movie plan. However, both parties are reluctant to spend too much time together, lest it brings up important and controversial questions like "Where do you see us going?". So they decide to go the movies instead. They can be identified because in this phase both parties land up separately. If the movie begins at 8 - he lands up at 7.50. He uses the ten minutes to buy popcorn and still appear chivalrous. She arrives at 7.55. They smile, watch the movie, exchange the customary "How did you like it", "I though this was better than ..." etc. and then they both head back home. Mechanical romance at its best.

* The "Go get a room couples": If the nouveau lovers arrive an hour before the movies begin and group two just make it on time, there's a third variety that always arrive five minutes after the movie begins. They are the couples who can't keep their hands off each other. They are the couples who are all over each other. They are the couples who have popcorn, soda and each other's tongues for refreshment. Clearly they could not get a room for themselves and did not want to spend the extra bucks for a hotel. So they land up late for a movie and enter the theatre after everyone else. They don't care for the movie. They normally choose movies that nobody would like in the first place, just to ensure that they are not bothered. They even leave ten minutes before the movie ends. I've watched many lousy movies that were rated PG but the show going on at the back was anything but that and have nothing but gratitude towards these lovers who make many a boring movie interesting for us by their sounds and visual effects.

* Take out your single best friend couple (+). This group is not just a couple but comprises of a couple and either the guy or the girl's best friend who's still single. Things were all fine when the two best friends were both single and they would come for movies together. Now one of them is dating and hardly meets the other one. So they all land up for the movie together for the obligatory "for old time sake". The guy tells his girl friend, "I've asked Raj to join us. I haven't met him in a month. I hope you don't mind." The girl does mind but she agrees. The three land up for the movie together. Poor Raj always gets the corner seat next to his best friend and is left out of all the lovey dovey coochie cooing.

* The "endearing long term couple": There are several other groups that can be mentioned but I'll end with my personal favorite - the "been together for years but still young at heart" couple. Every time I visit the movies I see a middle-aged or old couple who are completely blind to everyone else and are there for the movies just to enjoy some good old times. The are always smiling. They take time to choose their movies. Sometimes they even ask the guy in the ticket counter for advice, "Is the Woody Allen movie any good? No? What abt the one with the five dogs? Darling, which one do you want to watch?" I love this group but what is more important is that they love each other a lot more.

Wooohooo to the movies.

P.S. Sometimes posts that you write come back to bite you. I recently bought this and though I'm totally in love with the baby - this post is biting me hard :D


nice observations...At some point in life I have fallen in probably three of those categories and sometimes somewhere between those categories...
lol!!! so u have been thru all these categories i guess, no wonder u r soo accurate in ur obervations :D...n yea i have been to many bad movies with my friends n just when i think y the hell i m still there goin thru the film's torture, there is mostly a 'better n more exciting' movie to watch at the sides or either at the front of me thanks to the creepy couple who wanna do all stuff in public.
but trust me tats not a very nice sight to watch anywaz!!! :)
Congratulations on the new car:) Hope it's as good as its looks:D
@vin - the important question here is which three categories :D and more importantly when you say between them - do you mean some category between them or literally "kebaab mein haddi" 'tween them :))

@xyz - never been the third friend with a couple category :( never been in the go get a room category either :( but yes i do remember a bunch of couples trying to fornicate getting thrown out of a movie (I think it was Refugee) - that was fun :D

@duhita - very nice name (though not as uncommon as xyz :D) thank you and trust me - I hope so too :)
I like the last category of couples - the ones who are happy to grow old together. Sorry for being a sappy romantic today - watched a wrong movie yesterday :p

Congratulations on your car. Now, I officially totally hate you...! ;)
mannnnnnn u r feeling bad tat u cudnt be in a go get a room category??? sheesh!!! i cant believe tat i m actually commenting in a blog whose owner is actually feeling bad tat he is not in sucha creepy category ;);)..

n btw looks like my name is getting lotsa compliments here as being a very uncomman name :D...so tanku tanku! :D...n mabbe u shud write a post spreading the uniqueness n the beauty of my name...wat say???..lol.. :D

n hey last but defn not the least :), ur car looks really really really sexy! so happy driving! :)
arre, sexy car! plus tumio sexy. sagnik, amake biye koro.
@qs - what did you watch? i watched "my super ex" - terrible terrible movie - please tell me that's not the movie that made you soppy

@xyz - forget room - women find me so despicable that they even refuse to be in the same building as me :(( and yet you make fun of me - dont you have no heart good woman????

@tele - oh you and i will surely marry girl but right now we have bigger things in hand - we have to get Ani his Nobel proze - after that we elope - what say?
Oh hell no...I wouldn't go for that movie...not even if it was free on TV!
I saw Amelie...wrote a sappy post, listened to diabetic music, and now I am fully recovered, I think! Fingers crossed! :D
Thank you, it means "anak perempuan" which I forgot to tell you the last time you asked. I'm pretty convinced you'd be able to figure it out:) I'm a little possessive abt my name:D But agreed nothing as unique as xyz!
Why can't we all just be happy for all the sappy couples in there? Sorry, I just watched a sappy movie with this amazing guy that I met through webdate*com and now I caught the love bug...strangely I don't mind at all!
It’s a good compilation on types of film watchers oops lovers.
I guess almost all comes in some categories that’s directly proportional to their age group.
@qs-ji - amelie? now? aren't you a few years late? at the cost of repeating myself - i will once again promote the most romantic movie of our times - Kung Pow!! :D

@duhita - and a Google search tells me that "anak perempuan" is "a girl" in Indonesian. am I right????

