Monday, July 17, 2006

Moi is back! 

OK! Sorry for being suddenly away for a while. Was busy and occupied (in a good way) - the combination is quite entertaining I gathered. Have tons of things lined up in my mind that I want to write abt but that'll have to wait for just a little bit more. For now I leave you with three lunch time conversations that I had in the past few days.

Conversation Uno

Me (to office mate T) - So what's a good sushi place?
T - There's a sushi joint in Pittsburgh that's really good. They actually ship the fish from Japan.
Me - That's plain stupid.
T - Why?
Me: Coz fish can swim. They could have just asked the fish to swim by themselves and saved money on shipping.
T - Aaaaaaarghhhhh!
Me - Talking abt fish and seas - fish swim in the oceans that have salty water - so why do we still add salt to fish - they should be naturally salty - right?
T - Aaaaaaarghhhhh!

Conversation Deux (between T and me again)

Me - Newton was a great thinker. If it wasn't for him high school physics would have been sooo much simpler.
T - Seriously! What kind of a man sits below a tree, gets an apple and wonders why the apple fell down. If I was sitting below the tree, I'd be like "Whooa. Free food!"
Me - Right! I'd be shaking the tree for more apples.
T - Seriously!
Me - Come to think of it, sitting below an apple tree is quite risky - what if the apple fell on my head??

So what would you do if you got a free apple?

Conversation Three

A: Wow! How many naans do you have for lunch?
Me: You know what I like abt naans?
A: What?
Me: When they are over, I have naan of them left.

*This particular joke has given rise to a series of jokes at work - including the likes of "his name is NAANdy", "look at Sagnik eat a baNAANa" etc. It's just a matter of time before naan jokes achieve the glory and fame touched by Knock Knock jokes!! And then I will just refuse to recognize you people!*

What wonderful NAANsense ;)
Sagnik's back!!! Yipee!
Sushi apple and naan ........ unusual combination
@rohini - brilliant!!! :D I will shamelessly pass on that joke in my group :)

@m - more importantly you are back - double yipee! :D

@arijit - ?? !!

@anon - wow! I dodn't realize that they all involved edibles till you mentioned :)
heh all I can do is sign off as
- A-naan-ymous ;)
Dude how do u think Apple Inc. got founded ;)
Back? eh? I was never away. Trust me.
So when are the promised posts being put up?
@anaanymous - oh you have no idea how much laughter your comment provided us at work :D

@rohan - Inc jokes are penfull :D

@m - in a day or two - in a day or two :)

A "naan-profit organisation" formed for the naan-whites!.....

paak paak!!!@#$

fida . . .
If I got a free apple, I would throw it promptly away...

....because an apple any day might keep the cute doctor I know away! Yes, I am focused! :)

tch tch - already planning to not recognize your faceless blog visitors... kalyug man, kalyug, no value for human emotions! terrible...!
Well I guess a PJ post is better than no post! :-)

Remember me when you are famous! :-) And quick ship me an autograph rightaway. :-)

Btw do you know that "naan" in thamizh means "me" - that could open up a whole new dimension :-)
LOL... a good one
@fida - oh so brilliant - quite the naan-conformist i see :D

@qs - ah look at you shamelessly using the apple for flirtatious reasons - ever wondered if Newton had sat thinking below a watermelon tree???

@janani - of course i speak a little Tamil - i used to date a Tamilian - i did the whole naan unnye blah blah stuff :D

@xyz - haven't heard that line before :D

@dg - thanks :)
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! hope u hv atleast heard of this line b4! :D
wonder why naaaan of the people banged their head on the wall, with the thought of apple, newton and physics classes, female teachers with thick glasses...
@xyz - grrrrrrrrrreat response :)

@RandomThoughts (like the name) - cool one ... or should i say nICE! :D

@debalina - they did and some of them threatened to do the same to me :)
Well, he wouldn't have lived to tell the secret, then, would he?!
And pl to not accuse bharatiya naari of flirtation and such! shiva shiva...!
Pittsburgh...??? Don't tell me you left CA to work in PA...
@qs-ji - three cheers for the Bharatiya Nari and all the gravity that they bring to situations :)

@REM - no no. I love CA too much.
lol. Funny NAANsense. hahaha. **laughing while writing my comment***
When I was still in school, I was never good at physics. So sometimes I get to blame Newton for that. But hey, without the apple, then we wouldn't know gravity, which keeps us grounded here on earth (teehee).
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