Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friends for evah! 

Male friend groups are boring. Yess! I'm a man (or so I claim) and I'm a desi - so by virtue of these two traits I hang out a lot in "all male groups" and yesssss - WE ARE VERY BORING. There's very little variety in male friend groups. It's the same kind of characters and its the same kind of stuff that we do - there is either the "let's go and watch a movie" or the "wanna go to a bar and get drunk (with the false hope of getting laid)". These two stereotypes sum up all male friend groups. I've been told that there is a growing trend of Friday night poker buddies but that's not specific to the men. So unless I'm educated otherwise I think I don't need to provide any more proof to the boring quotient of maleus friendus.

Women on the other hand have the most amazing friend groups. Every group is different. And the diversity is not just across groups but within the group as well. There are so many unique characters in women friend groups. For example the "wannabe misfit"! She's easy to spot. Every female group has one of them. She's the girl who doesn't quite fit in to the group but always wanted to be a part of them. She is either the non party girl amidst a bunch of party freaks. Or she's the posing geek in a group of academics. She's always there. Go to a club and check out any of the groups of women who are dancing. Four hot women with very little clothes covering very little flesh. And right between them is the overdressed misfit (you can spot her coz she is clearly uncomfortable wearing what she is wearing and is either pulling her top up or skirt down to cover up). She would much rather be at home and watch Wheel of Fortune but NO. She wants to be the party girl and hence she accompanies her friends every week. She tries really hard to fit in. Every time the girls say "let's get drunk" she is the first one to gulp in the peg but BOY SHE HATES IT!! Occasionally she voices her true opinions. "Let's all sit and talk tonight," she would sheepishly suggest. But just then one of the other girls say "There is this really cute DJ playing in Siranos. Let's go there ..." and her voice gets lost is a deluge of affirmative screams.

And with every misfit in the group comes the mastah teacher. The girl who has been there, done that and taken others there too. Yeah yeah! They are easy to spot too. Often they are the reason why the misfits even manage to enter the groups. It's this one (or two) girls who always have some advice to offer. They are an insatiable resource of wisdom. "The secret to a man's heart is to not look at him." "All men are bastards." "I think you should dye your hair red." The teacher always has some advice to offer. And she IS a perfectionist. No matter how hard the misfit apprentice tries - the teacher is never satisfied. "I like what you have done to your hair BUT ... you should probably get a tan," she'll say.

Then there are the two girls who don't get along at all but still hang out in the group together. Hey, I have a sister. I've seen this happen in abundance. X calls Y and finds out that Z is joining them too for dinner. "Aaargh!" X X-claims. "Y does Z have to come?" she adds. "You know what she told W abt me right? She is such a back stabber." Fifteen minutes after the conversation finishes, Z and Y have an identical conversation. And yet X and Z love to hang out. To them the best part of the group is to gather ample things abt each other to bitch abt and take it up with Y. Nice :)

And there are so many others. The girl who always backs out last moment because "something urgent came up". The girl who always talks abt her boy friend who none of the other girls like. The girl who cries easy (even if you tell her that she is looking thin). They are all there. And they are the ones that make the female groups so much fun. Which is why you have Girls Night Outs. Which is why you have Sleepovers. Which is why you have Boyfriend criticism sessions (men never have these coz they are scared that some friend will go and leak the details to the women concerned). So my sincere thanks to the innumerable women friend groups around us - for the sheer variety they provide. And some say that variety is spice. No wonder you gals are so hot!!!!


ha ha ha .... I agree you guys must be really boring to have all the time to analyse us(girls) like that ....About bitching all night, I tell you, its a personal favourite :-) ...no qualms about it.
Ahem. Sagnik, HOW are YOU privy to these cosy details? *raised eyebrows* The 'mastah teacher', now...very intriguing indeed. How, how, how?
guys don't have spouse criticism sessions??? gimme a break!
You know its interesting and I must admit a little amusing. :-) Not the content of the post, thats terribly cliched. But the way its been written. The seemingly self deprecatory comment about how "boring" men are and this supposed compliment to women about being "interesting", followed by categorizations and subtle criticisms....just the right ingredients for a "popular" blog! Well done!
@sunita - why is it that women are always so angry with men - our specie stopped biting 15 years back i believe and yet we face such anger - why o why?

@rimiboudi - i used to be a girl. for a long time and then decided to become a guy to prevent the passes of millions of men (alas they still hit on me). hence i know all the women secrets :)

@sunshine - they do??? none that i have seen. coz they are always scared of that one guy sharing the details with his wife at some point and everything else messing up!! women are far better with not letting out secrets to men - or so i have been told :(

@anon - :) wow! you soun like a perfect blog critic (i dunno if something like that exists) :D
How will guys gangs get interesting ever if each one sits and stares at and analyses who is who in a gals gang :P.
Ok do you all atleast gather once a week or sometime and discuss your observations? If yes, then you can add that one thing as interesting in a guys gang :)
I had a question and then i saw your reply to rimi and I knew :))
Sagnik- U never fail to amuse people on ur blogs. Good observations and funny way to put everything together..
@tweety - seriously??? guys actually do that??? i dunno any guys like that!!! do you?

@m - hee hee :) earlier i had nothing new to offer on my posts and now the same holds true for my comment space as well :D

@pallavi - thank you :)
Awritee out with it, how many repeat viewings of 'Mean Girls' actually inspired this post ? ;)
sagnik's attempt at getting a girl friend..oooops, a date!!
Uh O Saggi...I asked you if you guys do that. I didn't tell you guys do that. Samjhe?
@rohan - just 3 times (and twice secretly) :D

@anon - that remark is so out-dated (angry face) :D

@tweety - ahaa! but then i am slow :) so slow that right now i am commenting but i have no idea what i am commenting abt :D
Hey Sagnik,
You've described one type of female group..there are many other ones and the "misfit", the "teacher" are non-existent in those groups!
But definitely a good read!

Wht Peace... I absolutely loved this post of urs.. :)
Reminded me of my group.. ;)!
True...men are uniformly and homogenously....you know what I'm gonna say, don't you?
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