Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Now deal with this crap!! 

Yeah baby. Presenting my grossest post everrrrrrr!! Just when you though that you had seen the worst of this blog, I shock you with a new nadir. Never underestimate the depths of inability :)

So go and deal with this crap!

Don't tell me that I didn't warn you :D


oh shit! you could hardly hear the damn cast. but it was cool. its a crappy world out there, dr.nandy, and you sir,are the crappiest. CONGRATULATIONS!
was that you or you just linked it to your post?

- Bart
now thatz what i call a crappy post-oh sorry, a "tatty" post
@sayantani - well the podcast is hardly worth hearing :) so you cant complain abt the volum e:D

@bart - are you bart from work??? that was indeed me :)

@anon - yikes! too much sh!t flowing around!!!
My god, you sound sooooooo bored!:p
Jai Hind!
Mere bhagwan!! It is the TOO awesome.
I like the Font size.

(I do realize it's got nothing to do with the post or whatever, but I had to put it somewhere.)

Hai Tatti!!!! ... sabse badiya tatti banaya hi
Hai mard...tumne mujhe hasa dala
Usey Upar Rakho!
@duhita (the Malaysian woman?) - this was recorded at 730 in the morning - sleepy is more like it :)

@ph - way to go :)

@m-map - to paisa do :D

@mukta - what? cant even take credit for that :( was the default :(

@tweety - ha ha! hilarious. tum bhi upar rakkho :D
Dude, your anglicized pronounciation of "tatti" made me cringe every time.
I remember from school days in hyderabad. we would you tatti in our conversations about cricket...
few examples:
X: Kya sachin abhi khel raha hai...
Y: Sachin ne to patli tatti kardi....

X: Kya tu tatti karne gaya tha pitch par...
very funny.
I totally agree with you:) (the crap part)
@anon - seriously. i made it sound really sh!tty :)

@bit00 - ha ha. thank you :)

@ratna - crap!! you really agree that the post is crappy :((
Shouldn't 'Oh Shit/Crap' be translated to 'Oh Tatti' ? Why 'Hi Tatti'?
Hehe.. indeed crappy!!
Oh tatty, it seems.. M still happy with Oh Shit! :)
hmmm, yes yes, correct, Malaysian;) But hey, arent ppl wide awake at 7.30am for work?:D Excuses mate! hahahah
@anon - oh sh!t it wasn't supposed to be "Hi Tatti" but rather "Hai Tatti". My best Hindi translation of Oh was Hai :(

@the smiling girl - alas, i tried in vain :((

@malaysian duhita - i normally wake up at 815 - given that i stay 5 minutes away from work, that's a luxury i can afford :)
U must be totally jobless.
shandar (also badbudar) post. LOL!
@mathura - here i am trying to help our culture and this is the kind of allegation i get - hmmmpff :((

@qs-ji - et tu??

@chary - in a crowd of cynics you are the ture talent spotter my friend :D
Yea... what did you think??? eew eew eew...reminded of the podcast! eew eew eew
ewww, ewww.. oh shit! why all this?
My girls(age 7 and 4 yrs p;d) use "tatti" in place of poop.

"Mum, I need to do tatti"

"Mum, I need TP, because I did tati"
@qsg and pallavi - what do eeeew all mean??

@sraikh - ha ha :) now thats what i call phir bi dil hai hindustani :)
dude the "HT" shit is about is about 15 years old..
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