@cassandra - i am all in favor of sappy couples - its only when then promise long lasting love during movies that i get bugged :)

@paavani (what's this with people with unique names commenting on my blog - what happened to all the Shilpas and Rajs and Kavithas) :D - very true. its not just the moving coming of age but its also abt the age of those coming to the movies :)
@sagnik who owns a sexy car now ;)-firstly u shud realise how jobless i m to be commenting the third time in the same post ;) ahem ahem!;)...n i m not makin fun of u i m just plain DISGUSTED :D...just clarifying stuff u see :D

@duhita- really nice name...but defn not as unique as mine...n its nice to see tat there r some ppl here who really appreciate unique names :D

P.S- this is 3rd comment i m leaving in this post....hail joblessness!!! lol!!
which three categories would make it too obvious the kind of person I am:) And as for between categories I will let you observe that while out on movies
So now we have you driving a beemer, eh? So how has that changed your social status. very nice car. Congrats!
The movie obs are really funny. But are the categories mutually exclusive? Or can someone from one category graviatte to any of the others?
@xyz - so what if my posts don't have repeat value :) the comment space surely does ... and me DISGUSTING - what??? :D

@vin - i just realized that in a post where i mentioned my car - i have comments by VIN - how ironic :D

@M - I think they are mutually exclusive at any given instant of time but with time one group migrates to become the other
Nice car!
Awesome. I've been in at least 2 of those categories and when not in those, have talked about other couples - Hilarious!!
Great post and now i know why i messed up a couple of could-have-been relationships, i didnt have the movie date man!!!
@Sourja - thank you :)

@Swapna - once again the same thing - which two??? that's all the fun :D

@jhantu - well you can always make ammends by taking me for a movie - I dunno how that will help though but I will surely enjoy a free movie :D
Loved the post.. :-)
Sappy couples are such mood dampers...ugh! hehe!
Is that a 3-series or 5-series :D anyhow, nice color for a bmw :)
great observations!! my friends and i used to categorize couples when we had to wait for the movies to start :)

there used to be another variety we noticed.. the bull-dozer.. where one half of the couple decides the movie and the snack n pays no attention to the other.. !!
@perspective inc. - thank you. but i rather watch sappy couples than sappy movies - worst will be watching sappy movies with sappy couples :D

@anonymous - 3 series

@sunshine - the word dozer reminds me of my one time movie companion who would doze off no matter what was going on onscreen :)
nicey congrats :)
@sagnik-not quite right but almost there:) perempuan means girl and not only in indonesian but malay as well.
@xyz-thanks and aren't we all jobless in someway or another:D
Cool you finally bought those 2 Chinese guys you kept talking abt to do all the donkey work for you at work ;)
lol! The endearing long term couple makes me go awwwwww! :-)
Nice car - now you have to learn to operate it (note I didn't say drive) :)
@anonymous - thanks :)

@duhita - thanks for the info :D

@rohan - LOL! brilliant!!!!!

@janani - you sound like a girl now :D :))

@urmeadi - et tu urmea? you are th eonly one reader of my blog who has seen the car and this is is how you describe my skillset :((
There is yet another category my dear Sagnik -- those who are REALLY interested in the film and come with the SOLE PURPOSE of watching it. How quaint na? Unfortunately, I fall into this category most of the time and something tells me I should Get a Life.
Rather, both the partner and I come with the sole purporse of watching the film, even if it is Lady in the Water. We also deserve our own category no?
The above two were me. For some reason name didnt show up. Sorry for this spamming of your comment space.
@TMM - as long as people are not offering me free dating services and tourism deals on my commentspace i am fine with an increasing comment count :D i also belong to the group of ppl who go to the movies because i like them - which is why movies are one of the rare places where i am completely hush
You give up free dating services and travel deals? You gotto be kidding!!

Incidentally, any reactions on Lady in the Water or is everybody still too dumbfounded to react?
haha, you are very observant.
hey too good....I been through atleast one of these categories and you are damn correct...i have been reading a few of your posts and they are too good as well.....good luck....
@MM - well since i anyway refuse the free dating services - the travel deals become pretty useless for me anyways :(

@arunima - thank you :)

@ram - and thank you too :)
Looking at ur post, seems there shud be one more category of ppl who go to the movies to categorize ........ lol!!! nice post
and yeah, ur car looks sleek n sexy
Which is more interesting? The comments section of Sagniks' or the post? LOL..

had a good laugh on a lazy saturday morning.. So, hows the new car?
well, as penises go, you shouldn't be feeling inadequateat all! :D cool car!
My first time here, came here thru QSG\'s..
Must say u write well.. :)
Hi Sagnik,

Not Arka, not Ani. Me a friend of various friends of your. Was in school with Nilanjan K, Soumeek, Psycho, et al. Abhik's batchmate from engg school and knew Auro from IIFT through MBA friends.

Guess the real identity does not really matter. Love your posts. Keep posting.

P.S. Those gr8 NAANdy PJ's jsut reminded me bout a series that sprung up around your name being 'SHAG-NICK'gstq
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whats up? aabar hibernation?
there wud b a whole lot of other categories of movie watchers - the family of 4 (with one kid crying in between), the college gang (some of the best movies i have seen are with my school n college buddies) and of course the loners...

(btw, thatz one helluva sexy car...)

no blog in a while. write something real soon...waitting to read your random confused thoughts :) :)

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